Norela is a young woman reaching the end of her teenage turns, perhaps eighteen or nineteen. She's just a little on the short side, standing a few inches above five feet. She couldn't accurately be described as thin or heavy, she has a full and curvy figure which is still a few pounds shy of being overweight. Her face is soft and rounded, with a cheery smile nearly always upon her lips. Her eyes are a dark, deep brown, and a little on the large side. Her hair is a slightly lighter brown, straight, flowing down to the middle of her back. She moves with a natural energy, always with a slight spring in her step.

Norela wears a red dress, the fabric neither cheap nor overly expensive, a nicely made piece which no doubt came from the weavercraft. The top is somewhat low cut, and the bottom ends just beneath her knees. There are no sleeves, with thin straps resting upon her shoulders. Her feet are covered by a pair of nicely made black sandals. She wears a pair of simple pearl earrings with gold accents, matched by a gold locket on a gold chain around her neck.


Norela was born as the middle child of a family of traveling traders, wandering from weyr to weyr and hold to hold across both land and sea. The family was part of a larger clan, but Norela's parents and older and younger sisters stayed a fairly close-knit group. The trading clan dealt in almost everything, from furniture to alcohol to clothes to jewelry. While both of Norela's sisters eventually grew rebellious and tired of the life of a traveling merchant, leaving to apprentice at crafthalls, Norela found herself perfectly suited for the lifestyle. As she grew into her teenage turns, Norela found she had a natural head for numbers and finance. More importantly, the girl found herself to be a talented saleswoman and negotiator, increasingly taking the primary role in striking deals. To this day she stays on the road, enjoying every moment of wandering the world.


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Title OOC Date Cast
Cards, Tricks and Duties January 04, 2010 Aludra, Avani, K'ael, Niva, Norela
Traders Can Cure Everything January 05, 2010 Norela, Osric, Thea
Tavern Trouble January 06, 2010 Aludra, Avani, Eledri, Fros, Jessamin, M'nol, Niva, Norela, Rezso
To Bathe or not to Bathe January 10, 2010 Avani, Norela, Rio, Rished, Thea
An All New Opera - er, Hatching! January 10, 2010 Avani, M'gaal, Moria, Natishen, Norela, Phylicia, Rio, Rished
Norela is Searched January 18, 2010 Keziah, Norela, Satoris
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night February 09, 2010 Thea, Rio, Rished, Phylicia, Norela, Natishen
Weyrling Graduation March 30, 2010 D'had, G'len, Jessa, Kael, Moria, Niva, Norela, N'shen, Ontali, Phylicia, R'io, R'shed, Thea
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