Rau (Marautras)
Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Cothold, Nerat Coast
Occupation Asst. Weyrlingmaster
Dragon brown Xath
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 40ish
PB Hideo Muraoka


Intense might be a good word for this man, whether because hard muscle laces his 6'1" athletic frame or because the brown of his eyes and hair is so deep as to nearly be black. Hair shorn severely short on sides and back might point to that description, too, but then the finger-long flop up top, often left to fall whichever wild way it wishes, rather raises some doubt. The lines and contours of his not-quite-30 face make a solid rebuttal for the cause: long nose, straight brows and broad planes of cheeks terminating in an angular jaw that's perpetually a little tight. The counters to the case are largely subtle, excepting the sun-warmed beige skin, but they are there to be seen in the right light by the observant eye: diffuse highlights in his hair and amber flecks in those dark eyes.

Favoring the functional, M'tras is often seen in his dark brown riding leathers, worn but serviceable from the jacket to the boots. At other times, his outfits include simple shirts that suit the weather in muted colors, and trousers or shorts with enough pockets to be useful but not so many as to be cumbersome while in use. Rope frequently features as accompaniment to a real belt, but then, that goes with his tendency toward bare feet or sandals when there's no chance of needing something more protective. Omnipresent is a woven cord bracelet on one wrist, and almost always his knot of an assistant weyrlingmaster at Xanadu Weyr. (So you know where to send the complaints.)


Rau's narrative background is not for the faint of heart (if just for word count). In short, his timeline is as follows:

  • Born (Turn 2697) and raised in a cothold on the Nerat coast by his mother, with marks from his largely absent father
  • Apprenticed at FisherCraft at 12 (Turn 2709) - did okay for the first turn, got bored, made trouble, got caught, made up for it for a long time.
  • Searched by Telgar Weyr just shy of fourteen (Turn 2710/2711).
  • Impressed brown Xath (Turn 2711)
  • Stayed in the weyrling wing after graduation as "Junior Assistant Weyrlingmaster" for three turns, before moving to the crafter's wing at 17 (Turn 2714), stayed a turn before asking for a transfer back and instead cycling through the other wings for a broader experience before…
  • Returned to the weyrling wing as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster at 20 (Turn 2718). Served solidly until tragedy, and well but with struggles until more tragedy.
  • Transferred to Ierne at 24 (Turn 2722), ran a solo just-enough-to-live-on business selling and trading in aquatic edibles and other useful items.
  • Requested a transfer and a knot at Xanadu Weyr as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster at 29 (2726) for a second shot at it all and had his request granted.

The story continues…

RP Hooks

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Easy Scene Hooks

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Back-Story Hook-In Possibilities

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Name Relation Location Position
Marataris Mother Nerat Coast Cothold Mistress
??? Father ??? ????



The Fool Gambit Brown Xath
A paragon of Pern's protectors, he's a pleasingly proportional brown with a tall and toned framework whose angles are regulation definition, standard slopes flowing into the lines that limit his form. Within the broad strokes of perfection, close inspection reveals flaws and foibles that distinguish him from his counterparts. His hide, subtly sectioned with seams of soot, militaristic in precision, is otherwise a study in suspended metamorphosis: a demonstrable incompletion that lends to his affectation of simplicity and hampers an accurate assessment of his acumen. Gradient plumes running the gamut from umber to frothed foam capture the kinetic kick of transformation mid-mix, uniformity an unattainable ambition. Deep, rich brown infused with warmer whorls and smoky swirls pour over his back and the expanse of his wings. By contrast, the underside of his 'sails are bursts of beige and biscotti that billow across the mocha canopy in nebular expansions limited only by the horizon of his spars. If, for all his recruitment-ready appearance, this particular dragon happens to have a rather vacant look more often than not… well, dragons aren't paid to think, right?


Blue Squall
The look of him may be stormy — all irregular angles, his grey-blue hide frothed pale at trailing edges — but his nature is not: pacific, warm, and with a fondness for naps. Not that there's never turbulence there, but this is a firelizard who holds fast to shoulders with dark-webbed paws, who soars on thermals and soaks up sun, who rides the waves of his needs rather than drowns. Perhaps his vocal cords were once damaged, however: whether warble or trumpet, his outcry's most often loud, atonal, truly a squall.

Green Bail
Bail out. Whether she's abandoning or rescuing (strangling or saving), she's the same: a kelp-green curl of firelizard, dark and smooth and elliptical, a child of chaos true. She can as readily coil into a dense handful or stretch longer than by any rights she should, cast her opinions to the four winds or hoard them in a muttering lump, show her pale belly as bait or bristle browner ridges like so many poisoned hooks — always the extremes, never ever in between.


Rau has been in 13 logs since Xanadu Weyr made the mistake of accepting his sorry a— self.

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