She stands at around 5'7", slender and lithe. She'd be bordeline skinny, save for a fine figure that can only come from feminine weight and the lean, defined muscle from consistant daily labor of her craft. With a warm, bronzened complexion that darkens around her bright amber eyes like eyeshadow, it goes well with the almost coal color of her long dark hair and straight brows. She's a strong chin and chiseled yet elegant features that give her a determined look, but bare her gaiety with warmth and welcoming.

For the moment, Lorena wears just a simple tank top, fitting and giving her toned figure quite the emphasis and providing for practicality. On her lower half a pair of dark blue fitted pants that loosen around her ankles. When she's not barefoot with her surprisingly small and well proportioned feet she's wearing a pair of hide sandals.

Around her neck is a leather thong with a chiseled searunner on it. It's top half appears as a runner but with a finned mane and fins rather than hooves. It's lower half is the coiling tail of a eel or fish, the scales glittering with the iradescence of the shell it was carved from. She wears a badge and knot of a Sea Craft Senior Apprentice together with the knot of a Rider at Xanadu in the Asteroid Craft wing. The thread of dusty brown that accompanies would be for her dear Loyauth.


Lorena was born to Mathyem and Lorena of Island River Hold, the youngest and the only girl of three children. Growing up by herself, Lorena never even knew her eldest brother, brown rider M'lor (Meolor) of Xanadu who died in an accident before she was born. Her other brother Matteo wasn't much better, leaving for Xanadu when she was just 5 to be an apprentice Sea Crafter under their cousin Laefir. He then became T'eo with impressing Bronze Raenth and his visits lessened even more so. And it was only soon after Matteo's impression that her father died.
Lorena spent most of her time studying at the Sea Craft hall since she was 12. Before that it was around the docks and the dock hands, having become a master at avoiding her mother's efforts to make her a 'lady'. When her mother passed away from heart complications that Lorena applied to be posted out at Xanadu under her brother.
At Xanadu, Lorena was taken in by her brother's crew as a sort of surrogate charge. But a few turns after her arrival she was Searched to stand for Gold Calanth's and Bronze Zsuzsath's clutch where she impressed, like to her oldest brother, a brown, Loyauth. Loyauth has completely Lor, being the only soul with whom she seems to give complete intimacy.
At Xanadu, Lorena has become something of a party queen, loving dancing, and well, drinking, but Loyauth has always been there to sometimes even bodily remove her from a place. She continued to work on her brother's ship until the knot of AWLM was offered to her. Now she assists with the wrangling of weyrlings and loves it.


Name Relation Location Position
Loreona Mother Deceased NPC
Mathyem Father Deceased NPC
M'lor Brother Deceased NPC
T'eo Brother Western Weyr Weyrsecond
Teila Niece Xanadu NPC
Aereo Nephew Xanadu App. SeaCraft

Lorena By Music

  • That Girl Is A Cowboy - Garth Brooks

Sometimes the best cowboys
Ain't cowboys at all
She's got my back even when it's against the wall
When I need a friend she's the guy I call
Sometimes the best cowboys
Ain't cowboys at all

  • How 'Bout Them Cowgirls - George Strait

Boy, she don't need you and she don't need me
She can do just fine on her own two feet
But she wants a man
Who wants her to be
And she'll never change, don't know how to hide
Her stubborn will or her fightin' side
But you treat her right
And she'll love you like
No one else

Lorena and Loyauth:


Ocean Sonata In G Minor Blue Admiral
The color of the sea at night, this lanky hatchling looks very much like a serpent. His hide is the most magnificent blue that darkens to near black over his small back and along his snout and tail. But from his belly come tiny tendrils of a much paler shade, like moonlight on water, it ripples along and up his sides, fading into just the dazzling sparkles of the night heavens before reading his ridges. But his wing sails to not escape the peppering, their dark background like midnight for the spattering of 'stars' that collect at the joints then spray out, diffusing along to the very tips. Over his dark brows more freckles of silvery blue reach along and over his head knobs. To finish this midnight wonder, the very tip of his toes appears as if her walked with dainty care across a bowl of milk.

View From The Mizzen Blue Lieutenant
Flickers of sky and aqua bedeck the deep mediterranean blue over this lizard's topside. They fall like feathers upon him along his ridges from his head knobs to tail, the ridges themselves a bright shade of aquamarine. The mottled hues spread out over his wingjoints and into the wing sails giving the illusion of playing light. Not unlike an impressionist's brushstrokes. From his belly and up the undersides of his neck, tail, and legs a soft cloudblue gradients into the rich base color of his topline. His figure is erect with many sharp angles to his joints that contrast with the wishywashy color. His wings are rather wide but stumpy but his tail longer than most.

An Earnest Thanks Brown Midshipman
Glimmers of deep cinnamon, rusty hues that shadow from his eyeridges, to the lean length of his muzzle. Brighter ginger touches splash in reflections upon his hide, coppery spots that trail along, small at the start of his neck and then growing larger as they lead back into the rest of his body. Darker clove shadows his lower logs, spicy brown and leading down to his nearly black talons. Lastly, though his wings are a splash of cinnamon and clove across the near transparent membranes, a repeating pattern even there.


From the Shadowy Depths Brown Loyauth


A compact, sturdily built dragon, his hide is a deep rich brown, the faintest flush of sepia beneath a burnished topcoat. But even this shade is clearly discernable as brown in comparison to the nearly black that shadows the arch of his muscular neck and cobwebs between his eyeridges. His muzzle too, strong with a pinch of character, darkens to woody charcoal around his nostrils. Head knobs are tipped in darkness, a matching stripe dribbling down the point of each neckridge, down his spine to tail's tip. Stocky haunches and forelimbs are dappled up the inside with wafts of mahogany smoke, the bars especially noticeable at his joints. In a rare show of pure raven, his talons are glossy black, giving notable counterpoint to his midnight browns. Proportionally broad to suit his brawny frame, his wingsails begin at rustic spars to lighten to a soft shade of dun, speckles of redder sepia skirting his trailing edges.


Title OOC Date Cast
Giving the Weyrleaders the News January 22, 2009 Fiara, Lorena, Niva, and R'sul
Flowers for Lorena March 04, 2009 N'kor, Lorena
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