The young man before you is towering at a rather tall six foot four inches. He is in his late teens and is just coming out of that awkward stage that someone who has a growth spurt is starting to grow out of. The hair on the top of his head is cropped short but it sticks out at odd ends. It is golden honey color but has highlights of platinum blond time in the sun. His big bright eyes are a striking lush emerald green. His sun kissed skin has some tawny freckles. The more time he spends in the sun, the more freckles that seem to appear. His thin lips are a pale pink. Generally his facial hair is kept clean shaven however every few days a few tufts of blond scruff sprouts on the end of his pointy chin.

The physique of the tall lad is that of someone who is starting to define his muscles. Softer flesh is hardening into more muscles. His broad shoulders and long arms lead down to a tapered waist. He has large proportionate hands and feet for someone his height. Generally his clothes are rather simple. Basic fitted black wherhide pants and a simple white, cream or black tunic. He has his harper crafter knot adorning his shoulder and the Xanadu candidate knot.


Nyvex is the son of K'yx, the late bronze rider from Xanadu. The grandchild of bronzer C'vex and gold rider Kathryn of Xanadu. Sadly Nyvex never really got to know his father. The bronze rider had a training accident while Nyvex was still very young. His mother raised him by herself on the families runner ranch started by his Grandfather. The boy grew up accustomed to hard work. You had to when taking care of all of those beasts. However that was not his dream. He knew all that he could about runners. He probably knew more about birthing foals or general care than Beastcrafters. He was probably headed for the Beastcraft. He did spend a lot of time riding runners and even had some experience doing shows with them. Ny grows to look just like his father and his grandfather. But unlike them, he wanted to sing.
He was a true mama's boy and stayed with his mother as long as he could. However that itch could not escape him. He taught himself how to play the guitar. He decided to finally get the guts to tell his mother. The young lad left the Ranch and he joined up with the Harpers Craft. He had the vocal skills to do so. While he had taught himself to play the guitar his lessons were far from over. The thing that Nyvex loves is to browse the archives and bring old songs to the people of Pern. He is a /HUGE/ Beatles fan. He picked up a side gig working as a bartender. He had a side hobby creating cocktails and studying mixology. He worked hard at the bar near Harper Hall. His life was becoming his own. He sent his extra marks to help his mother with the Ranch. When he got promoted to Senior Apprentice he took a posting at Monaco Bay Weyr. There he worked as a Harper performing at the resort. He also did vocal training of young holder children and weyrbrats. Some of them not exactly musically inclined. He worked harder and harder. Hard in his craft and hard working at the bar at the Resort. He made friends at Monaco Bay. However it was on a trip to visit his mother on her turnday that he was searched by Leirith from the Hatching Gallery.


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