A tall young woman is before you. Her skin is on the light side and she stands perhaps near six feet, a relatively light weight for her height. She might be considered pretty, though her features are somewhat sharp, not so round and soft as many prefer, though still feminine. Her hair is straight and black, though depending on the light you can see definate hints of a deep red there. It is worn about to her shoulders and usually allowed to hang free, often covering her ears. Her eyes are blue, pleasant to have focused upon you and she often wears a subdued pair of wireframe spectacles. Again, sharp describes her face well, chiseled features coupled with rare, but noticable, softness. This softness is drawn out most when she smiles, her face seeming to transform with such a simple gesture.
At the moment she is wearing an outfit in a dusty rose hue. The top is of crushed velvet and fits snugly against her torso. The sleeves are long, and start flaring out a little below her elbows. It is also rather low cut, displaying a fair amount of her healthy bust. The top's lower hem stops well above her navel, leaving her midriff bare and exposing her smooth tummy. The skirt she wears is long and very light, made a sisal and also a dusty rose color. It starts rather low, seeming to just barely hold on to her hips and conceal her, then drapes low and loose, stopping at her ankles. The skirt is very light and flows with her movements, seeming to show outlines of her legs against it as she moves. Upon her feet are a pair of fairly plain sandals. The only adornment she wears is a black velvet choker, about a half inch wide, snugged around her throat.


Born to riders at Xanadu Weyr, Medani grew up in a sometimes interesting but always loving family environment. Her mother, a greenrider named D'ni, recognized that she wasn't all that skilled with motherhood and was more than happy to share responsibilities with her father during Medani's early years. Her father was a bluerider named M'drawt. Eventually, around the time Medani started developing memories of childhood they had moved in together, the relationship was odd, but that is more their story than hers…
She grew up comfortably, no major hardships in her life, and with one sibling by both her parents, a younger brother named Danewt. She lived as most any other weyrbrat, though unlike many she had a rather stable home to come back to. She also grew up among the competing interests of her parents, music on her father's side, and animals on her mother's. It had been decided, or at least strongly stressed that she would be sent to a craft, though where was a matter of some debate at times.
In the end her talents and the desire of her parents wound her up in Harper hall, followed within a few turns by her little brother. She was close to him and remains so to this point, at least so close as she can manage, with her becoming a journeyman and he still being an apprentice, but surely that will correct itself in time. There has been recent talk of a posting for her, though details have been somewhat elusive…


Name Relation Location Position
D'ni Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Raliath
M'drawt Father Xanadu Weyr Rider to Blue Zemarith
Danewt Brother Xanadu Weyr Weyrharper
Illia Half Sister High Reaches Weyr Rider to Green Toriath


A Pirate's Lost Treasure Gold Sappho
Her hide is slightly faded, the color just a bit dusty although nothing can completely shadow gold and it gleams dully as it follows the boning of her face, picked out in brighter hues there and faded in the hollows. Brighter traces show up again, along the points of her neckridges and to shadow the supple muscling of her shoulders and flanks before trailing back to dull beaten gold along her tail. Faded gold leafing is spread across her wings, seeming tissue thin and shadowing along her back, a treasury of a pirate's wealth in her widespread 'sails. Lastly, carved talons seem worn with time and use, the color just a bit off for pure gold, alloyed with some base metal for strength.


From the Bottom of the Sea Green Anlyth
Slender of build is she, who's the color of a sycamore tree. The deep green-blue color of the sycamore spreads over the entire body of this slender dragon, though the dark hue is not uninterrupted. A shaded spruce tone creates the reflection of waves upon her sleek sides and slim back, trailing all the way up the top of her long neck, and dispersing into nothingness by her head knobs, and cascading down her longer tail. Seaweed of a medieval forest's shade cling to her finely made legs and feet, which are a little short for her otherwise spindly proportions, leaving her talons to the murk of a weedy sand. Wingsails are as dark as the rest of her, making them appear thinner than they are, as an island's palm membrane stretches between each of the spars. Her triangular head mimics the thinness of the rest of her body, almost entirely the hue of the sycamore, if it wasn't for the splash of island palm upon the tip of her dainty muzzle.


Title OOC Date Cast
Eden - After the Fall February 23, 2009 Cenlia, Medani, Shellie, and Thea
The Magical Flying Ovine February 2009 Cenlia, Medani, and X'hil
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