Over the turns, Nicca has grown up and slimmed down, the young woman having lost her baby fat and matured in to a pretty enough picture. Brown hair, full of loose curls, falls down her back, pinned back with a variety of clips, adding bits of brightness to the tresses, while dark hazel eyes sit beneath curly bangs. She certainly has her mother's nose - turned up just a bit at the end, while her cheeks are just full enough to dimple when she smiles.
She wears a simple blouse of cream, that falls over the top of a dark brown skirt, the hem of which falls to her knees and shows off her slender legs, while a large belt is pulled across her stomach, the red-colored leather adding a bit of pizazz to her outfit.


Nicca's a girl of great expectations, even if she doesn't fully realize it yet. She's the youngest daughter of Niva and C'ian, who just happen to be Kilaueth's and Alhenaeth's riders and the Weyrleaders of Xanadu. She's also quite spoiled, very demanding, and a rather nosy little girl.
Her memories of her early childhood are few; like other children born in a Weyr to dragonriders, and like her sister Vivian before her, she was fostered off to the kind and capable care of a lower caverns woman. However, she did see a bit of her mother for at least a couple of days during a typical sevenday, and soon became spoiled incessantly. Whatever Nicca wanted, she got. Niva, fond of making a good impression, gave the girl rather nice-looking clothes and shoes - and eventually, a makeshift shoulderknot when she begged her for one.
Where her mother indulged her whims and wishes often, even going so far as to have a pin shaped like a golden dragon made for the girl's seventh Turnday, her father did not. Even though she saw far more of C'ian than Niva, she rarely got her way or the things that she wanted while around him. Whining, demanding, and tugging repeatedly on his sleeves got her nowhere, she quickly discovered.
Generally known around the Weyr to be quite the spoiled little brat, she's very fond of dressing nicely, showing off her flashy pin, and being a general nuisance to people in general. The cooks in the kitchens adore her (or her innocent expression, at least), and she's always popping in there to nab a few sweets, resulting in her having a round figure and dimples while growing a little more plump each day. With a bendable mother, a father who's the former Weyrleader, and an adorable charm that can snag at the heartstrings of those who aren't yet acquainted with her (and sometimes, those that are), her life, in her terms, is good for the time being.


Name Relation Location Position
Niva Mother Xanadu Weyr Senior Weyrwoman with Gold Kilaueth
C'ian Father Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Alhenaeth
Vivian Sister Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Kelioth
Cavin Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
O'ric Boyfriend and then Some Xanadu Weyr Rider to Brown Oceleth


Logs are arranged with the newest at the top

Title OOC Date Cast


Pale Tequila Gold Destiny
Liquid fire runs across the slender form of this lady in the hues of tequila gold. The calm swirl of blue eyes are set beneath prominent ridges which curve smoothly into her narrow face with its delicate tapered muzzle. Serpentine neck arches in imitation of the dramatic pouring of a shot of this fiery drink, the liquid flowing from the top to cascade into a golden vortex upon her chest and settle slowly into an even ambered gold upon her belly. Tiny ridges seem somewhat out of place upon neck and tail from the otherwise sinuous streamlined form. Talons are a glassy-gold as if catching the rim of the shot glass mirrored through the sunlight. Lengthy tail drifts lazily behind her bodies form, the golden hues deepening away from her alcoholic binge into time's tarnished mark. The darker side to her otherwise frivolous form. Expansive wings are much the same glory as her body, the liquid hue lightening somewhat and rippled with mysterious moonlight.

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