Meion is of middling height and middling build, with hair of a middling brown that's loosely braided halfway down her back. When features were being handed out, she let herself get the middling-average of everything, but must have been very particular about the eyes. They're blue or green depending on the light, intense in focus and alternating between quick sweeps of her surroundings and long periods of intent study.

She's usually wearing some thigh-length dress-shirt cinched about the waist, with a brown tanned jacket over it that's taken more than its share of scrapes and scratches in place of her arms.


Meion grew up near Telgar Weyr, raised mostly by her mother, a surveyor with the Miners. Her father was a green rider who was in the right place at a particularly charged time; he was mostly absent from her home life, but kept up correspondence and periodic visits. She traveled through the region as a child, and in her teenage years settled in to study Smithcraft at the hall near Telgar. To say she had no aptitude would be understatement. However, while muddling her way through, she took an interest in a resident Techcrafter's work, and was steered there, and eventually toward her true aptitude in Computercraft. Meion spent a brief stint in the Computer craft hall, where she successfully decoded the outputs of an ancient weather sensing device and confirmed that it was some type of barometer. Following this, she's made her way to Xanadu, to study whether she can use the technical resources of a modern-leaning weyr to unlock more of the power of the ancient sensors and databases.


Name Relation Location Position
Beryl Mother Near Telgar Hold Surveying Masterminer
K'van Father Greenrider, Transport wing





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