A tall, rangy looking man, with a pleasant face. He has a cap of curly, dark brown hair, which he keeps cropped fairly short. Intelligent brown eyes are placed on either side of a strong roman nose.


Originally from Half Circle, Morgan was the second of three sons of a Seacrafter and Baker at the venerable Seahold. Often overlooked by his parents, who were either grooming his older brother to follow their father into the seacraft, or doting over his baby brother (ten turns younger,) the boy often found himself on his own after harper lessons were finished. This was his time, and he used it to travel up and down the pennisula, sometimes as far as the rough cave and stones that had housed another youngster from Half Circle over a hundred turns before. However, he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. The only thing he did know was that he had absolutely no desire to be a Seacrafter or Fisherman.

Finally, the time came for him to choose a craft to join as an apprentice. Naturally, his father wanted him to do the exact thing he didn't want to, and become a Seacrafter. His mother was more understanding, and offered to write a letter of recommendation to whichever craft he chose. His choice was as unconventional as the young man himself, as he set sail to Southern continent, and arrived at Landing to join the Computer craft.

Morgan's time in the craft was cut very short, however, when a brownrider from Southern, visiting on other business, took notice of him….or more accurately, her dragon did so. The boy was invited to come to the weyr and stand as a candidate. It was, as with any challenge, something that he relished. While he didn't distinguish himself during his candidacy, he worked hard, and did impress the Weyrlingmasters.

It was a cold, stormy night when the dragons began to croon and the eggs to crack. Quickly, the candidates were bustled out from the barracks and onto the sands. Then, like the lightning outside it was over. One hatchling, then another, and finally, only one egg was left. Morgan was standing there, with several other boys as the egg shattered, revealing a small, lithe looking bronze. They didn't know who he would pick, but at last he chose. The boy's face broke into a huge smile as he reassured the young bronze. "Yes, Perianth. I'll get you something to eat as soon as we can." M'gan's life had changed forever.


Name Relation Location Position
Taerah Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Harper Archivist
Morev Son (Jei) Fort Weyr Rider with green Yxelth


Drink of the Gods Brown Hermes
Chocolate and coffee swirled with cinnamon drips from head to tail of this little lizard. Rusty chestnut gloves the little fellow's arms and legs. Toasted hazel and ginger speckles envelop the rest of him light to dark and back again, starting at his maw and ending at his tail tip. Spatters of chestnut and cinnamon slink along the little guy's wings darkening to full out aged klahbark brown at the wingtips and along the wingspars.

Things Will Change Green Karri
Stocky in build for a green, she doesn't seem to lack any bit of the agility that her size is renowned for. Sage and khaki greens twine and mingle together over most of her, from the tip of her brunt, rounded muzzle to the very tip of her short, wide tail. Dustings of grass and moss green appear along the top of her broad head, sweeping up and over the sharp angle of her eyeridges and down over the proud curve of her short neck. Gradually, it disappears as it flows down over her shoulders and down the middle of her back, fading back to the dominant shades of sage and khaki. Her talons are a dark forest green, the same hue that her windswept ridges take on. Yellow-greens, pale and ghostly, coat the curve of her throat, down to her muscular chest and disappearing along her underside. It reappears along the insides of her limbs, eventually curving out to lightly dapple the top of her feet. Her wings, broad and of the proper length for a green of her build, darken along the edges to a near emerald hue. The wingsails themselves are a translucent mix of jade and apple green, the two colors seeming to overlap each other, with the darker of the two lining the edge.


Bronze Perianth
This long, lanky bronze is a bit on the unusual looking side, his hide being darker than average, almost a copper color. Occasional highlights of burnished bronze, and even silver can be seen, depending on how the sun hits him. His head is thinner, longer than most, almost streched looking. Wings are long and thin, but spread out slightly wider than average for his size. His body and tail are long as well, making him look elongated, as though someone painted a dragon on a sheet of rubber, then streched it out in all directions.


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