M'trin and Listen to the Night Bronze Volenth
Position: Weyrling
Dragon: Bronze Volenth
Craft: Harper
Rank: Journeyman
Specialties: Law/Policy, Art, Cartography
Played By: Matthew Bomer


Matrin's build is lean, the type of athletic used to describe runners or swimmers without an excess of muscle. His shoulders are the only thing about him that isn't narrow, and this slender frame gives the illusion of more height than he has in reality. Long of limb and hand and fingers, he carries himself with an easy grace that speaks of confidence and dexterity. In spite of all of this, he spends enough time on typically sedentary tasks to bear the occasional smudge of ink or paint, though everything else about him is neat enough to suggest these small touches are an oversight caused by too much attention to his work. Round eyes are quick, observant, and a vivid blue that speak to his mood, framed by eyebrows and lashes that are both dark and thick. A strong jawline accentuated by a perpetual shadow of stubble and angular features keep those impossible lashes charming rather than feminine, and his expressive mouth rarely seems too far from portraying whatever emotion flits through equally vibrant eyes. A rich brown just short of black, his hair is usually combed back from his high brow, artfully tousled with just a hint of wave. The length is such that it tends to fall forward, drifting towards his eyes and curling at the top of his ears, especially when habitual fingers run through it.

His clothes tend to be tailored and neat, fitted and pressed to cripsness. He favors button-down shirts in pale greens, greys or blues tucked in to slacks in classic, dark hues. Shoes buffed to a dull shine and a matching belt are sometimes joined by a vest or jacket, and even the occasional tie or hat to finish off the ensemble. In rare casual moments he might sport denim, but always narrow and well kept, paired with a cotton shirt or a thin sweater.


Matrin's early history is something he glosses over with customary charm. A wide smile, something vague about apprenticing under Master Holtham at Bitra Hold almost until he was ready to walk the tables. Only then, at 18, did he actually journey to the Hall to complete his time as a Senior Apprentice. By then he knew how to cover his somewhat lacking vocal and instrumental skills, sticking to the guitar where he was proficient, focusing on his talents in law and art, and keeping his head down.

He became a Journeyman at the unremarkable age of not-quite-20 and accepted his first posting to Ista Island, specifically the Hold and outlying areas. He ended up there for 3 turns instead of 2, and during that time his only sister passed away. Matrin ended up taking care of her young daughter for nearly a turn, but just as he was readying himself to return to the Hall, Rinia's father came and took custody of her.

A few scant months after returning to Harper Hall, in need of a change of pace and a place where he could escape the well-meant sympathy of his fellows, he headed to Xanadu Weyr in hopes that his skill with art and his love of cartography would be of use as they map out some local ruins. Work - lots of it - would hopefully be both a distraction and a way to get his feet both firmly beneath him, and back on his own path.

In his first turn at Xanadu, he made new friends and acquaintances. Among them, Greenrider Keziah who accompanied him to Mire Hold at the request of Weyrwoman Thea. There he met miah and her cousin Gabit. In addition to revealing some new facts about the ruins he was mapping, he found a new student in Mishkia and soon invited her to come study at the Weyr, which she did. Eventually (months later), their relationship took a new turn, and romance blossomed.

In turn 2692, while admiring Seryth brooding over her newest clutch of eggs, Weyrleader Xe'ter and his bronze Romth asked Matrin to stand for the clutch. He accepted and somehow made it through the months of being half Candidate and half Harper. This time was full of adventures including solidifying his relationship with Mishkia, a first visit to the Yokohama, and a not entirely (or at all) welcome impression of a little gold firelizard, who he eventually named Scarlett. When the fateful day arrived, Matrin became M'trin when he impressed bronze Volenth.


Name Relation Location Position
Rinal Father Unknown Con-Man, Bookie, Gambler
Atirna Mother Bitra Hold Cook
Irrina Sibling Deceased
Rinia Niece Bitra Hold Child


Listen to the Night Bronze Volenth
Twilight cloaks the elegant form of this small bronze with a nocturnal patina that shadows the copper iridescence of his hide. Cold intelligence glitters with subtle danger in the icy absinthe of his eyes while on the nightshade of tapered muzzle and narrow head, knobs and neckridges are touched blood-red, droplets of the burgundy hue dripping down his neck and across his deep chest before bleeding down to the tip of his sinuous tail. Antique gilt encircles his neck, forming a faint baroque pattern that ends in a fleur-de-lis flare on the center of his chest. Joined from strong shoulders his wings, raven when mantled, flare open to breathe a dusky blush that warms the pallor of fog clouding the thin membranes stretched between ebon wingspars. Wine-laced cognac ripples across lean flanks and taut underbelly, dimming to sunset-bronzed stonework on fore and hind legs where dark moss clings to talons ending in rapier-sharp claws of steel grey. This lithe, serpentine dragon, sleek musculature perfectly proportioned for aerial speed, moves with agility and a predatory grace that is beautiful - and deadly.


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