Brown hair with highlights of red and tan fall down the right side of the rounded face, while a darker red-tinged hair falls down around the left side. The normal dark and highlighted colors are growing in at the roots on top of the head, indicating the left side had been unintentionally dyed. Even the left eyebrow is a dark red while the right remain almost black. The large piercing brown eyes are settled under those eyebrows and to either side of the small nose. Thin red lips round out the face, contrasting against the reddish brown skin. Her body itself is unremarkable with average breasts and hips and typically long legs. In all she stands about 5'9" but can seem taller when upset.
A sky blue blouse in cool linen drapes over her shoulders and arms. Small navy buttons keep it together in the front and disappear into the waistband of her klah colored linen pants. The pants are held together with two navy buttons and a black belt with a simple buckle. The pant legs hang loosely halfway down her shins, with a pair of soft tan leather sandals tied on around her ankles.
A simple white cord wraps once in a loop over her right shoulder and is tied neatly at the top where it is pinned on. A round badge over the left side of her chest symbolizes she is a dragonhealer trainee.


Rennu was born into an intercraft family at Landing. Her mother is a Journeywoman Tech crafter and her father is a Journeyman Computer crafter. With the knowledge of AIVAS near home, her name came from the files on Earth History, specifically Ancient Egyptian history. The name was chosen to represent beautiful eagle eyed woman, as the word for eagle eyed was not in the database. She was to be the eldest daughter of five children, with only a brother being her elder. As her parents are both journeymen, her and her siblings were raised by foster parents in a hold setting. She attended her harper lessons and had some talent at various skills within different crafts, including spinning, but most particularly she was adept at healing. At least her personality let her empathy come through and help ease patients in the infirmary. Despite this, she spent most of her time in the landing fields associating with the dragons that came by that would let her. Very rarely she'd actually get a mental feeling of how they felt but mostly she had a knack for knowing just by their eyes and actions.
With the news that some golds were having fertility issues, she began studying in her own time at the computers on known causes of dragon illnesses. A while later, after turning 15 and being released from Harper lessons to find her own passion, she turned exclusively to learning about dragon healing and managed to hitch a ride to Xanadu Weyr to study under the dragonhealers there with the new facility for pregnant golds and eggs. It is her hope to specialize particularly in the genetic side of gold infertility.
As dragonflights come and go, Rennu realizes that the senior gold flights always cause her to lose some sensibility if she doesn't catch herself in time. Most of the time, it is fine as she runs and hides with a boy from the caverns, but one case hurt a friendship. She ended up in bed with R'miel and another female rider after a flight. For months she avoided R'miel and his weyrmate weyrwoman Ysa. Ysa still won't speak with her directly. Then just days after Ysa's Ellamariseth layed her eggs, R'miel and Rennu talked briefly about the incident and kind of agreed on still being friends. In the end, she was handed a candidate knot for the clutch so begins her candidacy at her home of Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
*Open* Brother Unknown Unknown
*Open* Sister Unknown Unknown
*Open* Brother Unknown Unknown
*Open* Brother Unknown Unknown


Grand Charterhouse Green Charte
Though a bit more plump then she ought to be, this smaller green is curvy, soft, and somehow just sweet. Her hide is a clear herbal green, similar to green tea. It clings to shadows as sage and highlights a delicate dill head somewhat overwhelmed by her thick neck. The pudgy softness of her body and legs is like that of a small child and it bears the herbal coat well. Tail and wings return to the daintiness of her head and they are over long in length. Her talons are a true green, almost lawn colored. They help to emphasize the subtle tones of yellow hidden underneath her green hide. Once seen in full light, it becomes obvious that shes nearly chartreuse underneath.

Spiral Blue Spire
Pale blue swirls in a circular pattern, spiraling outwards and mingling with lighter and darker blues across his back, the pattern extending over his wings, straightening out into stripes that run down his tail. His stomach is the most plain part of his body, for sky blue hues sweep upwards, tickling his chin, before they speckle his muzzle and headknobs.

Maiden of Anguish Gold Venom
An ugly greenish gold settles like a cloak of poison over this small gold's hide, settling in the joints around her wingsails and limbs. There is the tiniest bit of gold untouched by the sickly hue, coloring the tip of her long tail, whereas the infection is most prominent directly opposite, on her gently curved muzzle. Headknobs are shiny, despite the green undertones, and her ridges are a darker bronze-gold as they meander down her back.


Month 12, Year 2677
Week 3
Month 1, Year 2678
Week 1 Week 3
Month 2, Year 2678
Week 2
Month 13, Year 2678
Week 4
Month 1, Year 2679
Week 1


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