A young lady of in her early teens, Natalya has a very slight figure, one would almost say waifish. She stands at just over five feet in height and has long blonde hair that she wears braided down to the small of her back. She has a heart shaped face with a gently rounded chin. Her eyes are a brilliant blue and Natalya has a small nose situated just above her soft medium full lips. She is often smiling and has cute dimples in her cheeks. Natalya has slender arms with small hands and delicate fingers. She keeps her nails manicured. Natalya has gentle curves and a small waist that tappers down to a set of slim legs and small feet.
Most often Natalya wears a simple dress of pale blue with a cloth belt that cinches around the waist. A ribbon of the same blue is twined though her braids. On her feet she wears a pair of comfortable looking shoes.


Natalya was born at High Reaches Weyr to a family of poor cavern workers. She is the oldest of three children, having one younger sister and a baby brother. Growing up without much, Natalya was forced to help her parents with odd jobs around the caverns to help make ends meet. Despite this she had a happy childhood, filled with a lot of love. Recently Natalya parents have decided to make a move to Xanadu weyr, bringing Natalya along with them. At their new home Natalya was introduced for the first time to the dolphineers, and feel in love with dolphins and has started to study hard in an attempt to join their ranks.


Name Relation Location Position
Nathan Father Xanadu Weyr Cavern Worker
Talya Mother Xanadu Weyr Cavern worker



Green Alamith


Title OOC Date Cast
Canines Abound and Bounding! January 01, 2013 Zahleizjah, If'an, Garait, Natalya
Just Another Awkward Dinner January 03, 2013 Zahleizjah, Idrissa, Garait, Natalya
Dolphin Lesson January 07, 2013 Kale, Natalya, Garait
A Master of Fun January 08, 2013 Kale, Natalya
Knots and Dolphins and Traders, Oh My! January 08, 2013 Idrissa, Natalya, Soriana
Of Firelizards and Dolphins January 13, 2013 Idrissa, Mikal, Natalya, O'rly, Qirin, Soriana, Tazemi
Summer Storms January 14, 2013 Idrissa, Mikal, Natalya, Soriana
Table Fortress Fixing January 17, 2013 Esiae, Idrissa, Jethaniel, Natalya, Tazemi
Of Dresses and Dragons January 19, 2013 Datsun, Hotaru, Kale, Muir, Natalya, Soriana
Kind of Them January 21, 2013 Marel, Natalya
Base Camp (Round Up - Day 2) January 26, 2013 Garait, Zahleizjah, Jethaniel, Marel, Natalya, Alzanbri
My Little Pony (Candidate Project) February 01, 2013 Esiae, Zahleizjah, Natalya, Enid, Deslia, Shellie (npc), Seriel (npc)
Hatching Feasting February 10, 2013 Idrissa, Jethaniel, J'o (npc'd by Soriana), Ka'el, Kei'lan (npc'd by Ka'el), M'kal, Mur'dah, Natalya, Soriana, Tharen (npc'd by Thea), Thea
Catch of the Day April 06, 2013 Natalya, Soriana
Fishing for Help April 09, 2013 Jethaniel, Natalya
Fresh off the Wagon May 06, 2013 Kera, Natalya, Soriana
Apprentice Lowdown May 07, 2013 Natalya, Kera
Waxing and Hiding May 10, 2013 Natalya, Kera
Hissing and Bullying? May 15, 2013 Abigail, Catallian, Idrissa, Kera, Nereis (npc)
Surprise Visit June 16, 2013 N'talya, Kera
Lunch at Sable Sands June 24, 2013 N'talya, Kera
Lesson and a Visit in One July 18, 2013 N'talya, Kera
A Win Away From Home July 24, 2013 Marel, N'talya, Isyriath, Alamith
Study, study, then study some more. July 26, 2013 N'talya, Kyldar, Kera
Shipwreck Isle August 07, 2013 N'talya, Kera
A New Friend September 10, 2013 N'talya, Kera
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