Having the best of both parents, fine features from her mother, and fair hair and complexion from her father. Her eyes are a bright blue, seeming to sparkle if she is up to mischief. Her blonde hair carries even lighter highlights from days working in the sun and runs to the middle of her back. More often it is braided down her back to keep out of her work.
She is of a slender frame, though lightly muscled from her work as a rider and dolphineer. She stands about 5'4" inches tall. Her skin has a deep golden tan from spending much of time on the beach. She wears a necklace of dolphins about her neck and a silver ring that looks like waves holding a blue stone. If she is working the ring will often be scene worn on her necklace.
On her shoulder she wears the knot of an Xanadu Rider with a cord of Blue for her lifemate Liraeth. On her other shoulder she carries the badge of a Journeyman Dolphineer and Weyrdolphineer.


Daughter of Rider K'halis and Former BAW headwoman Kirstin, Laelyn came into this world at Crescent Weyr. When it was turned into Rumble they moved to Barrier weyr. During this time Kirstin and K'halis split and Kira went back to her first love , the weaver craft taking the children with her. With Laelyn coming of age to impress in a few years she let her go back to live with her father at the weyr. Getting older and with some pressure from her mother to choose a craft in case she doesnt impress , Laelyn turned to the dolphincraft , a love from her youth where she used to take swimming lessons as a young child. Although she did find happiness there it could not compete with the happiness she felt when she was searched for Istan and a few months later Impress to Blue Liraeth.
After Graduation from Weyrlinghood Lyn returned to her studies of Dolphineering, finding ways to combine both her craft and her weyr in Search and Rescue techniques, working from water and sky. She evolved from the spoiled weyrbrat to a seemingly carefree woman. It was not long before wanderlust would take and and she moved back to Western Weyr for a time continuing her work with the craft. Though even still she could not settle down, having casual affairs with visitors and riders alike, one of which produced her first daughter Laeraana. Though her name gave rise to rumours she was the daughter of Auberaan, though she assured they were just friends.
It was not until she met Laureate that she finally settled down, and caused no end of problems seeing that she was an apprentice in the dolphincraft, albeit an older one. Laureate turned out to be 'the one' and she has not looked to another, guy or gal, since. But even this happiness could not settle her wanderlust and again she moved to Xanadu Weyr. They had a child together through IVF thanks to her brother, Masterharper Kristhalis. Just when Laureate thought they might be settled, Lyn had a falling out with the Weyrwoman Niva and again packed her family up and took them down to the Dolphincraft hall. Here at least she has stayed for several turns. She has since mended the rift with the Weyrwoman and is often seen at the Weyr helping out as needed though she still lives at Dolphincraft hall.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Kirstin Mother Deceased Headwoman PC-deceased
K'halis Father Unknown Unknown Unknown
Laureate Weyrmate Dolphincraft Jman Dolphineer PC
Laera Daughter Xanadu Rider PC
Larisa Daughter Dolphincraft/Xanadu Craft and Weyrbrat NPC
Kristhalis Brother Xanadu Weyr MasterHealer Deceased
Tanthalis Brother Minecrafter Journeyman Deceased
Lisle Sister Ierne Weyr Retired WW PC
Ly'am Nephew-Kris's son Western Weyr Rider PC
Alixander Nephew-Lisle's son Ista Weyr WeyrBrat PC
Liva Niece-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat PC
Analis Niece-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC


Wistful Wintery Blue Kanto
Such a delicate and tiny little fellow is this pale blue. His hide is an almost uniform pale powder blue shadowed with faint washes of azure and highlighted with shimmering white highlights that reflect silver in the light. His entire form is delicate from the end of his nose to the tip of his tail. Like a delicately crafted sculpture, he seems so frail one may wonder if he might break at any moment. His curiously whirling eyes have a wistful expression which, when combined with the piteous creels he emits, could melt the coldest heart.

Delicate Sunlit Gold Aphrodi
This tiny little jewel is a wonder to behold. The bright sunlit gold of her hide is brushed with shadows of antiqued bronze and brightened by molten honey along her eyeridges and the leading edge of her wings. Flaxen limbs are delicate and feminine in movement and appearance. The tiny queen show promise of grace and fluidity once she gets past the awkward confusion of a newborn. As she raises her wings to fan them dry, a sparkling display is made of her silver guilded aureate sails. The silver serving to define the form of the almost translucent sails glittering in the light with a shimmering iridescence. The only other color to be found is the soft dusky rose of the shadows that flicker amid the wheaten glow of her tail.


Courageous Fiery Blue Liraeth
Fantastic flames of white-blue heat ripple in an endless inferno over a slight, lanky form, his frame possessed of a rawly unfinished edge. Narrow shoulders slope to a smoothly curved back, his belly taut and slender while his tail is a whip of fire, 'ridges dusted with tiny stars that are echoed on his thin neck. His head is keenly chiseled, refined to the point of delicacy but imbued with a touch of gentle courage in the set of his eyes and the angle of his headknobs. Softly flowing wings are a wide mantle, sleek wingspars marked with pattern like concentric dapples while 'sails glow subtly as sheer sweeps of translucent sky. The only touch of deeper shades is a lingering hint of twilight's azure on tapering and sharp talons, the final touch on square paws and too-long limbs.



This is a lovely dolphin named Flapper. She has a light blue underside, and a darker blue top, with colour flowing to her blowhole. Her tail is long and beautiful, and her right flipper has a nick under it, probably from an accident with a knife as someone removed a bloodfish. She squeals happily as you draw near, and greets you by name. Hello, Lyn.


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