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Dark eyed and disheveled, this teenaged boy has reached that gawky stage, but is still full of wiggle and mischief. He favors his father in looks with high cheekbones, smirky smile and dark brown eyes that oft flare with simmering temper, other times are lit with devilish glee while he plots some sort of mischief. Alternating between grouchy, overdone bravado and hyperactive, his moods are readily reflected on his expressive face. He tends to ignore the state of his dark brown hair, which is kept a little bit on the longer side and often in his eyes. He's average in height for his age with a wiry frame that holds a hint of his father's lean musculature; when he finally does hit his teenaged growth spurt he will likely reach the same height as his sire.

These days he favors loose tan trousers and dark colored tunics, usually accompanied by sandals or close toed ankle boots. His belt has a few pouches on it, and a small little belt knife that's hardly more than a kitchen blade.

Muir appears to be around 14 turns old


Born in the High Reaches with his sister during a blizzard while their parents were visiting Thea's home, Cold Stone Hold, Muir was named Muireadhach (pronounced 'MUR-ah-da') by his father (Donnchadh - pronounced 'don AH ha') which means 'Lord of the seas'. This is shortened to Muir unless he's in trouble. Then he'll be called 'Boy' by his father or 'Muuuuur-aaaaaah-daaaa' by his mother.

He's close with his twin sister, Marella, who has taken to calling herself Marel lately, despite her bossiness and their oft-resulting spats. The two of them have had the run of the Weyr since they returned from Cold Stone Hold to Xanadu a few days after their birth. As their mother, holdbred and raised herself, didn't feel right about fostering them, the pair spent their early days in the nursery and then in the Weyrbarn with their parents at night. When they were old enough, harper lessons took most of their days.

Their life has been an interesting mix of visits aboard the Vega Run, their grandparents trading ship, trips to their father's retreat, an uninhabited tropical island in the Southern Sea north of Xanadu, playing with the other rough and tumble weyrbrats, runner riding lessons, dragon rides and learning how to sail the Zephyr, their mother's sailboat. Life has been idiyllic for them both with their parents being weyrmated and together for their entire lives, visits from their Cold Stone Hold grandmother, their father's trader kin and half-siblings from Ierne. Muir is convinced that he will grow up to be a bluerider just like his da. Marella, a weyrwoman with a beautiful golden queen dragon of her own.

But dreams do not always come true. And idyllic soon changed. Named his grandfather's heir to Cold Stone Hold, Muir and Marel were sent to the hold for several months, where Muir was tutored in all the formalities of being an heir. He did not enjoy it, but he was thrown off when their uncle returned to the hold and they were returned to Xanadu. Uncertain what his future would hold, the boy took the chance to do nothing for a while, until he was Searched by his brother N'shen's bronze. He was also searched after Marel, which lead to some rather jealous feelings on his part.

Candidacy passed in a haze of friends and chores, and some time spent on a desolate island where the boy resolved to truly live off the land, using nothing that was brought with them. He succeeded, though lost several pounds in the effort.

Hatching day came, and he was stunned when his twin was pulled from him by a brown dragon. So lost was he in his own thoughts, that he did not notice his own lifemate creeping up on him.

Personality and RP Hooks

  • Muir tends to imitate his father and has picked up quite a few of his mannerisms and phrases, copying his use of pet-names for girls and acting tough and gruff.
  • Muir tries to flirt with (usually older) girls but he hasn't quite gotten the knack of it, so isn't very good at it yet.
  • Muir tends to be the active, look-before-you-leap type. He's daring, devil-may-care and fairly often in trouble or nursing some sort of bruise.
  • Muir has been adragonback but has never experienced *Between*
  • Muir is absolutely convinced that he will be a bluerider some day, like his father.
  • Muir, has just been granted by the Weyr Council to his grandfather of Cold Stone Hold to train as his only heir and has, along with his sister Marel and half-sister Darsce undertaken a voyage abouard ship to travel to the hold in the High Reaches area.


Name Relation Age Location Position Status
D'had Father +37 T Xanadu Weyr Bluerider PC
Thea Mother +22 T Xanadu Weyr Senior Weyrwoman PC
Marel Sister same Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat PC
Alishe Cousin (N'shen) -9 T Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat NPC
Darsce Half-sister (Asher) +10 T Xanadu Weyr Resident PC
N'shen Half-brother (Anatasha) +12 T Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider PC
Natali N'shen's Weyrmate +14 T Xanadu Weyr Greenrider PC
Rehsa Half-sister (Asher) -13 T Ierne Weyrhold Resident NPC - Adoptable
Halimeda Half-sister (Melia) +19 T Xanadu Weyr Resident NPC - Adoptable
Tharen Uncle (Thea) +21 T Xanadu Weyr Sr. Apprentice - Beastcraft NPC
Rensea Grandmother (Thea) +46 T Coldstone Hold Holder's Lady NPC
Thadan Grandfather (Thea) +58 T Coldstone Hold Holder NPC
Lairgnen Uncle (D'had) +40T onboard Vega Run Seacrafter/Trader NPC
Caileigh Grandmother (D'had) +63 T onboard Vega Run Seacrafter/Trader NPC
Naois Grandfather (D'had) +65 T onboard Vega Run Seacrafter/Trader NPC


Ninja of the Night Bronze Hatchling - Kenpo
He's one with the shadows, this little bronze firelizard, with night shades sneaking down his lithe form almost cloaking the hammered bronze coloration within a mantle of mystery. Despite his angular muzzle and sharp neckridges, he's cast in a wiry musculature, his lean frame built for speed and his moves evidenced with an agile grace. Copper glints amidst veiled smoke are all that hint at the coloration of cape-like wings.


Stealing the Sun Brown Kalsuoth

Dark and ethereal, this brown is characterized by quick movements and mysterious motivations. His body is sleek and sinuous, wings built for long, powerful flight. Their bistre depths are shattered by ochres and mahoganies, shadowy cracks showing between baked and blistered earth at each wing's trailing edge. Dark, loamier soil spills across his muscular shoulders, dusting each neckridge and blemishing thin-fingered paws. Blackened espresso boils across his hide, tenebrous grounds streaking up each side of his neck and splattering across the darkened bridge of a narrow nose. Subtle iridescence cloaks his entire form, a soft blue-green shimmer brought out by direct light. This tenuous shine is marred by pencil-thin black etchings, hairline fractures that carve out feather-like pattern across his hide. The overall effect is of a stygian, enigmatic avian touched with just a hint of sunlight.



~~ This character, along with Marel, was NPCd by Thea for several years. Logs up until December 29, 2012 were NPCd. He is now a PC character with a new player. ~~

Title OOC Date Cast
Useless Dragon(rider) January 03, 2015 Kiena, Mur'dah, Ellie and Ezzie (NPC), Keruthien (NPC)
Always Go with Knives January 06, 2015 Innes, Kiena
Xanadu Obstacle Games January 14, 2015 E'tan, C'rus, Kera, Reya, Kiena Innes, Mur'dah, T'revs, NPC'S: Daved by Kera, Ellie by Kiena, Ezzie by Mur'dah, Praela and Xha'il by Innes, Benraam by Reya
Dad? July 03, 2015 D'had and Mur’dah
Game Plan July 7, 2015 Kiena, Mur'dah
To Say Sorry July 09, 2015 D'had and Mur'dah
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