Brooding green eyes stare out from under an unruly shock of shaggy brown hair, the tangle of wavy locks reaching just past his ears, dark enough to look black at a glance. A long, angular nose combines with his hollowed cheeks and square jaw to give his face a sharp, sculpted appearance despite his perpetual five-o'clock shadow and the shabby clothing that fits awkwardly over his bulky 6'3" frame.

His faded beige cotton shirt is nearly too small for him, particularly across his broad shoulders, while the knees of his rumpled brown trousers are criss-crossed by an assortment of small tears and grass stains. Made of well-worn black leather, his heavy boots aren't much better off, though they aren't suffering from the recent addition of muscle to the young man's figure with which the rest of his attire seems to be struggling.

In his early-20s, he bears the knot of a Xanadu Weyr brownrider on one shoulder.


Being the son of of Hannista's steward should have been an honor. Unfortunately, being a child born to someone other than his wife was not so good. As a child, Osric's life was one of casual violence as he became the target of bullies almost as soon as it became clear who his father was. However, he found an unlikely protector in his younger sister Deby, who stood by him as he grew, as broken bones set, and he began to fight back. At first, it was little things, carefully planned revenge on those who hurt him, but the older he grew, the sneakier he became. While his 'uncle' Jimot - the harsh man his mother was seeing - taught him how to fight, Osric found it far more interesting to out think them than beat them physically.

The unfortunately result of his upbringing, however, was that Osric had neither any real skills when he was old enough to apprentice, nor any true inclination either. However, as he could write, he took it upon himself to gather up little bits of gossip and create his own private newsletter. Needless to say, this little endeavor did little to help his poor reputation around the hold, and it was decided he'd be best living elsewhere. Xanadu, perhaps, or possibly somewhere beyond.


Name Relation Location Position
Marnie Mother Hannista Hold Resident
Deby Sister Hannista Hold Resident
Nicca Girlfriend Xanadu Weyr Resident
Saria Daughter Xanadu Weyr Resident
Cara Daughter Xanadu Weyr Assistant Headwoman
Ricki Daughter Xanadu Weyr Resident


Pretentious Pretender Brown Cadwallon
A fine firelizard is this, costumed in lush brown from head to tailtips. It's a velveteen warm brown overall, the brown of fine fabric or fine leather. Mahogany and pine form an intricate brocade that starts at his shoulders and weaves itself through his wings to create a most elegant cloak, only to continue down the length of his tail in tatters. He is a prideful looking fellow all in all, a beast possessed of a perpetually puffed out chest and fearless stride. Of course, it may just be because of that bronzed mask upon his cunning snout that makes him so brazen and bold, his true motives hidden behind a face that isn't his own. Despite all of his endless posturing, those brass claws of his are most definitely not for show.

Large Green Deira
This green is a bit large for her color, a pale jade creature that, despite her size, is quite delicately formed. Proportionally correct from her slender, wedge-shaped head to her long, curving tail, she seems carved of the very rock from which her hide takes its hue. Her wings are nearly translucent, gauzy green sails suspended between pale, near white spars, and her tiny talons are little chips of obsidian. The whirling facets of her eyes often take on a sapphire hue, for her demenor is patient, calm, though when irritated, glitter like carnelians in the sun.


Explorer of the Seas Brown Oceleth


The bright, orange-brown hues of polished mahogany cling to the thickly built frame of this brown, coloring his long chest and his almost too-short neck. Flowing over each shortened forelimb and his curving belly, the same rich hues lay claim to his face, his shortened snout and stubby headknobs uniformly colored. Though fulvous begins to appear upon the fin-like ridges that trail down his back, the true change in coloration begins across wide shoulders, as the paler hue of ochre appears in wide swathes, framed by dark sienna, stripes wide and narrow trailing over sides and haunches, touching upon the smooth hide of his stomach, fading towards his tail until mahogany is once more the dominate, and only, hue by the tip. Heavy sienna spars stretch across his mismatched wings, dark framework supporting mahogany sails before they fade into pale ochre at their trailing edges, the bright tones claiming every inch of his body bar the ebony talons that tip each limb.


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