Fine blond hair, streaked nearly silver by the sun, is caught tightly in a thick braid that streams from the crown of his head to the small of his back, leaving his triangular face unframed. Wide blue eyes, framed by thick golden lashes, are edged at the corners with smile lines, matching those which frame his thin lips. His nose is straight, if a shade too long for his face, and his pointed chin is firm, almost stubborn. Beneath the hint of a tan, his skin is naturally pale, his complexion unmarred by blemishes. A pale stubble lines his jaw and chin, barely visible against his sun-touched skin.
He's a bit of a dandy, is Nikalos, clad in a loose-fitting shirt of a deep sapphire blue. The short sleeves are gathered above his elbow, edged round with a thin border of embroidered gold and silver knots. Similar embroidery lines his collar, surrounding his neck. the shirt is left open from throat to mid-chest, laces dangling free. Thin wherhide pants, dyed black, cling to muscled thighs and calves, just this side of proper. A belt of woven blue and black straps encircles his slender waist, from which hangs a simple belt pouch. Calf boots of soft black leather complete the ensamble.


There's not much to Nikalos's tale. He's the middle of five children - two older, two younger, and one of three boys. His mother is a Master Weaver out of Southern Boll, his father a Tech Crafter who specializes in repair and spends most of his time traveling the Fort region to keep their various systems running smoothly. Nikalos himself never joined a craft - none of them really appealed to him. He's a dab hand at sewing, often making his own clothing or embelishing upon that which his mother constantly foists off on him. He knows his way around a computer, but though he enjoys them, he never wanted to make a career of it. He briefly flirted with a career in the Harper craft, for though he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, he has a knack for organization and hidework, and excellent calligraphy, however, even that hallowed craft could not hold his interest long. Unsettled, for Niko is a man who prefers to be doing, rather than lazing, he spends his time wandering from place to place, searching for that particular job that would suit him. Recently of Nerat, he's moved on to the South and Xanadu, wondering if perhaps there he could find something to spark his interest.


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Title OOC Date Cast
In Search of Focus November 23, 2009 Nikalos, Thea
A Job for Niko November 28, 2009 Nikalos, Niva
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