Thick, dark curls of black tumble about a pale face, peridot green eyes looking out from under thick black brows. The right brow bares a bald spot across it which seems to be from a scar that is cut across his forehead to cheekbone. His face is a slender one, streamlining down to a square shaped jaw that bares the hint of a beard. His shoulders are broad in the masuline fashion, though the rest of his body bares a hint of willowiness. Muscles still are evident upon him, foretelling turns of prior heavy duty work.

This man wears a grey shirt across his upper torso, loose sleeves and back allowing for the best movement. Silver buttons clasp together the loose shirt, the top three or four buttons left open to expose some of his neckline. The grey shirt tucks into a pair of black slack like pants, black belt with a silver buckle looping about the top. The slacks look a little worn around the ankles, but for the most part maintain their blackness, as do the leather boots upon his feet. In his left ear he wears a emerald stud, tiny but glinting in what light happens to be available at the time.

Mallorn wears the colors of the Minecraft upon his shoulder knot, the extra cording indicating him a Master of his Craft.


Mallorn was born to Karne and Malorry in the Fort Hold area, Karne being a Minecraft Journeyman and Malorry a SmithCraft Journeywoman. Because of the difficulty of Mallorn's birth, Malorry then decided against more children, leaving him an only child. Fort Hold remained the small family's home for many turns, and Mallorn getting plenty of time to get in trouble as a young lad, be it mud or rocks, he always seemed a dirty mess when he was allowed out of his parents sight.

Of coarse, how it always comes out with two Journeymen having a child, at the age of three, he was fostered out. His caretaker was an older woman of the Fortian area, her care of him being exceptional, though he always still was capable of coming home a dirty mess, bringing home all of the rocks and shiny things he could find. Most of his collection at that age introduced to his mouth, but by the time he was eleven, it was obvious by those who knew him that he was going to take his father's interests, and that is when Karne became a big part of the boy's life.

Apprenticed into the Miner Craft at fourteen, Mallorn and his family decided that going to the Miner CraftHall would be best, allowing their son to grow in wisdom of his talents. Now at the age of 22 and a Journeyman of the craft, he still looks up to his father, who is now a Master of the craft, and caring for his Mother when he can, living at the Minecraft Hall.

Recently in a rock collapse in the gem cavern at the Minecraft, Mallorn ended up injuring himself and his young blue firelizard, Raen. Having broken an arm and scratching up his face, Mallorn spent a month or two in the infirmary while the local Dragonhealer attempted to heal the firelizard's crushed and marred wing. Though Mallorn came out with just a scar across his face, Raen came out a flightless firelizard, the damage done to his blue companion too great to be repaired. After the injury, and his rescue along with the others he worked with that day, Mallorn began to appreciate the usefulness of the Whers that saved him. So along with his recovery, Mallorn began the study of Whers to be a Wherhandler, aswell as a gem specialist…

It was several monthes later, after having studied for quite sometime in being a Wherhandler, that a gold Wher finally had a clutch. When able to claim an egg, Mallorn was high enough on the waiting list to do so. After convincing the gold mother to let him have an egg, he came out of the cave a little heavier- with a Wher egg in his arms.

A few days later, the eggs of the Wher began to hatch, and though alot of them never hatched, Mallorn's own egg hatched an ugly little green brute. Having bonded with the Journeyman, young green Malsk has become Mallorn's partner in crime.


It was until a couple of turns ago that the journeyman finally became a Master of his craft, and found out that he had a young daughter from a tryst with a greenrider at Fort, where he was posted before bonding Malsk. Taking his young daughter, Andreia, under his wing… The Masterminer trained his daughter specifically in Wherhandling, leaving her to become associated with his Wher, Malsk. It was a turn or two later that his efforts paid off and Malsk blood-bonded with his daughter to become Andsk. Now, he has more time to dedicate to playing Master to his craft, and have reason to be proud of his young Wherhandling daughter.


Name Relation Location Position
Karne Father Minecraft Hall Minecraft Master
Malorry Mother Minecraft Hall Smithcraft Master
Andreia Daughter Minecraft Hall Wherhandler
M'iri Cousin Xanadu Weyr Wingleader
Chriel Cousin Xanadu Weyr Greenrider
R'nel Cousin Ierne Weyr Brownrider


Midnight Storm Blue Raen
Thunderous clouds of black clash in a fierce battle for dominance over azure hide, pools of deep navy claiming of the battles lost to the storm. Flashes of white lightning rips through spars, wings, ridges and legs, leaving a charred remembrance of violet in it's path, killing what might be left of a failing battle. Eyes inserted into a blunt muzzle and head whirl an arrogant bloody red, a sneer written across his face as clearly this firelizard favors the evil that wreathes inside him. A whip like tail snaps behind to show dominance to the weak and wickedly gleaming talons unsheathe to humble the defiant. Wings that almost look to be charcoal black extend in an effort to make this firelizard look bigger then he is, taunting those who might be smaller then himself. A damaged wing unfortunately leaves this firelizard flightless, Wing spars and membranes mangled as they tuck onto his back.

Breaking the Waves Blue Vetrulis
While an average size, but lanky, for a blue firelizard, this one has a slightly odd mixture of colors to his smooth hide. Turquoise and aquamarine, diluted and paled, twist and turn into each other, untouched for the most part by any other hue on his broad muzzle and large head. Flecks of sky blue and powder form along his long, somewhat thin neck, continuing down to dapple his shoulders and most of his wings. Faded whites, almost unseen, wash over in wispy fingers along his back legs and down his whip-like tail and yellows, although very faint among the clashing blues, appear and disappear among the wide sails of his wings.


Title OOC Date Cast
Random Log: Wherhandlers in Weyrlinghood 2005 Casiella, D'heil, F'ai, I'ven, Kitra, Mallorn, Medani, and Tellus
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