Dark brown, nearly black hair falls in pleasant waves past Mari's shoulders, ends curling gently at her shoulder blades, as the loose locks holding a bit of a curl as they curve around the outline of her delicate face. Her skin is a smooth cream, setting off her deep blue eyes, and her thin eyebrows. Her nose is long, but petite, giving her a sophisticated look, balanced by her full lips. Her form is quite slender, the young woman standing at about 5'1", curves gracing her in just the right places.
She wears a simple skirt of pretty blue fabric, the material falling to the middle of her calves, while a lighter blue shirt is cut loosely, a pretty v-neck under the occasional sweater or coat, but all in all, her outfit is unremarkable.


Mareena was born and bred at Xanadu Weyr, daughter to a nanny who helped with the Weyr's children, and so she grew up constantly surrounded by her peers. Lessons were unremarkable, turns came and went, and while her friends and enemies alike were entering crafts, being Searched, and settling on their career, Mari was much slower to decide. However, she eventually took what was likely the obvious route, and followed her mother's footsteps, becoming a nanny at the Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Aniella Mother Xanadu Weyr Nanny
Shellie Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider with Green Rieselth
T'maz Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider with Brown Dementh
Zena Daughter Xanadu Weyr Infant


Delicate Dessert Brown Sparkles
Gooey caramel goodness is sculpted into the features of a firelizard, setting up spectacular spires along the arch of neck and curling in sugary, droopy eyeridges and elegant headknobs before oozing in folds over sleek sides and narrow flanks. Warm cookie crumbs add texture to the milky brown that sheathes each bundle of muscle, speckling spindly legs and the winding length of tail, with errant patterns being found in profusion amongst long-fingered paws and in the corners of an ever-smiling maw. Smooth ripples melt along his drooping wingsails, creating extra shadows in the wrinkled masses of membrane as brown drips onto shiny gilded talons with splotches of cocoa sweetness, fluid and liquid as his entire form.

Walking Through Walls Blue Shadows
Like pure ocean azure, blue plays along the hide of this small firelizard. His body is long, lean, and built with an athletic sort of look rather than the boxy or muscular form of larger lizards. A splash of lavender marks across his neck and shoulders. A lighter, powder blue clings to his legs even as a darker shade of denim clings to the tip of his long tail and the spars of his long, nearly oversized wings. The webbing stretched out between those spars is mixed liberally with a baby and sky blues.


There are no RP logs for Mareena

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