Not a bad looking kid, Milo, though perhaps a little on the 'baby-faced' side, and maybe it's more to do with his blonde hair not making for a great beard because his jawline is square and his chin is strong besides. And he's a dirty-blonde at that, his eyebrows a shade or two darker over his brown eyes; his nose is a respectable size, large enough to be a prominent feature with its wide bridge but not too big. He's long of limb and broad in the shoulders, with large hands and long fingers. Not terribly tall though, average.

He wears suitable clothes for the weather and for work, worn shirts are a staple in his wardrobe with good boots and pants that could use some tailoring.


Milo is a Xanadu native, his parents are well known in the Weyr and by proxy so is their son, but he's made a bit of a name for himself too. As a child he was always first to help in the kitchen, in cleaning, in anything that needed doing; he was a social kid but quiet too, easy to talk to but maybe not the first one to speak up. A nice boy. An only child, too, and they nearly lost his mother during his birth, but that just made him a little more protective of the other kids as he was growing up. And now, a young man, he's found a place for himself in the kitchen, as a baker specifically, and he makes a mean berry pie.


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