A young lad with a scruffy appearance, Mickal sure has a knack for getting into trouble it seems. He wears his emotions on his sleeve so to speak for all the world to see. He's a small lad, smaller than most of the other kids his age. He keeps his hair short simply because it's easier to take care of it there's there! Dark green eyes, mouse brown hair, a small oval face and tanned skin make this impish little lad hard to resist.

He prefers to dress in browns and blues, blending and matching different outfits daily just to see which ones he likes best. Today his tunic is a deep royal blue that is tucked into dusty brown wherhide pants. The boots are ankle high and laces with red laces. No knot adorns his shoulders.


Shhhh! Is she coming? No no, don't wave her over here! I snuck some tarts from the kitchens and the Cook is looking for me? She's gone? Whew! I'm Mickal and I'm a weyrling here at Xanadu. Huh? No, no, Weyrling. Like a kid. I'm nearly 9. My parents are a couple of riders here. Colors? Not that is matters but my ma's a greenrider and my pa's a bluerider. He's in charge of his wing. I think." he wrinkles his nose up slightly. "I get confuzzled about those things sometimes. They weren't always riders though, they was crafters first and I'm gonna be a crafter too I suppose. Cause it's no guarentee that I'll ever Stand. OR get Chosen. Being the son of two riders don't matter too much. The Dragons Know!" he gives a serious nod. "I've lived here at Xanadu my whole live. Know all the ins and outs of this weyr. I can't cook well or make clothing like my ma or pa but I can sing and I sure do like to draw. Maybe I can do that. Dunno. I'll find something useful to do though! Oops, I see the Cook. I just know she's after me! See ya!


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Title OOC Date Cast
Meeting Mickal and Lindear February 18, 2010 Lindear, Mickal, Thea
Fishing For Weyrlings February 20, 2010 Mickal, M'nol, Phylicia, R'shed
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