Springy, sprightly ebony locks fall freely to her shoulders, expressive brown eyes peering out of the world from a gaunt triangular face. Perfectly arched brows are the only mar on an otherwise smooth, pale forehead, leading down with a hawkish nose and rosy red lips. A slender neck descends into narrow, angular shoulders, which in turn leads to a rather rectangular form. Small, lithe, and seemingly light, this young woman carries herself with rather poor posture, her shoulders always hunched forward, peaky chin pointed down, although a crooked smile often softens the severity of her features. The curves of a woman are the only defense against the linear perfection that her body seeks to achieve, yet they do not hold off the rigid straightness for long.


Long ago, in someone else's lifetime…

Well, there was a woman, and she did look a lot like Maureen, and yes, it was someone else's story…

In the very heart of Nabol Hold, there lived a young servingwoman by the name of Maurie. Maurie's parents had succombed to a plague in the recent past, and she discovered that all she wanted in her life was someone to love, and who would love her back. A few days after her search began for a perfect husband, a tall, dark, and mysterious stranger arrived. He left three sevendays later. The only thing he left was a small child whose name was Maureen.

From an early age, Maureen made it quite clear that she was nothing of her mother's child. Reen, as others so often called her, instead developed a fancy for things that she knew that she could never attain, and therefore, she would embark at any cost to go retrieve them. As a child, she developed a horrid fascination with danger, from fire to cliffs, and was never the "skeerdy wherry" of the group of children of whom she played with. Maurie eventually went insane, claiming that she could see the mysterious stranger approaching over the hill. Other Hold residents were sympathetic, but not necessarily chartiable; Maureen found herself forced to live inside of the Hold dormitory under stifling conditions whilst Maurie was put into the cells. Later, word came out that she had committed suicide in the end, escaping her bonds and slitting her wrists at the nearest opportunity. When pressed for comments, Maureen said nothing, but instead held her head high and stated quite clearly that there was no love lost.

When she was sixteen Turns old, things changed. She eventually became tired of having to live in one place, especially a place as seemingly dull as Nabol. The rebel in her was immediately sparked, and she carefully packed her bags one day, leaving with the excuse that she was going to go out into the nearby fields to look for herbs and roots. She never returned, and instead made fast progress across Pern, reveling in her newfound freedom. Things were not as glorious as she expected, however. Along the way, she discovered that she would need to gain her food from some place. It just so happened that one day she was caught by the Black Rock Gang of renegades. After she proved that she had no money to take, she quickly joined the band that lived outside of Pern's laws.

Things quickly went downhill. Maureen's crazed obsession with danger led her into all sorts of trouble, namely at the Weyrs that she was assigned to hit-n-run. After a rather frightening "chat" with brown Grummith, and later bumping into Ir'vin, she began to realize that wariness was the key to survival when dealing with the protectors of Pern. All of this was tossed out the window in a brief conversation with Marja, resutling in green Lilenth sniffing out the renegade for Search. Maureen, who was beginning to see the Big Picture(tm), agreed to be a Candidate for the sole purpose of smuggling, although the Weyr had no idea of her past life. In fact, they didn't even know her real name - she always called herself Reen to add to her disguise.

Nonetheless, people found out the secret of 'Reen', or at least one of them; Hotaru rememberd the girl from when her trading clan was up in Nabol, and from there, everyone knew. Maureen was constantly getting herself into trouble by defending bandits and renegades. To top that all, Lilenth's whuffle wasn't the last one that "Reen" had to endure: Kaylithin's blue Narith decided one day to attempt to eat her hair. Maureen even felt that the egg touchings were not worth the effort; only Sandstorm's Fury Egg seemed to not want to reject her, but she never got into the spirit of talking to the eggs the way the other Candidates did.

Finally, the day of the Hatching came. Maureen was beyond nervous - in truth, she had found herself to be out of the frying pan and into the fire. There she was, surrounded by her hunters, in a situation that she never would have dreamed possible. Soon in the scheme of things, Sandstorm's Fury Egg hatched out a rather ugly Fierce Stalking Sandtiger Brown Hatchling. While everyone else was repulsed by this hideous hatchling, Maureen feel instantly in love, and was doubly startled when she heard a voice say, «At last! I have found you. I am your Tigreth, as you are mine, and now we are together.»

Weyrlinghood was full of ups and downs for the pair; Maureen had to learn how to co-exist with someone other than herself, and Tigreth had to learn that no, the world did not revolve around him. As far as lessons went, things were going rather well until Maureen fell sick and was grounded to the infirmary for a good sevenday and a half - enough time to put her behind on her lessons. Even so, she completed the classes on time, but long after her clutchsibs had graduated, she was stuck riding weyrling duty. To her utter shock, Jr. Weyrwoman Darianya called her into the Weyrleaders' office and confronted Maureen with the knowledge that the Leadership knew of her renegadal activities - and once more, her desire to return to her gang. The brownrider could do nothing but defend her ideals and beliefs, and, in the end, was rewarded with a shiney Torando wingrider's knot. Speculation is still open as to whether rumors of her aiding the Shadow Grove renegade band are true; Maureen and Tigreth both are keeping closed lips regarding what they do with their spare time.


Name Relation Location Position


Boing! This zippy little green is covered in stripes of dark forest green and a brilliant chartreuse. Quite the contrast as her wings appear almost solidly dark and uniform bluegreen. Boing! Somewhat like passing between this lovely lass hops about in short, sharp bursts. Her glittering eyes lock on something only for an instant, moving to the next object in her field of vision. Nope… not food, next. Hop-jump, stop, gaze about with whirling eyes. Does that look like food? She's a hyper little thing.


Brown Tigreth
The presence of this hatchling fills the weyr almost, a light color of eggshell, cracked through with the colors of his hide beneath, covered in ichor and egg goo, flaking up as it dries. Its hide is like the walls of a dried desert canyon, deep cracks in the parched land, muddy and dark, swirled and sandy, dry, dusty, screaming for water, sustanince, relief. It looks slightly odd, almost misshaped, but that is an iilusion of the egg shards and the sticky bits that keep its rememberances of life inside the darkness and dankness of an egg, safe and secure, waiting like a hunter for the right time to spring on its pray. Every step dislodges another piece of shell, dark yellowish wings held out for balance, drapping strings of sticky fluid like a cape, pieces of shell hooked to its tail and making odd designs in the sand as they drag.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Hatching: June 7, 2001 June 7, 2001 Aerdon, Allyson. A'xim. Biancath. Caramel, Chui, Cyvex, Darianya, Elissan, Everenth, Evy, Farrizah, Fiona, Hotaru, Jasra, Jeffry, J'ham, Joran, Kevyn, Kori, Kristoph, Lecil, Magicara, Marhiya, Maureen, Otirod, Qyh, Rhial, Shairla, Susia, Telilaren, Tenaran, Tristjen, Verity, Vispi, Zalansho
Candidate Fight 2001 Hotaru, Jeffry, Kristoph, Magicara, Maureen, and Telilaren
Maureen is Tapped 2001 Darianya, and Maureen
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