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Rather plain brown hair has been cut to shorten the time it takes to put it back, the ends curling haphazardly around her chin, although its usually pulled back in a stubby pony-tail, revealing rather tiny ears on the sides of her head. Wisps of hair escape to frame her high forehead and oval face, emphasizing the dark red highlights present in her hair. Dark brows arch thinly across her forehead, over large hazel eyes with are ringed by equally dark lashes. A small, slightly up-turned nose sits in the middle of her face, freckles spattering her olive-toned, and rather tanned, skin. Full lips are a rosy pink, and are generally pulled back revealing a mostly straight, white, and complete smile.
Deep blue wherhide has been cut and stitched together carefully in order to create her riding leathers, the material not a single color, rather a pale marbling pattern visible. Her riding jacket folds over on the front, the edge trimmed in a nearly orange, gold piping which runs all the way around the color and appears once more along bottom of the jacket and the end of the long sleeves. The jacket falls to mid-thigh, slits on the sides allowing it to separate to her waist for mobility's sake. Jacket covers up a dark maroon sweater or tunic, depending on the time of year, the red fabric visible around her neck. Pants of the same color as her jacket, minus the piping, fall from a low waist line to her ankles, usually outside of black boots, though occasionally tucked within if the weather calls for such. A delicately etched band of silver sits around her wrist, the vines and leaves winding around the bracelet, framing a single golden dragon in the likeness of Kilaueth, which sits in the center of the shining band.


Niva was born to a Journeywoman Healer posted at Telgar Weyr named Varie and a greenrider named N'en. A result of an unexpected mating flight while N'en was confined to the infirmary, Niva was rather a surprise. Her first year was spent most often in the company of her mother, although her father took responsibility for her when he needed to, the pair sharing an on-again, off-again weyrmating. Not long after Niva's first birthday, an argument left N'en completely alone and Varie and her daughter headed to Fort, where the Healer's parent's lived and she could beg a new posting. Varie was reposted to Fort Weyr, but rather then letting her daughter be raised in a Weyr for the remainder of her childhood, Niva was left with her grandparents and younger aunts and uncles. Growing up in the small Fortian Cothold, she spent a lot of time playing with the other children and learning basic tasks. However, she was never forced to cook after a few bad mistakes, focusing more on the sewing aspects.
Occasional visits from her mother in her youth fostered Nivas desire to follow in her mother's footsteps. At the age of 12, Niva headed to the Healer Hall with an uncle, was admitted, and began her studies. Two turns later, she received a posting at Xanadu Weyr, on the Southern Continent, which she hesitantly accepted, studying under the Healers already posted there.
It was while she was at Xanadu that she met C'ian, rider to bronze Alhenaeth. A random meeting, ceiling watching, and suggestive comments led to something else, and soon she moved in with him, despite her continued rank of Apprentice. Things became slightly more interesting when his weyrmate, Kysli, returned from a out-of-weyr posting, the three coming to an agreement and all living together. C'ian's kidnapping created an uneasy peace between the two women, during which Niva received her Journeywoman's knot. Her new status was put to the test upon C'ian's return, and the start of the friendship with Kysli seemed to dissolve when the brownrider unexpectedly moved out.
However, another unexpected twist was then thrown into the Healer's life. Bergerath, Kysli's brown lifemate, asked Niva to stand for the clutch currently on the Sands, the clutch of Zaislinth and Alhenaeth. After a bit of complaining, she agreed to do so, spending most of the candidacy hoping for things just to go back to the way they were. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, while the Healer was standing on the Sands come Hatching day, the gold egg cracked and its occupant headed for her, and Niva walked off the Sands with her new lifemate, gold Kilaueth.
Weyrlinghood passed with without a true hitch for the pair, as they learned the general skills as well as some unique to her new position. Participating in a mid-air rescue during a lecture gave the pair a taste of the dangers, and they behaved rather well after that. After a 4 turn stint as Junior, Niva became Senior Weyrwoman at Xanadu, when Jezzara stepped down due to issues in her life. She remained as Senior, with bronzerider C'ian as Weyrleader and mate, alternating her duties with the raising of the pairs' daughters, Vivian and Nicca.
As senior, she dealt various 'disasters' - mudslides and floods, a blight that forced Xanadu to suspend trade with other areas, and a renegade camp encroaching upon Weyr territory. Yet, if she were to be asked, it is likely her most surprising moment would be when she realized that Alhenaeth had failed to catch Kilaueth, and instead it was Hesketh, making the quiet R'sul the new Weyrleader at Xanadu.
More recently, things became turned upside down yet again, as not only did D'son's bronze Inimeth catch Kilaueth, and not R'sul's Hesketh, making the young Istan the Xanadu Weyrleader, but her eldest Impressed to a small green, Kelioth.


Character Trivia

  • Niva's favorite color is a deep burgundy red, but she also enjoys dark navy blues and rich forest greens. Also, despite Kilaueth's color, she despises gold-hued jewelry, preferring her pieces to be in silver.
  • Niva constantly worries about appearing weak. This often results in her overreacting to various situations, and while she may regret the outcome, she would never actually admit to it. This includes when she sent Aeris to Telgar, albeit temporarily, and to a certain degree the Ysa-fiasco that resulted in the Junior and her weyrmate moving to Ista.
  • Niva is petrified of the dark - not night, not the dim glow of dusk or dawn, but rather total darkness. She leaves a small light on at all times.
  • Niva is incredibly loyal to her weyrmate C'ian - aside from flights she'd never consider being elsewhere, and the thought has often crossed her mind to lock herself up with him. Aside from the fact that he wants nothing to do with being Weyrleader any longer and prefers to remove himself from the area for the duration of the flight.
  • Niva has lived at Xanadu Weyr since she was twelve turns old, meaning she has been a resident for thirty (30) turns, and thus considers it to have always been her home.
  • Niva takes pride in the fact that she is still Senior. However, she does feel her age catching up to her as there are now two Senior Weyrwomen who were born after she became Senior of Xanadu herself.


Name Relation Location Position
C'ian Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Galaxy Rider with Bronze Alhenaeth
Vivian Daughter Xanadu Weyr Quasar Rider to Green Kelioth
Nicca Daughter Xanadu Weyr Journalist/Resident
Cavin Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Varie Mother Healer Hall Healer Master
N'en Father Telgar Weyr Rider with Green Asqueth





Southern Land of Fire Gold Belle
Fire flashes over the slender form of this queen, the gold of her hide more orange than yellow. Tongues of a still darker auric color lick up over her wings, tainting the membrane and melting over the thin bones. Her throat in encircled by a band of much paler flax, which sends tendrils up to twine around her haughty head, and around the eyes that reveal her hot temper. The darkest color on her body is almost a bronze, which begins along her left hind leg, and from there sends spurts off to each side until it tapers off, midway up her back. Her stomach too is pale, almost a white-gold really, until it gets to right beneath her chin, where it seems to have almost a blue tint to it. Her fiery hide is smooth over her long limbs, fitting to her form perfectly, which she knows.


Chillingly Sinister And Evil Bronze Sinister
Swathes of ebony blow in a sudden wind that springs up, setting the mood of darkness for this evil fellow. Long and lean is his form, entirely bathed in hues of umber swirled with dark cedar. Momentary spasms of leaden silver flick spasmodically out from being etched deep within the dark, coarse hide. Copper beeches drape precariously onto large, broadly stretched wingsails, while specks of rust dominate the inner depths of neckridges and headknobs. Eyes of carmine and fire burn into the eyes of whoever gazes upon him, renewing this perpetual evil vision.


Brown Ixi
Nimble limbs of oak branch off of a defined torso, talons rounded, ebony hooves beneath his body. Pale khaki creeps its way downwards from his neck, rushing unhindered over his stomach and beneath his short stubby tail. The ridges that run down his back are nearly invisible, blending in with the maple hide that covers his back, neck and head. Wings are long and narrow, birch wood lining the sails without escaping to the leading edges. His muzzle is short, flattened on the end, harboring the same maple hue as the rest of him while eye ridges are larger then normal, practically small horns over faceted eyes.


Blue Peophin
Sunlit blue sparkles o'er soft hide, glimmering with ocean's ray-refracting surface and lake's calm stillness, the deep, dark depths of the sea banished to the outmost tips of his briny wings. Shipfish grey plays down 'ridges and neck, splashing crystalline droplets across broad back, trickling into kelp-stained shell grey down his short legs.


Racing Spirit Green Florea
Like a sultan's treasures, this firelizard is the color of exotic stone - a fine, polished hide of crystalline emerald, marbled with veins of royal sapphire and glittering lapis. Eyes are like black opals, large and dark, shot with colored fire that sparkles and whirls. Her wings are panes of thinly shorn jade, worn down to a glass-like translucence that catches the light and reflects it with a prism's rainbow. Overall, the body of this firelizard is lean and strong, with a distinctive high ridge in her face that gives her side profile what a runner-breeder might relate to as a 'dish shape'. It lends a fine noble atmosphere to this creature, but the promise of a fiery spirit tempers her regality with a flare of passion.



Lumbering Giantess Gold Kilaueth


No dainty elfin queen is she, but a giant among the others of her kind, a queen unlike any before her. A creature of fire, she seems born from the forge of a mastersmith, a work of art wrought by the clang of a hammer. Contemplative soot shadows are piled in dark stains along her humongous paws, tipped by razor-sharp talons of iron ore. The shadows sweep upward into the wide expanse of her underbelly, mingling with the molten antique gold that gilds her broad shoulders and rounded flanks before dribbling down the length of her tail,its tip glimmering with seething ember's fire. Scarlet flames dance around her elongated muzzle, framing jeweled eyes before licking down her neck to set ablaze overly large wings brushed with velveteen light,drinking deeply of the near gold of her hide. Ashes born into the air by the fire's heat coat her translucent sails and spars,dusting them with sharply contrasting black.

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