She stands a good five and a half feet tall, with much of the length in her legs. Her build is lean, yet muscular, like an athlete, or just one that works out a lot. There's a deep tan to her skin, showing that she's often outside in the sun. Deep sapphire blue eyes, peer out from round face. Her facial features are pretty average looking. Bangs of burgendy brown hang down over her eyes. Her hair is shoulder length, and usually kept in a runner-tail.
Her clothes are well made. On her upper body she spots a plain long sleeved white tunic, with the collar folded down. The tunic is tucked into a pair of tan pants, with a brown belt to keep the whole thing secure. On her feet she wears a pair of sturdy work boots.


She is the daughter of a couple in the Dolphincraft. Because of it, she's grown to love the sea, and the dolphins, having grown up around the ones her parents have, and she hopes to join the craft, and follow in their footsteps and become a dolphineer herself. Hiamysia eventually got into the dolphincraft and became a junior apprentice there, spending her time learning and working. A few months after she was apprenticed, She was down where the dolphin pods of the Kahrain and Dolphincraft area. She was approached by a young light grey dolphin, who said her name was Delpha, and after that the two became partners, and Hiamysia was Promoted to Sr. apprentice.
Awhile after that time she received notice that she was going to be transfered to Eastern Weyr, to learn under the masters there, and months later, she and Delpha arrived at Eastern's cove, and while Delpha got to know her new pod mates, Hiamysia went to get settled in, in her new home. She made friends, and ever so slowly came over her fear of the dragons. It was months later when she got a summons to come back to the Dolphincraft hall with Delpha, and there in a grand ceremony, she, and others walked the tables as they became journeymen, and women, in the dolphincraft, and soon after a newly promoted, and happy, Hiamysia returned to Eastern, spreading the news of her promotion to the other dolphineers there.
After working with Delpha one day, a while later, she finally decided to go the galleries, and take a look at the eggs that she'd heard were on the sands, Weyrwoman Natane, along with a few candidates were there, discussing this project the weyrwoman wanted the candidates to do. She asked Hiamysia if she'd like to help in the project too, and Hia agreed to help if it was needed. Natane later said that Fenillanth, the queen on the sands, said she wanted Hia to be her personal assistant, as a candidate, and after a few moments, Hiamysia agreed to that.
Time goes by as it always seems to do, and before any of the candidates knew it, the dragons were humming that oh so familiar song that signifies hatching time. Hiamysia was ushered out onto the sands with the rest of the candidates. She watched eggs hatch, and dragons impress to her friends, but one hatchling was for her, for as she was watching a blue that hatched, a green sauntered up to her, and wrapped her wings about her. After staring at the green for several seconds, Hiamysia, now Mysia, announced her dragons name as Talsohlerrosaeth, and they were both quickly ushered off the sands by Xe'n.
She made it through weyrlinghood, and lived in Eastern for several turns. At one pint she also transfered to Xanadu. But she eventually found her way to Ierne.


Name Relation Location Position
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Green Talsohlerrosaeth


Title OOC Date Cast
Weyrlings' First Flight April 6, 2006 Cirilia, F'alk, J'di, Mysia, T'maz, and V'dim(NPC)
Calanth's Weyrlings Graduate April 21, 2006 Aeris, Bryant, Cirilia, Denna, F'alk, Isa, J'di, Kirilla, L'alie, Lilia, Mysia, Rafca, Senkyou, Sianne, T'maz, Trilanna, and V'dim(NPC)
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