Sex Male
Position Weyrling
Dragon Blue Tsarziath
Craft Techcraft
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Photography
Age 21T
Birthplace Landing
Home Xanadu Weyr


Thick, russet hair grows in riotous profusion, cropped close to Nikolan's head in a futile attempt to keep the sun-kissed curls in check. Eyes the color of an autumn storm are framed by dark lashes, set wide in a face just a shade too gaunt. His nose is long and slightly curved and his lips are a trifle on the thin side, already bracketed by the faintest hint of smile lines. Rangy, caught between skinny and lean, his body seems yet unfinished despite the of turns of physical labor that have added muscle, if not flesh, to his frame. His sun-darkened skin shows creamy undertones, with only a few of youth's blemishes to mar his complexion, and a constant shadow dulls the line of his jaw.

Loose pants, a natural midtone brown in color, are clasped around Nikolan's thin waist by a simple brown, corded belt. A number of pockets decorate the pants - hips, thighs, even calves, most bulging from their cargo. Thick-soled leather boots help protect his feet from the ground, sturdy enough for hiking and climbing. A white undershirt is tucked into the pants, and over that he wears a lightly woven gray fabric overshirt, short sleeved and unbuttoned. Frequently found nearby if not on his person are an old, battered riding jacket, a large, cross-body messenger pouch, and a bulky square satchel on a thin leather strap. Around the young man's neck is a simple necklace, made of white twine beads of various natural colors of wood and stone. A single stud of turquoise glints from one ear.


Clever fingers and a calculating brain were Nikolan's birthright from his Tech Craft father, but it was from his Harper mother, a scribe assigned to Landing, that Niko got his discerning eye and attention to detail. There was little question where the pair's bright young son - the surprising, yet welcome, result of a brief fling - would end up; from the time he could crawl, he was tearing things apart. It wasn't much after that before he was putting them back together. The natural progression from toddler to child to tween to apprentice was slow, steady, and methodical - three words that form the foundation of Nikolan. Endlessly patient, he carefully worked his way from one project to the next, carefully finishing one task before moving on to the next. When not meddling with tech and electronics, he was pouring over the files gleaned from AIVAS, always looking for something fascinating to study.

It was a quiet spring day, when he was but ten turns of age, the first time Nikolan met Master Joriksen, the heavyset man whose specialization was photography. The man was quietly perched on a bluff overlooking the bay, pointing his strange device towards the water. Silent, patient, Nikolan stood for nearly an hour at his back, watching him line up shot after shot with the fantastic contraption that fit in the palms of his hands. Without turning, Joriksen began to question the young boy about what he saw down below them. Discovering the boy's quick and clever eye, he set Niko in his place, handing him the precious camera. Patiently, he spent the afternoon with the boy, answering every question and taking rolls and rolls of photographs. When, a sevenday later, he showed Niko and his father the results of that day's session, it became a foregone conclusion that when Niko was finally old enough to apprentice, his place would be under Joriksen's command.

At twelve, he apprenticed under Joriksen. In addition to his normal classes and duties as an apprentice, he served as the Photography Master's eyes, ears, and hands, often accompanying his Master when the man would make photo-taking trips. He learned about the fabrication and care of cameras and film, how to set up a shot, how to take a shot, and how to manipulate a scene for best results. By the time he graduated to Journeyman at seventeen, he was ready to begin taking on some of his Master's work as a photographer - mostly setup and scenery shots for traders and shops seeking advertising, or harper scribes looking for inspiration for their illustrations. With the aid of one of Monaco's riders - a young friend whose own crafting kept him on the move - Nikolan took up the role of an itinerant photographer, roaming Pern always in search of that perfect shot.

On a visit to Xanadu Weyr shortly after Risali's Leirith had laid her eggs, Nikolan found himself in the galleries, taking photographs of the eggs. There he was joined by D'lei, an acquaintance of his from the crafthall and rider of the sire for the six eggs littering the Sands. A conversation about photography and egg gazing later, and the Xanaduvian bronzerider is presenting Nikolan with his very own backstage pass to view the eggs up close and personal in the form of a white Candidate's knot.


Name Relation Location Position Age Status
Unnamed Father Landing Techcraft Master (Clockwork) Mid-40s NPC
Unnamed Mother Landing Harper Sr. Journeyman (Scribe) Mid-40s NPC
Unnamed Sibling (P) Landing ??? 15-18 NPC
Unnamed Sibling (M) Landing ??? 15-18 NPC
Unnamed Sibling (M) Landing ??? 5-7 NPC


Title OOC Date Cast
Picture Perfect January 19, 2018 D'lei, Nikolan
Picture An Egg (Nikolan is Searched) January 22, 2018 D'lei, Nikolan, R'az
Greeting the Thunder January 23, 2018 D'lei, Nikolan, Risali, Leirith
Taking A Few Shots January 25, 2018 Kera, Ricki, Jaelynn, Zasheir, Nikolan
Amidst the Gathered Throngs January 27, 2018 D'lei, Jaelynn, Kera, Nikolan, Ricki, Risali, Sephany, Siobhan, Tanit, Zasheir, Zeltan, Z'ki
Touch It! (First Touching) January 28, 2018 Risali, Nikolan, Zasheir
Worry and Worth January 29, 2018 Ricki, Nikolan
Aren't They Neat? (Sixth Touching) January 31, 2018 Tyssarian, Nikolan, Risali
Much Mud! February 2, 2018 D'lei, Jaelynn, Jaune, Kelani, Nikolan, Ricki, Risali, Tyssarian, Zasheir
The Woe Of Ghula - Part Two February 8, 2018 Nikolan, Valerian
Admiring the View February 18, 2018 Nikolan, Ricki
Pictures and Photos February 22, 2018 Kelani, Zasheir, Jaune, Tanit, Nikolan, Jaelynn
Niko, Meet Karma February 23, 2018 Nikolan, Ricki
Gold Leirith and Bronze Garouth's Eggs Hatch! February 24, 2018 Risali, D'lei, Kera, Nikolan, Zasheir, Valerian, Kelani, Tyssarian, Jaune, Jaelynn, Ricki, Hierax, Eirykur (NPC), Wyrichthea (NPC), Rallexyre (NPC), G'thar (NPC)
Dinner Time! February 28, 2018 N'kon, Ricki, Iczobyth, Tsarziath
Don't Think So Loud March 22, 2018 N'kon, Ricki
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