Short cropped dark sable brown hair is the first of many tragedies towards this young woman's femininity. Her hair is shorter than most boys, a short pixie cut that allows easy view of her pale blue eyes. Her face is decidedly androgynous, though there's enough femininity in her angular features to ward off the thought she might be male. She's slender, with narrow shoulders and small hips, and she stands at an average 5'5" in height. She's pretty flat chested, definitely not one that's going to catch many men's eyes in that regard.

Wearing a loose beige shirt and linen trousers, she loses whatever shape she has beneath the clothing to the boxy shape of her clothes. On her shoulder is the white knot of a candidate at Xanadu Weyr, and around her left wrist is a colorful bracelet of a rainbow of colors that have been woven together somehow kept clean. She wears a pair of functional boots, though they're well worn and comfortable looking.


Born to a pair of Starcrafters, Maelle was the fourth of five children and the only girl among the whole lot. She was a rowdy girl, and fit in with the boys more than she ever did with girls. Her brothers were rambunctious little boys and found themselves in more trouble than not and suffered enough broken bones and injuries that Maelle was all too happy to help with until healers could take care of them. This drew her to the profession of healing, rather than the starcrafting her parents might have preferred for their girl.

Apprenticed to the hall at age fourteen, Maelle was a quick study when it came to healing technique and knew exactly where she wanted to go. She wanted to be a search and rescue healer, dealing with injuries far before a surgeon would see them. She did a short stint at Igen Weyr where she worked with riders to get to people that were hurt, and found it to be every bit as thrilling as she hoped. She has returned to the hall to continue her training as a Journeyman, with the hopes of being sent to a weyr to work alongside search and rescue riders again once she's learned more advanced techniques of life saving.


Name Relation Location Position
Sielle Mother Starcrafter's Sr. Journeyman
Garmael Father Starcrafter's Master
Serge Brother Ista Weyr Bartender
Gamal Brother Starcrafter's Journeyman
Sarme Brother Fort Weyr Handyman
Riel Brother Harper's Hall Apprentice


Blue Yokai

As blue firelizards go, he's a lanky thing with a skeletal build and a sense of perpetual frailty. His hide is only barely blue, wisps and strands of faded periwinkle sliding among the threads and ribbons of weathered slate. The colors tangle and knot over his limbs, only to fade out into pure white at his claws. His headknobs and tail are twisted through with ghostly whorls of blue-silver; those whorls also dominate his wings, wings that are terribly large and thin for a creature of his size.

Hatchlings were based on mythical monsters and entities from the Phillipines, while the eggs were roughly based on places those things would be. All descs and personality written by Aglaia. This blue was based on a multo, which is a spirit. RP tips: he's a very elusive fellow and will be prone to hiding when possible. He'll often cover himself with his wings when he can. He's a nocturnal 'lizard and will prove to be clumsy; don't be surprised if he knocks things over in the middle of the night!



Title OOC Date Cast
You Shall Not Pass! (Maelle is searched) July 2, 2015 E'tan Maelle Saburath
Orangies and Blueies! July 10, 2015 Janaya, Maelle, Maorin
A Fortian Invasion July 12, 2015 E'tan, Inri, Maelle, Thys, Quillan, Zak
Interesting, if not Ominous July 12, 2015 Maelle, Esiae
Introduction (Egg Touching) July 13, 2015 Innes, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak
GlitterPoo and the Pink Defender July 16, 2015 Janaya, Maelle, Quillan
Emergency Summons! July 20, 2015 Innes, Janaya, Kera, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Fire and Fish July 22, 2015 Janaya Maorin Zak Maelle
Wanted: One Winston July 23, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Maelle, Quillan
Here Comes the Cavalry (The Lonely Beach Rescue) July 25, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zan'ri, Zhianna
Calm Before the Storm July 26, 2015 Kera, Janaya, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutch Hatches July 26, 2015 C'rus, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Is'ac, Kera, Janja, Jaya, Maelle, M'ori, Neyuni, Q'll, Zan'ri, Zhai & Various NPCs
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