Gender Female
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Xanadu Weyr
Weyr Position Seamstress
Hair Klah Brown
Eyes Green


This young woman has long klah-colored hair that falls in a silken sheet to mid-back. She is tanned, but not extremely dark, with thin, very straight, dark brows, a straight nose, very white, slightly crooked teeth, and a small dimple on her right cheek. Her eyes are a bright, emerald green with a darker ring around the outside of the iris and small flecks of gold near the pupil. She’s about average height and appears to be a healthy weight for her body type.
She is usually seen wearing an open purple sweater over a grey pullover and brown pants that stretch down to the tops of her lightly-scuffed soft leather shoes.


Like her siblings, parents, and grandparents before her, Lunah has spent her entire life at Xanadu Weyr. She had an unremarkable, happy childhood, growing up in her father’s weyr with his bronze, her mother, and her three siblings. She was always the creative member of the family and took it upon herself to make and repair clothing for everyone. For a time, she even considered joining the Weaver Craft but decided that she didn’t actually want to be reliant on someone else for promotions. Instead, when she was thirteen, she requested a position as a seamstress. No, it’s not as “prestigious” as being a weaver, but she didn’t have to spend turns and turns as an apprentice and it at least made her feel like she was contributing to the Weyr. Not to mention it let her stay close to her family! The next few turns were spent learning from the more senior tailors and seamstresses of the Weyr, even getting a few lessons from Weavers, when it was offered or she could talk them into it. She’s good enough to make almost anything she puts her mind to, though it can’t be considered “weaver quality”, and has even started taking a few commissions. Mostly, though, she just repairs and alters clothing for the other Weyr residents, as needed.


Name Relation Location Position
Leklala Mother XAW Guard
Sh'un Father XAW Bronzerider/Journeyman Baker
Kasle Sister XAW Gardener
Logain Brother XAW Hunter


Friendly Avian Green Nuisance
This green firelizard is certainly a colorful creature. An orangy-red covers most of her snout before subtly giving way to black on the underside of her muzzle. A ring of the same dark shade encircles the base of the firelizard’s head. A coppery band encircles both of her eyes, joined by a thin black line. A rich lime green covers the rest of her head. Most of the rest of her lean frame is covered in a mottled mix of green and yellow. At her ankles, the yellow-green abruptly stops, ending in tan feet and long, wicked-looking black talons. Her wings match the rest of her body save for the ink-like patch on either wingtip. Starting at the trailing edge of the underside of her wings, muddy brown coloring deceivingly gives the impression of feathers rather than membranes. Alternating lime and yellow stripes run the length of the topside of her extraordinarily long, forked tail; stark yellow covers the underside. All told, this creature really does appear more avian than firelizard.



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