Sex Male
Flits Bloodstone
Dragon Faraeth
Craft Miner/Harper
Rank Sr. Apprentice/Apprentice
Position Assistant Weyrling Master
Age 22
Birthplace Small Mining Hold (Crom)
Significant Other(s) Ariadne
OOC Casting Call Derek Theler


M'nol is still short, only around 4'9, and it's becoming painfully clear that he probably won't break 5' at this rate. Still, his body is rapidly maturing into that of a man. Broad muscular shoulders fill out his clothing. These signs of his upbringing as a miner followed by the hard exercise of a rider spread to his whole body, giving him a well-defined form when it's not covered by his usual baggy clothes. His face is still young, however, slightly plump cheeks and over-large brown eyes making him seem almost cherubic, even with his deep black hair cut short now, out of his eyes and not falling below his ears


When he wears a shirt, it's a crisp white one with brown stitching along the hems and a vaguely mountain-like design on the back in that same thread. Over that he often wears a crisp brown leather riding jacket with similar designs painstakingly sewn into the back and shoulders and sporting the special Search and Rescue patch. He still wears somewhat fadded and worn black trousers unless he's dressing up for something and black boots.

Around his left shoulder is wrapped the simple knot of a Xanaduan wingrider, blue and orange twined together in a single loop with a long tail. A slim, mud-brown strand winds between them, indicating him as a brownrider. The patch it frames on his riding jacket, a galaxy spinning in space, denotes him as a search and rescue rider.


Morlanol was born in a small mining cothold in Upper Crom. When he was nearly 13 turns his father sent him to the craftholds near Xanadu Weyr to learn the "tha' techy stuff" because he felt that Mining was a craft of the past. Morlanol wasn't pleased to leave his home, but settled quickly into Weyrlife just before the most recent mating flight.

Not long after the clutching, Morl was shocked to be searched by Marte's Vwayath. Since then he's been living the relatively quiet life of candidacy. Up in the morning to stretch and exercise, then chores and as much resting as he can get away with. Waiting and hoping for hatching day. Growing friendships with the other candidates and some riders.

Many candidate-based antics ensued, followed by that fateful hatching day when the young lad was joined forever with his oversized brown Faraeth. His Weyrling times were complicated. Continuing to share barracks with members of both genders while experiencing both the onset of puberty and the discovery of his relationship with Faraeth complicated matters and often ended in blushing and embarrassment. One particularly embarrassing incident ended with the boy's face being imprinted by Vivian's palm.

As he grew, his youthful crush on Cenlia was replaced with concern for the well-being of his then-missing friend and a purer if still young love of the apprentice healer Phylicia. The two had barely come to admit their mutual feelings for eachother when Phylicia was dragged back to the Healer Hall for further training, leaving M'nol once again bereft.

When Phylicia finally returned to Xanadu, M'nol was overjoyed and they began a certain amount of happy time together, interrupted first by a foray by Phylicia to learn more about plants and healing with the Journeyman Tenebrous and then by M'nol's own lapse when he found himself awake next to a woman he'd never seen before after a flight. Needless to say, this complicated matters for both of them, nearly ending their burgeoning relationship before it had really had a chance to grow, but he somehow managed to make amends, his own behaviors changed to prevent such an event from occurring again.


Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/adoptable
Morloy Father Small Crom Minerhold Sr. Journeyman Miner +36 yes/no
Hylona Mother Small Crom Minerhold Cook +34 yes/no
Myrana Sister Miner Craft Hall Sr. Journeyman Miner +15 yes/yes
Barnok Brother in Law (Myrana) Miner Craft Hall Master Miner +16 yes/yes
Hyloy Brother Small Crom Minerhold Journeyman Miner +13 yes/yes
Hyrlon Brother Small Crom Minerhold Journeyman Miner: Wherhandler to Polite Blue Hysk +6.2.22 no/no
Hyrona Sister Small Crom Minerhold Journeyman Miner +4 yes/yes
Myron Brother Small Crom Minerhold Sr. Apprentice Miner:Wherhandler to Jealous Brown Myrsk - 2 yes/ask the mic staff (adoption in progress)
Phylicia ex-Weyrmate Ierne Weyrhold Sr. Apprentice Healer/Rider to Green Fauikith +0.3.20 no/no


Faschia Bronze Bloodstone
Strategia Del Terrore Cioccolato Piccolo Brown Jasper
Enlightening Entomologist Brown Fossil
Tabby Cat Brown Phyrite
Spirited Brown Hematite
Mangled and Still Moving Alexie
The Spirit of Jazz Blue Agate
Bouncing Baby Boy Blue Aquamarine
Leaf on the Wind Green Tourmaline
Runaway Saltshaker Green Aventurine



The Hills are Alive Brown Faraeth
Large and roughly shaped, this brown's appearance is rugged not unlike a small mountain. Starting at his feet, which resemble the hulking shape of big boulders, the cool shades of stone brushed with dusty brown lead to coarse-cut limbs where that pale dusting of tan gets thicker as it rises along his sides. The bulk of his body takes on the color of freshly-turned soil, dark when wet, much paler after the sun has leeched away the moisture. A certain craggy quality to his physique can be found in the uneven line of ridges that march down his back, crumbling out into the tip of his tail. A spotty green pattern, decorates those high crags and the upper sweeps of his wings, like so much moss across the surface of old stones.


M'nol's logs can be found here!

Selected quotes can be found here


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