Portrayed By Keenan Tracey
Gender Male
Aliases Matty
Place of Birth Benden Weyr
Occupation Apprentice Woodcrafter
Current Status Underfoot


A boy of diminutive height, Mathis is all arms and legs, his pale skin stretched over a rail-thin frame. Golden brown hair sprouts unkempt from the top of his head, a shade too dark to be considered blond, cut to a length no longer than half an inch or so. Gone is the chubbiness of his cheeks, his looks beginning to lean towards cute rather than boyish, with features that include an inquisitive brow, tawny lashed hazel eyes, a splash of freckles across the bridge of his nose, and a near unrestrained expressiveness to the fullness of his lips. All it takes is a simple twist of his grin and a flash of straight white teeth to transform all that budding handsome into impishness.

Mathis tends to stick to clothing in neutral tones, simplistic in their style that fit him flatteringly, consisting presently of an pearl colored long sleeve v-neck shirt with three little buttons at the top, a pair of tan trousers, and dark brown boots. More often than not, strapped across his body is a courier-type bag, overstuffed with only Faranth knows what. On one of his shoulders is an apprentice woodcrafter knot in Xanadu's colors.


As far as childhoods go, Mathis's wasn't anything particularly special or traumatic, fostered from birth with a family in Benden Hold without much idea about who his real parents were. The result of a flight, this much he knew, because that's what he'd been told and there was nothing strange about it. It happened all the time, after all. Dragonriders, crafters, traders, and weyrfolk alike; swept away by the passion a rising gold instilled, and the unplanned results shuffled off into the hands of those willing to take on another mouth to feed. Mathis certainly didn't have anything to complain about, having been fortunate enough to end up with a couple who couldn't have children of their own, and so filled their home to the rafters with the eager scurry of footsteps and squeals of delight fosterling brought to them. Just over half a dozen in fact, of which he was on the younger end. It was nice having older 'brothers' and 'sisters' to help him navigate the world and find his place in it as well as 'parents' who were just as thrilled with his one hundred and second runner carving as they were the first. See, Mathis had a natural gift for woodcarving, one that saw to him being apprenticed to the Woodcraft as soon as he came to age and he took to as if it was what he'd been born to do. With age would come speed and decisiveness, the Journeyman would say, but Mathis would spend hours just staring at a log of wood before making his first cut and meticulously place each and every one afterwards. He wasn't interested in making chairs, tables, or any of the many other functional pieces in high demand and this lead to some episodes of impetuousness as he crept into adolescence. what Mathis wanted to do was carve, to bring into existence what he felt was the true shape and form of the wood and reveal it to everyone else. Boyish antics and everything they entail aside, no punishment was too harsh or unwarranted, his rebelliousness bound to a few outbursts easily quieted with time to think and apologies made. Just a few months after his thirteenth turnday it was decided that it was time that he travel to Fort Weyr and study the craftsmanship there, to aid in developing his budding skills. And so, this is where his story truly begins, and what laid ahead was up to the fates to decide.


Name Relation Location Position
Mateo Foster-Father Benden Hold Timberman
Sohri Foster-Mother Benden Hold Glasscraft Sr. Journeywoman
T'om (Tehom) Foster-Brother Telgar weyr Brownrider
Emihr Foster-Brother Harper Hall Harper Sr. Apprentice
Aosih Foster-Brother Benden Weyr Assistant Steward
Sera Foster-Sister Ista Weyr Greenrider
Raehmi Foster-Sister Benden Hold Weavercraft Apprentice


Good Gracious Gravy Brown Bocote
Crackles of burnt umber give visual interest to the buff hide of this firelizard, a pattern like kiln-fired glass imbued to portly body. The bridge of his muzzle is angular, almost beak-like in appearance, and the arch of his neck is a proud one, adorned with a russet cowl that tucks from behind his headknobs to beneath his chin and sweeps down the length of neck. That reddish shade darkens slightly to a rufous hue as it becomes the spars of his wings, a cape whose sails cross-hatch with pale fawn in a houndstooth pattern that moires with their motion. His chest is strong where those wing-muscles anchor, his legs the darker part of body as they shift through bole to umber. Along his tail, horizontal stripes of fawn and liver make a striking pattern, as if he wears his own distinctive band before any others are applied.

It's What's Inside That Matters Blue Mahoe
Dull shades of subtle blues lay their meandering paths down the length of his stocky form. He is primarily a shade of blue-gray, but thin streaks of dim navy, indigo and berry mark him not unlike a board of wood. Interspaced among those darker shades are the pencil-line thin stripes of an almost silvery blue. That is the shade that mixes with blue-gray of his wing membranes, brightening his entire look when his wings are outstretched, and somewhat more hidden when furled.

Survivor of the Savanna Plains Green Acacia
Bright, spring greens swathe this firelizard from the tip of her delicate nose, across her shoulders all the way to the tips of her wide wings. It heathers across her in leafy wisps even down to the extra sharp talons tipping each lime shaded toe. This canopy of greenery gives way along the back of her strong haunches where it shades darker to brown tinged juniper that forms twists and turns like the branches of a tree that all combine to the elongated trunk that is her lithe tail.



Title OOC Date Cast
Making New Friends (Mathis is Searched!) November 2, 2018 Mathis, Risali, Leirith
The New Kid November 3, 2018 Elayne, Mathis, Rinian
The Best Show On Pern November 3, 2018 Mathis, Nessalyn, Rhodelia, Teinon
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Where The Wooodcrafters Are November 5, 2018 Mathis, Rinian
...Because Space Renegades November 5, 2018 Ajral, Cielo, Mathis, Meion, Nessalyn, Rinian, Sylvarin, Teinon
Run, Timmy, Run! November 6, 2018 D'lei, Mathis, Nailii, Rinian, Risali, Teinon
Like A Virgin (First Touching) November 6, 2018 Cielo, D'lei, Mathis, Meion, Nessalyn, Rinian, Risali
Intermission November 7, 2018 Mathis, Sylvarin
Fool Me Twice (Second Touching) November 7, 2018 D'lei, Elayne, Mathis, Meion, Risali
Wise Beyond Her Turns November 7, 2018 Mathis, Rinian
Everything Is Fine (Third Touching) November 7, 2018 D'lei, Mathis, Meion, Rhodelia, Risali, Sylvarin
Land of Confusion November 7, 2018 D'lei, Mathis
When Littles Attack November 8, 2018 Mathis, Meion, Rinian
Happy Turnday D'lei! November 8, 2018 D'lei, Mathis, Meion, Nailii, Rinian, Risali, Sylvarin, Teinon
All's Forgiven November 9, 2018 Mathis, Sylvarin
Of Goats and Cake November 9, 2018 Elayne, Mathis, Meion
The Promised Land (Cooperative Storytelling) November 10, 2018 Mathis, Meion Nessalyn, P'rel, Rinian, Sylvarin, Teinon
Down for Maintenance November 11, 2018 Cielo, Mathis, Nessalyn, Rinian, Sylvarin
Friendship Is A Fickle Thing November 12, 2018 D'lei, Elayne, Mathis, Meion, Risali
Beware of Training Duty November 12, 2018 Mathis, Rhodelia, Sylvarin
Be Prepared! (Disney Theme Challenge) November 13, 2018 Mathis, Rinian
Smart Puppies November 14, 2018 Ajral, Mathis
Nothing To See Here November 14, 2018 Mathis, Sylvarin
A Whole Lot Of Nope November 15, 2018 Mathis, Nessalyn, Rinian, Sylvarin, Teinon
Lesson 1: Drowning Practice! November 16, 2018 Cielo, D'lei, Elayne, Kera, Mathis, Meion, Rinian, Risali, Sylvarin
Another For The Rumor Mill November 17, 2018 Cielo, Mathis, Rinian, Teinon
Lesson 2: First Rule of Fight Club... November 17, 2018 Cielo, D'lei, Mathis, Nessalyn, Rhodelia, Rinian, Risali
Lesson 3: It's Always Risali's Fault November 18, 2018 Cielo, Mathis, Nailii, Nessalyn, Risali, Teinon
Fly By November 18, 2018 Cielo, J'en, Mathis, Meion
Foof And Consequences November 19, 2018 Mathis, Rinian, Sylvarin, Teinon
Lesson 4: Rock Climbing November 19, 2018 Cielo, D'lei, Mathis, Meion, Nessalyn, Rinian, Risali, Sylvarin
Fire, Fireworks, and... Fire. November 21, 2018 Cielo, D'lei, Mathis, Nessalyn, Rinian, Risali, Rhodelia
The Young and The Bewildered November 22, 2018 Cielo, Mathis
Getting To Know You November 23, 2018 Mathis, Teinon
Looking Towards The Stars November 24, 2018 Mathis, N'kon
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Gold Leirith and Bronze Garouth's Eggs Hatch! November 30, 2018 Ajral, Cielo, D'lei, Elayne, Kaellian, Kera, Mathis, Meion, Merek, N'kon, Nessalyn, Percival, Rhodelia, Rinian, Risali, Sylvarin, Tanit, Xh'vyr
For Those Left Behind December 1, 2018 Kaesen, Mathis, Risali, Teinon

*Mathis has appeared in 44 posted logs since creation


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