Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Small Hold near Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Wingrider; Former Herder
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Dragon Green Zhelinath

With mop-like brown hair that seems determined to do whatever it pleases, and large thick-lashed blue eyes, this young man seems destined to look anything but intimidating. His lips are quick to smile, and his cheeks are rounder than would be strictly masculine, further contributing to a generally non-threatening air. The overall effect seems to be one of general affability.

Typically, this young man dresses in homespun but lovingly crafted fabrics in earthy, natural colors that are not difficult to come by on any farm. His current tunic is a rough brown fabric with a cream undershirt peeking through to cover this throat almost up to his chin. The garment is belted with the single sign of luxury: a handmade belt of rough stones that appear to have been stream-polished and hand punctured to allow them to be crocheted into a strip that cinches his waist. His trousers are nondescript, matching the brown of his tunic, and tucked into a pair of well-worn but lovingly cared for boots.

If one were to catch him with his collar turned down, they might see an ugly scar that slashes diagonally across his neck. On a normal day, however, it remains hidden behind the high-necked garment that was probably made especially for this purpose.


Teinon was born in a small, minor hold near Xanadu Weyr. His family tended the beasts of the hold, as they had for generations, and as they probably will continue to do for generations. In fact, with the passing of Thread from their world, things have only gotten easier on Teinon’s family. It’s amazing how much easier it is to care for a herd when there’s no need to shepherd the animals into shelter every Threadfall…

It was a modest life but a happy one, largely unbroken by trauma or disorder. Their only worries were the occasional renegades that preyed upon their flocks. The bandits picked off animals whenever they saw fit for dinner or for sport, and as the family could not keep an eye on every animal every second of the day and night, these criminals typically got away with it. It was Teinon’s 13th turn when he and his older brothers decided that enough was enough.

Without their father’s knowledge, they snuck out into the evening twilight, determined to keep a look out for bandits and take them out before they could get an animal. With boyish optimism, they assumed that they would overcome. It was a grand adventure, until it wasn’t.%r%rThe bandits were seasoned criminals, hardened by life on the run. When they crept into the field to claim their prize, the boys stood up to the gang, and the gang fought back. Teinon’s older brothers were luckiest. Neiro came away with merely a knock on the head and a bruised ego. Baelyn suffered a sprained wrist and was knocked onto his bum.

Teinon was not so lucky. When the dust settled and the bandits had made off, the boys found Teinon sprawled in the grass, clutching his throat and a bloody wound inflicted by the lead bandit’s dagger. He was rushed home, barely conscious, where his father’s quick thinking to staunch the blood flow probably saved his life. A local Healer was called to attend the wound, which further improved his chances, but it was not a smooth healing. Infection settled in for a time, and when the wound finally closed, Teinon was left with a ruined voice. He could speak, but it came out a harsh frog’s croak that frustrated and pained him.

Once the wound had healed as much as it could, the family had to make a decision. Leave Teinon to continue the best he could, as he was, or send him away in the hopes that more professional attention might improve his lot in life. It just so happened that he had an uncle who tended flock at nearby Xanadu Weyr. A place where he could receive the attentions of a more practiced healer, and perhaps even learn from better teachers than were available back home.

It was a difficult decision, but it was made. Teinon left to live with his uncle. It would be inaccurate to say it was an easy transition… But the boy had a fighter’s spirit. He learned from his uncle that he could train the flock to respond to whistles, and even use those to get attention from humans or even dragons if strictly necessary. From the Weyr’s Harper, he learned to read and write, to better communicate when his voice refused to cooperate. He learned a complicated language of hand gestures that served him even better among those who knew the language. He learned that sometimes, it was more valuable to be the silent ears in a room than the noisy mouth. Mostly, he learned to be happy in his life as it was.

Which brings him to the present. He still helps tend the Weyr’s flocks under his uncle’s supervision, and derives a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that his work helps keep the Weyr's dragons fed. He still prefers not to use his toad’s croak of a voice unless absolutely necessary. And oddly enough, he has a reputation for being one of the most pleasant and happy faces to be seen around the place, which has endeared him to enough of the cooks to earn him a steady supply of sweets from the kitchen.

It’s not a bad life, really.



Name Relation Location Position
Caedyn Uncle Xanadu Weyr Beastcrafter (of some sort)
Teiryn Mother Unnamed Cothold Shepherd
Cyron Father Unnamed Cothold Shepherd
Cyrin Eldest Brother Unnamed Cothold Shepherd
Teiryn Middle Brother Unnamed Cothold Shepherd
Child1 Nephew Unnamed Cothold Cyrin's son (5 turns)
Child2 Niece Unnamed Cothold Cyrin's daughter (3 turns)
Child3 Nephew Unnamed Cothold Teiryn's son (baby)


Green Siren


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