Eyes. Windows to the soul. Nornon's are a striking amber, unsettling in their unusual hue ringed in ebony. Wolfish globes set in features that are too youthful for the maturity they display, the olive complexion dusted with gilt freckles. Now in his teens, his face is firming, the chiseled features of manhood starting to show. Hints of ruggedness are hidden beneath smooth, almost pretty features; cheekbones are slightly prominant, the jaw strong beneath the thinning layer of baby fat, forehead broad, but mostly hidden under an unkempt mass of straw-colored hair, the sandy blond strands laying this way and that with careless regard for appearance. His boyish frame is lanky at roughly six foot, wiry muscle covering the lengthening limbs and torso, giving him an almost scrawny appearance, like a runner not fully filled out with adult muscle. His fingers are long and slender, attached to hands that are still a bit large for his frame, attesting to future growth for the lad and covered in callouses from his work in the stables.

Golden saffron and ivory are intertwined to form a single loop with a simple but firm tie with a short tail, revealing the bearer to be an Apprentice of the Beastcraft Hall.


Borning the youngest in a family of nine, Nornon ended up being raised more by his sister Shorynia than his parents. His infant and toddler years could be described as idyllic, being raised in a small Beasthold on Ista Island. As he grew old enough to lend a hand, the young lad could be found with increasing frequency in the stables, helping with the runners with an innate ability and apparent kinship with the great, noble beasts that were his family's primary export.
Tragedy demolished the bubble of safety and security that Nornon had hither enjoyed growing up with the advent of a sudden and devastating earthquake that shook the Beasthold to its very foundations, leaving nothing but ruin and chaos in its wake. Nornon had been out in the field at the time and was spared from death by this fortunate coincidence. How he then came to be in the company of his Uncle remains a mystery that the lad will not speak of, not even to his sister, though it remains unclear if he recalls the events in detail.
Reunited with his sister at an auction which he had attended with his Uncle, Nornon found himself going with his beloved sister and joining her at her new residence in Ista Weyr a few months after the massive quake. In the turns that followed the holder lad found himself the unrelenting subject of his fellow Weyrbrats, who seemed to regard him with disdain for his not having been born into the Weyr. "Moron" became a popular nickname for him among the bullying crowd, particularly as the quiet lad continued to hold his tongue in the face of the myriad insults hurled his way. Not a particularly violent lad by nature, his silence would be transmuted to action when the brats started taking swings at him, often resulting in /his/ getting in trouble as the brats would make sure he looked at fault as they ran crying to the nannies.
In the past Turn Nornon has found himself mercifully fostered to Mikwal and Deeana, the Stablemaster and a Journeyman Beastcrafter at Ista Weyr, allowing him to stay close to his beloved sister while regaining touch with the thing he loves more than anything else after that: runners. At twelve turns, Nornon is looking forward to a formal initiation into the ranks of the Beastcraft, but in the meanwhile is content as a Stablehand, spending most of his time with the majestic beasts and avoiding the torment of turns before.


Name Relation Location Position
Shorvan Father Ista Island Missing
Norani Mother Ista Island Deceased
Norvan Sibling Ista Island Missing
Shortor Sibling Ista Island Missing
Rorava Sibling Ista Island Missing
Nista Sibling Ista Island Missing
Rontan Sibling Ista Island Missing
Sontan Sibling Ista Island Missing
Shorynia Sibling Ista Weyr Greenrider
Ninani Sibling Ista Island deceased
Saniva Sibling Ista Island deceased




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