Of medium height, bearing herself with an easy grace, Miah’s form, not quite that of a dancer but more athletic is thanks to the active life she leads and the variety of tasks she performs to do her part on her home hold. Her thick auburn hair is usually done up in a casual twist to be out of the way when she’s working, coppery-glints of gently curling wisps catching the sun where they fall down around the curve of her cheek and the back of her neck. Bright curiosity vies with intelligence in the dark-lashed, grey eyes that retain hints of an innate wariness until she gets to know a person.

Her dress, often spattered with water-darkened spots is of a rough, home-weave, the garment hand-sewn, form-fitting to bodice and waist, falling in graceful folds about the gentle curve of her hips and elegant calves. Within the hold enclosure her feet are oft bare but when in the swamps she dons soft-soled and supple leather boots that allow her to tread without making a sound.


Miah, named Mishkia when she was born, has lived her whole life in the swampy region outlying Xanadu Weyr in a small holding which her ancestors founded and dubbed with the name Mire Hold nearly 122 turns ago. It's an apt title, for the land while rich, was fit for neither man nor beast until they drained it by digging canals. Mire Hold, largely isolated by the terrain, is inaccessible by dragon. The only way in is by foot over little-used and unmarked trails, known to very few and thus the group living there has developed a culture unique to that of the rest of Pern's society.

Miah's line is a matriarchal one, tracing their lineage through the eldest daughters eight generations back to Harper Archivist Niamara, founder Jamark's elder sister. It is these daughters who have been entrusted to keep the beastcraft, farmcraft and generational records of Mire Hold. As the eldest of her mother's female children, Miah has been taught the skills to continue the record-keeping tradition, taking on more and more of that responsibility as her mother ages as well as teaching the hold children their lessons, augmented by the occasional, briefly-posted harpers over the turns.

Her childhood was split between chores and lessons and family gatherings in the evenings, her free time spent roaming the wilds. As her ancestors did before her, she tasted the fruits of a freedom that few on Pern ever experience as she learned early the ways of the swamp, its dangers… and its delights. Although aware that there is another world out there, having heard and read about it in the few books harpers have brought in, she is quite content with her life and really hasn't ever felt that she lacks anything.

All this changed when Keziah, greenrider from Xanadu and adopted family of sorts by the Mire Clan, was sent by Xanadu's Weyrwoman - along with their new Journeyman Harper, Matrin on a fact-finding mission regarding some mysterious ruins found in the tangled and forgotten old-growth forest between Xanadu's coastline and the cliffs behind them. An attraction sparked between Matrin and Miah, the fragile relationship nurtured as a tender plant, blossomed into genuine affection. Sent by her family to Xanadu Weyr so she could informally further her harper skills under his tutelage, their regard for one another deepened. Search and impression for Matrin, now M'trin rider of Bronze Volenth, has brought some changes to their relationship. While Miah continues as assitant to the harpers at the Weyr, M'trin cares for Volenth and fulfills his obligations to Xanadu, she struggles with the bidding of her family, who have made it clear they expect her loyalty in the matter.


Name Relation Location Position
Tarmisnal Father Mire Hold
Kianalla Mother Mire Hold Records Keeper
Kiash Grandfather Mire Hold Harper Archivist
Talinalla Grandmother Mire Hold Records Keeper
Pacha Great Uncle Mire Hold
Talmia Great Aunt Mire Hold
Mein Great Uncle Mire Hold
Ashki Great Aunt Mire Hold
Chalm Uncle Mire Hold
Tokson Uncle Mire Hold
Henyanni Aunt Mire Hold
Garwinni Cousin Mire Hold
Gabit Cousin Mire Hold Hunter
Tarmin Cousin Mire Hold Healer. Of sorts
Keziah Adopted family Xanadu Weyr Rder to Green Alosynth
M'trin Lover Xanadu Weyr Rider to Bronze Volenth



Mishkia's Playlist

Explanation of Songs

  • The Voice - Ancestral Heritage
  • Last of the Wilds - Leaving the swamps of Mire
  • Walking in the Air - Turnover dance with Matrin
  • Listen to the Wind - Kiss (Fog Magic)
  • Across the Universe of Time - The pull of the wilderness and the longing for it
  • The Soft Goodbye - TBD

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