Gender Male
Dragon N/A
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Xanadu Weyr
Position Handyman
Played By Douglas Hickmann
Height 6'1"
Build Athletic
Hair Brown
Eyes Green


At just a smidge over six feet in height and with broad shoulders, this young man carries himself with a quiet kind of confidence. His features are naturally serious, straight, dark eyebrows cutting a stern line over deep green eyes. His nose is perfectly proportioned, poised over a mouth that's oft-given to somber lines. High cheekbones compete with a squared jaw and a dimpled chin for dominance; overall, the result is a face that's perfectly proportioned and easily construed as classically handsome. His hair is long and brown, a rich hue that shines with traces of gold and copper in the right light. His skin is naturally tan, taking on bronzen tones when he's out in the sun more often.
His build is decidedly athletic, with callused hands speaking to plenty of time spent working with them. His shoulders are broad, his arms are strong, and the whole of him is well-proportioned - as befits one that works often and works hard.
His clothing is necessarily pragmatic, tending toward short-sleeved shirts and tunics, or else sleeves that can be easily tied up and out of the way. Belts and well-fitted trousers are a must, as are well-worn - and well-kept - boots. Most often, he can be spotted with a tool belt or two slung over his hips, outfitted with whatever he needs to get the job done.


Everyone has to start somewhere! And, in Lyubomir's case, he started as the son of a nanny and a woodsman at Xanadu Weyr - the latest in a long line of natural-born residents. He was also a surprise, though a welcomed one. Much like his older siblings, he spent a fair amount of his childhood in the creche, under his mother's supervision. His childhood was otherwise uneventful, though he proved to have an aptitude for taking things apart and putting them back together again (and all without spare parts leftover!)

Eiuain had no interest in becoming a rider, but his brother, Yobeirn, always did; at the age of 17, Yobeirn became Y'eirn to blue Zmeith and thus were Lyubomir's own aspirations born. As soon as he was old enough to Stand, he did - though Lyubomir's luck out there has been less stellar. Still, he's an able handyman (having learned from his brother) and a quick learner, even if he never had any inclinations to join a craft.


Name Relation Location Position
Lyreia Mother Xanadu Weyr Nanny
Borumin Father Xanadu Weyr Woodsman
Y'eirn (Yobeirn) Older Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Blue Zmeith
Eiuain Older Sister Xanadu Weyr Laundress


Deep of Dusk Blue Patch

The perfect, deepest of dusks upon Samhain spread over the hide of this darkly-blue firelizard: dark ultramarine shading down into navy, then midnight. Upon his shoulders and brow, hints of deep violet and splendid indigo paint themselves, as if to remind one of the faded sunlight now exiting the world.
His large eyes are shadowed beneath deep ridges, hinting at perhaps darker thoughts, while the rest of him shows the angular lines of an attenuated physique, leanness shown in the natural press of ribs, jagged scrape of 'ridges, and jut of hip bones into his hide.

Ghastly Flesh Green Kludge

There's no getting around it: this green's hide color is positively ghastly. Shades of pea soup, unripe olive, and slime mix unevenly upon her hide, rendering her a strange thing at least to look upon. At the junction of her neck and chest, and at all four wrists, a darker vert splotches, noticable from afar as jagged-looking 'stitches' of sorts. Heavily ridges eyes loan her a brooding look, her rangy body and limbs moving smoothly, though they seem somehow gangling and awkward.



Title OOC Date Cast
Fresh Fish and Fast Friends March 21, 2020 Evi, Lyubomir
It's a Love Story April 8th, 2020 Evi, Lyubomir
Held April, 24th 2020 Evi, Lyubomir
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