Thick black hair is scraped back in a neat braid, hanging down Natishen's back to his shoulders. Wide eyes, a piercing emerald green, are framed by thick, dark lashes. High cheekbones are nearly hidden behind the vestiges of youthful pudge, though the long jaw and firm, stubborn chin give a hint of the slenderness age might grant his face. Thin lips are all too often held in a sulky pout - that expression so indicative of youth's folly. His klah-with-cream complexion is not flawless - incipent adolescence has caused the occasional outbreak of blemishes, though his dark skin remains clear at the moment. The few scraggly hairs of chin fuzz are displayed proudly as signs of impending adulthood, though they barely warrant the name.

His clothing is simply made. The short-sleeved shirt that covers his bony, unfinished frame is stuffed untidily into knee-length, ragged hemmed shorts, spilling over the waist and all but hiding the rough leather belt that barely keeps his shorts above his hips. The brown leather straps of his sandals criss-cross over the large feet that warn that his current height of just over five feet is likely to change precipitously over the next several turns. Gangly, all skinned elbows and knees, he differs not an iota from the average youth on the cusp of his adolesecent years.



Natishen was born, like so many children, to a greenrider nearly nine months to the day after her dragon rose in flight. The pregnancy could be directly attributed to the fact that said greenrider was grounded due to a broken leg incurred only hours after finally emerging from said flight, leaving her unable to jaunt *between*. This greenrider, being the philosophical type, chose to keep the child with her at Xanadu Weyr, though she could hardly be called 'motherly'. From an early age, Nash, as he preferred to be called, was more a child of the lower caverns than the greenrider, and though she saw to it he had a place to live and clothes on his back, his raising and education was left to the hands of the women of the lower caverns, those whose motherly instincts far outstripped his own dam's.


Name Relation Age Location Position Status
Anatasha Mother +23 turns Xanadu Weyr Greenrider NPC
Moyra Foster Mother +52 turns Xanadu Weyr Lower Caverns Nanny NPC

Friends and Enemies



Vivid chartreuse is the basis for this green firelizard's hide, eye smarting in its intensity. This small form is liberally splattered with streamers of new-leaf green interspersed with pale sea-green blossoms, which serve to diffuse the vibrancy of her base shade. Her sturdy wings and spine are almost entirely coated in the softer tones, with her ridges painted sea-green and her wings patterned with spirals of the leafy shade. Her legs are out of proportion with the rest of her body, smaller than expected, but they are certainly capable of supporting her, and are unadorned by any markings. Her tail, neck and head all sport small splatters of yellow, which actually compliments the chartreuse and gives some grace to her painful coloring.


Vibrant bronze flows down from this firelizard's angular head, cascading down his narrow form in a shimmering orange-brown rain of color to coat wings and back. Spots of murky green ripple across his shoulders and wings, causing eddies where green and bronze meet that fan out into rippling circles of disruption. Bronze darkens to tarnished copper as it drops lower, highlighting the lines of his chest and shoulders, well-muscled but slender. Across his stomach and limbs the copper sours, turning to rust, as if he had stepped into a puddle of metal that then aged against his flesh. Only his tail escapes the darkness, retaining that silken bronze shade down to the very end.


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