Myra is fairly ordinary to look at. She is kind of plump, especially around the hips, although the manual labor of candidacy and strict workout routines of weyrlinghood - not to mention caring for and keeping up with Ailath - have increased her fitness level a fair amount. She seems to be around five feet tall, probably a little taller. Her hair is plain brown in colour, slightly faded, and cut fairly short. The shortness of her hair doesn't flatter her squarish face, but it appears to be for convenience more than anything. Her eyes are also brown, darker than her hair.

Myra is clothed in fairly loose garments, all in the same boring pale brown colour. Her pants are several sizes too big, only held in place with the aid of an old belt. She wears two tops, also a touch on the large size. One is a plain top, and the other is an equally plain shirt, over the plain top, with the buttons not done up.

Myra appears to be somewhere between <age-1> and <age+2> turns old. She wears the knot of a Xanadu Weyr Chef, of the Journeyman rank. Woven into it is a ribbon of pale grassy green to represent Ailath.


Meira grew up in a fairly ordinary hold, to fairly ordinary parents, and with fairly ordinary siblings. Her mother worked in the hold kitchens, and her father was a farmer. Meira wasn't the oldest child, but she was the first to decide to follow in her mother's footsteps rather than her father's. Luckily for her, she soon discovered that she enjoyed kitchen work, especially cooking. Her older siblings laughed at her and teased her for her choice, but she shrugged it off, claiming that they were just jealous.

Soon, Meira had several of her younger siblings working alongside her and her mother. The old saying of 'Too many cooks spoil the broth' came to mind, and she decided to set out on her own to find a new kitchen to cook in, while her older siblings were still stuck toiling away on that same farm. And so, she left that hold, and joined the Bakercraft properly. Her first posting was to Xanadu Weyr, when she was about sixteen or so, where she impressed her first firelizard - blue Kawoosh. Xanadu was also where she got promoted to Journeyman, less than a month after her twentieth turnday, and then later impressed another firelizard - a brown, who she named Bosworth.

Roughly half a turn after her promotion, Meira had settled into a comfortable journeyman routine, enjoying the various perks not afforded to apprentices. Until M'lak's blue Adenylath poked his snout into the caverns. After asking the rider, it turned out the blue wanted a sweetroll, and Meira decided to get one fresh from the oven, for the dragon with the sweet tooth. This concept amused the chef, as she didn't usually serve dragons. However, it seemed that the dragon had an interest in more than just sweetrolls. Meira soon found herself in the candidate barracks, clutching tightly to a single white cord - her new knot - with little recollection of how she'd come to be there.

Meira settled in to candidacy quickly, extremely so compared to her settling in to her journeyman promotion, though it was not without its hiccups. Or rather, big, wet, draconic sneezes. It was not long after becoming a candidate that she stumbled across another hatching firelizard, and green Ishta joined her growing fair. She also acquired a nice warm coat at one point, a seldom seen selfish streak compelling her to keep the borrowed coat for herself.

Another highlight of candidacy, although Meira didn't think so at the time, was the survival camp that all candidates took part in. Of the groups that made it back on their own - the rest 'rescued' by riders - Meira, Esher, and Felandre were the last back. Also Esher, and to a lesser extent Meira, was attacked by a wild feline, though neither suffered any more than scratches, and fright. After finishing last, as Meira was the timekeeper, Meira was offered a firelizard egg. However, she already had three firelizards, one of them barely out of the shell, so she gave the egg to Felandre, with a note reading only: 'for the coat'

The hatching came around before long, the candidates filed out onto the sands, the eggs hatched, and the dragons impressed. Raelin became R'in to Corrupted Sands Brown Mayikooth, Harleanne became Harley to Defender of the Fields Green Nemiath, Kacen watched from the observation level, but the Protector of the Pure Blue Karidath was determined, and Kacen became his K'cen. Alaye impressed Falling Star Blue Abirith, Neamon became Warring Shadows Brown Odamith's N'mon, Z'kiel - formerly Zekiel - left with Thunder Bolts of Bronze Kunaseth, and Meira impressed Desert Mirage Green Ailath, changing her name to Myra. Myra's 'friend' Trian did not impress. The rumour is that Trian left for the next Weyr in search that night.

Time passed, Ailath grew, and Myra graduated, though her wing remained the same, as she traded her weyrling knot for an AWLM's knot. Several turns passed. When Tay stepped down as Weyrlingmaster, well, that's when things got interesting. R'sul and Niva had each tapped a different rider to become Weyrlingmaster, R'sul had tapped Myra, and Niva had tapped R'in. The decision was finally reached to have the pair be Co-Weyrlingmasters, and so it was.

On doing a routine inventory of the barracks, Myra came to find that there was insufficient straps leather for both the current weyrlings and the future weyrlings. On arriving at the Tanner Hall for her errand, she encountered a bucket-wielding apprentice, Pareol, who she gave two messages, one on the leather, one on another matter. The latter was an invitation to stand for Xanadu's current clutch, which he accepted.

In the end, it was Myra's dislike for between, which, while not particularly crippling in any way, made her seriously rethink her career options. She traded in her knot for her old chef's knot, though now with an added stripe of green. Readjusting to life in the kitchens will be interesting, as she's barely had time for her craft since she impressed, but she already appears happier, far less stressed.

Images from Myra's Sketchbook

MyraSketch1.jpg AilathSketch2.jpg
"Firelizard sleeping" "Hatching Day"


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Koranos Maternal Grandfather small hold in the XAW area farmer
Leyni Maternal Grandmother small hold in the XAW area farmer
Pharad Paternal Grandfather small hold in the XAW area farmer
Meira Paternal Grandmother small hold in the XAW area kitchenworker
Janira Mother small hold in the XAW area kitchenworker
Borran Father small hold in the XAW area farmer
Koranos Older Brother small hold in the XAW area farmer
Pharad Older Brother small hold in the XAW area farmer
Leyni Older Sister small hold in the XAW area farmer
Eliala Younger Sister small hold in the XAW area farmer
Estha Younger Sister small hold in the XAW area kitchenworker
Gareltan Younger Brother small hold in the XAW area kitchenworker
Shirafi Younger Sister small hold in the XAW area farmer
Joiran Younger Brother XAW apprentice chef
Or'len Younger Brother XAW apprentice woodcrafter Green Mhairiath
Boniran Younger Brother small hold in the XAW area child
Ansali Younger Sister small hold in the XAW area infant
Zirani Daughter (with L'ton) XAW infant

(Aunts, uncles, and younger-than-Myra cousins on father's side, mother was an only child. Several nieces and nephews from her older siblings.)



Mirrored Lake Blue Kawoosh
Still water reflects the solemn loneliness of the moons in the obsidian sky so far, far above. Of season it is impossible to tell for the grasp the night has draws away much of the vibrant color of the day, leeching it away under nights shadowy blanket to wait until day breaks upon the eastern horizon. The lake itself is large, looming beyond sight the far shoreline is lost to the placid water. The gravel bottom is clear, if tinted by the blue waters that have settled upon the serpentine body of this graceful firelizard. The blues are on the darker side, unknown what they might be like under the suns caress they tuck away, hiding beneath the nights cloak in deep cobalts, navy and near indigo. Muscles ripple beneath the water across his body, a deep strength which mirrors the depths reflected upon the blues hide. The jeweled pools of his eyes, set deep beneath stone touched eyeridges, offer a similar glimpse, into one with depthless strength and patience. Wisdom beyond his years settles placidly upon sturdy shoulders, a burden easily bourn as wings stretch. Within the waters spread, caressed by moonlight to set the sails to a glossy sheen, a finish that reflect near mirror like, such that there are always ghostly shadows of this ones surroundings reflected from beneath the waters. A clever trick that never grows old one that will be forever young.
Kawoosh is 49 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 80 cm.


Majestic Redwood Brown Bosworth
His legs are a brackish brown, his body however is a clear red brown. Reds dance along with browns as he moves and shifts. His wedge head is shaped like an arrow head, his neck long and slender. The body of this handsome fella follows the slender mode. His wings snap open and one might notice the rakish set of the burnished red sails. A whipcord tail lies snaked to one side of him. Sienna talons tip his paws.
Bosworth is 55 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 88 cm.


Watchful Friend Green Ishta
Pale minty hues dance cheerfully over this green's body, slightly darker hues swirling together to create a pattern all along her rounded torso, though the light prevails along her stomach, as it flows down her neck, and between each limb, touching the underside of her tail. Elongated muzzle is free from freckles as it arches up to her faceted eyes and feminine headknobs before the line of her body dives back downwards, marked by teal-tinted ridges.
Ishta is 44 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 71 cm.


Autumn's Rust Brown Ba'al
Crispy sienna gathers, dried out by the long days of summer sun, clinging to this brown's back and sides, tickling at his stomach, and burying his tail in a pile of sepia leaves. Russet ridges run down his back, each one clearly defined, while auburn sails stretch between each spar, edged curled slightly, as if they are the edged of fallen brown leaves.
Ba'al is 55 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 88 cm.

Firelizard base-art by Rhasmir, colour by Myra.


Desert Mirage Green Ailath
Lithe and angular, this delicate dragon would be classed as perfect by many were it not for the shadowy paleness of her grassy hide. Her gently curved muzzle shows the only true brightness - a rich sweep of leafy green racing up her nose before disappearing into the shadow of her headknobs. Dark forested tones glimmer along her underbelly and are echoed in the darkness of her talons, while a misty tone dominates her slender body and tail almost seeming grey at times as it shimmers in the light. A hint of moss graces her wingspars, clinging desperately to its own brightness as it washes down over the wingsails, paling to almost white at the very edge.

Thick leather straps are fastened snugly around Ailath's neck and shoulders, fairly bulky for such a delicate looking dragon. These straps appear well looked after, the rich brown hide practically shining with good health. An extra layer of leather has been added to the already thick straps, though not all over. This extra layer only appears where the straps are put under extra stress, and where the straps are most likely to break, as a safety precaution. The buckles of these straps are fashioned from a strong metal, Xanadu's own pernanium, with function clearly more important than style. The one part that seems less to do with safety and more to do with comfort is the rider's seat, which is quite similar to the saddles found on runners, though Myra's version has more cushion-like padding.

Ailath has a length of 21.95 meters, and a wingspan of 36.58 meters.


Title OOC Date Cast
Ailath Rises January 19, 2009 Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niah, R'aul(NPC), and R'miel
A Baby Shower January 20, 2009 Cenlia, Myra, R'miel, and Thea
A Surprise for Myra January 21, 2009 L'ton and Myra
Trian's Turnday January 29, 2009 L'ton, Myra, and Trian
Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009 February 1, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niva, R'miel, Rohelte, R'sul, Saige, S'ya, Thea, Ysa, and Zipalla
Tunnelsnake Round-up March 31, 2009 Kire, Myra, Rogawani, Thea
Baby Abandonment April 04, 2009 Enkavir, Kire, Myra, Senkyou, Thea
A New Arrival March 2009 L'ton, Myra


Myra has coded a Menu object.

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