Long brown hair frames an angular face, the stands falling in loose waves to just below her shoulderblades. Trouble hides itself in the faint curve of her lips, which seem to often be curved in a slight smirk as though the world amuses her. Blue eyes shrewdly survey her surroundings from beneath thin brows. Her sharp cheekbones and the hard lines of her jaw drawing toward a pointed chin add a certain sharpness to her features. Although small and slim, she sports a more feminine figure than one might expect from someone her size. Her frame lacks an excess of defined muscles, adding to that illusion of soft femininity. Diminutive — and perhaps even slightly adorable — though she may be, there is a ferocity to the way she carries herself which suggests appearances may be deceiving.


As the product of a green flight at Monaco Bay Weyr, Nessalyn was not a planned child. Her parents had no further association with each other after their night together, and neither one cared too deeply about raising a child. This is not to say, of course, that they did not love their daughter. Nessalyn spent a fair amount of time with both of her parents as she grew, and both doted upon her during the time they spent together. However, Ness was largely raised by the nannies among other weyrbrats, and while she felt affection for her blood relatives, she grew up with a sense of emotional detatchment to her parents which would carry over into all of her future relationships.

As soon as she was eligible in age, Nessalyn saw to it that she was accepted by the Techcraft as an apprentice. Headstrong and willfull, she knew from a young age what she wanted and never allowed anything to stand in her way. She set her focus upon her craft with the same determination which earned her an apprentice's knot. While she was considered oddly mouthy for a techcrafter by some, she was a hard worker who earned her Journeyman's knot as soon as she was eligible.

Since earning that knot, she has spent most of her efforts upon her Engineercraft focus, although she has also worked in Communications to round out her education. Confident as she is that she now has a firm grasp on her craft and is ready to be active in the field, she has requested a new posting to a weyr other than her home base of Monaco Bay. She's looking for adventure, after all, and one can hardly expect to find that at home.

Important Things to Know

  • Nessalyn is a misanthrope, and there are very few people for whom she'll make an exception to that rule. She's not that fond of dragons, either.
  • Big believer in the idea that respect is earned, and she has found herself in trouble more than a few times for refusing to salute someone whom she does not know (or whom she feels doesn't deserve her respect).
  • Frequently wears gadgets, tools, and bits of tech in her hair and on her person. She claims it's so they're easily accessible.
  • Has a ridiculous sweet tooth. Vegetables are practically a foreign substance to her.
  • Messy. She has the bad habit of leaving things laying about rather than keeping her space tidy.
  • Not particularly fond of being touched.
  • Has a mischievous streak a mile wide, and while the motivation behind her trouble-making is often circumspect (she does love revenge for perceived wrongs), she has never intentionally caused someone harm with her pranks.
  • Really, REALLY stubborn.
  • Like, really.
  • Maybe a bit of a klepto.


Name Relation Location Position
Ievy (NPC) Mother +31T Monaco Bay Bluerider
Sf'aer (NPC) Father +34T Monaco Bay Greenrider


Lean Mean Bean Green Green
Lithe and long, this green seems nearly all neck and tail - though with the wings to match. There's a serpentine aspect to her emerald form, just barely enough middle to hold her together as a firelizard instead of some strange amphitherous creature. She's no tunnelsnake, at least - her wings are long and nimble, their sails marbled with curls of yellow onion-skin. Her muzzle comes to a narrow point, and beneath it begins a dark teal streak that runs along her underside. It's uninterrupted by her torso, though it widens slightly to keep the aspect ratio intact as it passes between short legs whose in-turned paws tuck beneath her, then narrows again as it passes the other set of clawed limbs to continue down her tail. The fork is tinted to match it, as if that's the pull-tab that will open her along the seam to show what's really inside.



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