Jaelynn (Nailii)
Sex Female
Craft Dragonhealer
Rank Grade 4
Age 21 Turns
Birthplace Xanadu Weyr
OOC Casting Call Emma Watson


Hair of dark brown rests upon this young woman, it is shoulder length and is thick with a rather lovely bit of curl to it. Her hair is often kept held back by a pair of metal pins to keep it from her face save a few strands that have escaped the pins. Eyes are bright blue with a faint bit of smokey gray across the edges making her gaze look like that of a stormy sky at times. A rich tan rests upon her form, proving she spends a good amount of time outside no matter the weather. She stands about 5'6, slender with just enough curves but not so much to prove she can't take care of herself. Found about her right wrist is a bit of braided thread found in three colors (blue, green and brown) which seems to be hiding something from view.

Clothing is nothing that fancy, and will change depending upon the weather she finds herself in. A shirt of off white and short sleeves, it opens around the neckline just a bit. Over her shirt rests a vest of pale brown made from some type of leather, it has wooden buttons and a pocket on either side. Pants of dark brown leather which are a bit snug across the hips and slightly looser across her calves, boots or other foot wear rest upon her feet. Upon her shoulder is a knot of Xanadu with both purple strands showing she is a DragonHealer and dark brown strands showing the color of her dragon.


Jaleynn grew up in Xanadu, to a pair of Dragonhealer parents so it was no surprise when she started her studies to follow in their footsteps. The little family was a strange one, her parents never did impress, though her mother stood several times at Xanadu only, her father more concerned about his studies never found time, or at least that is his tale on the matter. By the time Jaelynn was five her father had left and went back to Irene, leaving Lynn the oldest of three children to help her mother pick up the pieces.

Still Jaelynn never soured and actually became a more friendly child, bubbly and always out to help others. Her mother was pleased when Jaelynn started her studies to be a Dragonhealer, and like her mother Lynn quickly took to them and excelled greatly in the field. With Lynn, she also took on learning every bit of herbal remedy there is to help the dragons she was so in love with. Her younger sister would impress before Jaelynn was even asked to stand for a clutch at Fort,which she went to but as left standing.

Once back at Xanadu she was back at the books an quickly passed her studies for Dragonhealer Grade two. Recently she has started on the next part of her life working on the next step for Grade Three. She has a affection for herbs and remedies to help dragons feel better, either tending wounds, sickness or even towards gestation she could almost swear by a tonic or two. Of course she follows all the rules that the 'higher up's' wish but sometimes put's her own spin on things.

When it comes to her job and lessons she is patience and ever eager to help others understand what and why something is done. She also loves reading books and finding new information that made have been hidden away in some thick brick of a healer's book from the past. If there is a chance for someone to find anything hidden in a book or note Lynn is that person to find it! She also has a way with dragons, her movements careful, slow and always puts the dragon's thoughts first. Thanks to this even firelizards seem to have a attraction to her, to the point that she's given up trying to avoid any that have 'latched' onto her so to speak. Though she does have her favorites.

After finding her lifemate Nailii has been rather busy, with work, and lessons and family matters. The point is Nailii and Talanoath have returned to Xanadu and have been on the quiet side as of late. With everything going on Talanoath may be a bit cross for not being around to help, and Nailii has plenty of things on her mind. In the end the pair has returned, better believe it won't stay quiet for long now that the brown with the star power has returned to make his presence known!


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