Neatly groomed is probably the first thing comes to mind upon laying eyes on this young woman. Her golden brown hair is tied back in a neat plait that falls to the middle of her back, the unbraided end only about two inches long and curling slightly to the left. Her gray eyes are a little too small and set too far apart in her face for her to be truly beautiful. She is heavily freckled from long hours spent outdoors since she was a small child. She is a little on the short side, standing only about one inch under five feet tall. Small, soft curls, too short to be tamed by a braid, frame her long, thin face with a few longer locks curling under her ears.

Today, she is wearing a fine long sleeved cotton blouse dyed a deep shade of yellow ocher that is almost gold in color. Small embroidered flowers, several shades lighter than the cloth, march down the front of the shirt in a delicate line, ending where the blouse is tucked loosely into a pair of snug fitting tan trousers. Tiny white flowers with fine green vines tumble down the outside seams of her pants, the embroidery thicker the closer to the cuff if gets. A strip of medium brown leather ties off her braid and a pair of medium brown boots complete the ensemble, the wherhide polished until it shines.


The daughter of a journeyman vintner and his blue riding journeyman healer mate, Marlyn is one of three children. Her father has one child, a son, from a previous relationship, and her other two siblings. Her mother has two other children, the result of mating flights, in addition to Marlyn and her two full blooded siblings. Marlyn was born at Telgar Hold while her mother was posted there to help after a bout of pox infected most of the hold children. Her half brother and eldest sister were brought because they had already had the common childhood illness the previous turn and their parents were loathe to let them out of their sight when Marlyn was so close to delivery. The newest member of the growing family was born without a problem and they soon moved on to their next posting.
Marlyn grew up all over Pern, sometimes with both of her parents, sometimes with relatives or a family friend. During one such stay with an aunt when she was nine, the girl found what she wanted to be: A weaver. Her parents were skeptical that she would stick to the choice, but three turns passed without a single waver in her decision, so they decided to allow her to apprentice as a weaver and try it out, to see if she truly wished to do it for the rest of her life. She has been a weaver for over a turn now and shows no sign of turning her back on her chosen craft.


Name Relation Location Position
E'nir Mother Telgar Hold Journeyman Healer
Rofand Father Telgar Hold Vintner


Blue Erythrophobia


Title OOC Date Cast
Random Log: Just Before Curfew 2008 Delynni, Marlyn, Rhelia
Marlyn is Searched 2008 Marlyn, Marte
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