Extremely petite, this girl is at least half a head shorter than most sixteen turn olds, which makes her look younger than her 17 turns. Her hair falls in a long cascade of auburn past the middle of her back, her bangs forming a very straight line across her high forehead. Her skin is lightly tanned with a faint cream color to it, her eyes the color of lightly creamed klah. She's slender, but not unhealthy looking, and has a little light scarring on her hands and arms from turns of working in the kitchens; war wounds of battles lost against burns and cutting herself when cutting vegitables and meat for meals.

She's wearing a simple, though finely made, pink shirt, a pair of dark brown pants, and sturdy, darker brown ankle boots. Her hair is tied back with a pink ribbon that looks like it was cut from the same cloth as her shirt. She wears the knot of a senior apprentice baker at Xanadu Weyr.


Born at Xanadu Weyr, Lorelai is the product of a mating flight. Her mother rides a handsome blue and her father a dainty little green and, between them, have four other children. She's her mother's second born and her father's youngest child. Maybe her life would have turned out a little happier if her parents had been able to stand each other outside of Flight, but she always felt loved, no matter what else they felt towards each other or their other children.

From a young age, Loralai has enjoyed spending time in the kitchens, maybe because the cooks usually had a treat and a kind word for her. When she was twelve, she was allowed to enter the Weyr kitchens and start learning more than possible to when just watching and not being allowed to do anything to help contribute to the meals served to those that don't eat in their private weyrs.

A little over a turn after she first took her place among the Weyr's residents, she was offered an apprentice knot in the Baker Craft and happily dove into her new role to learn as much as she could from the other bakers. A month or two later, she was Searched, but was left alone on the sands at Xanadu. She went back to her craft happily enough, after; throwing herself into learning from those around her and wistfully watching the newly hatched weyrlings from a distance.


Name Relation Location Position
Immanai Mother XAW Bluerider
L'gan Father XAW Greenrider
Ers'lan Weyrmate XAW Wingleader
Lanai Daughter XAW Child


Green Blob, or Bronze? Kaled
This firelizard must be a bronze, purely due to his size, but he's coated with a thick green patina almost completely. Here and there, where there's a rise in the hide, rounded muscles or wingspars standing out against wingsails, an age-dulled bronze colour shows - the green is thickest in the creases and folds of his skin. Physically, he's a rotund little thing, with too-long limbs and tail, and large eyes. His talons are malformed as well, far longer and sharper than they should be, liable to cause injury if he's not extremely careful.

Green Miani
This pearly green girl has the appearance of a flying jewel. From the tip of her tiny nose over her crown down her spine to her tail, a pattern like scales makes little chips of glossy green, like a fractured jade in a hatched pattern down her back, across her shoulders and down her legs and forarms to her paws. Her wingsails and sides are splashed with light sea green, nearing an almost aquamarine on her belly. Truly, she is a jewel of the sea risen from the seafoam like the legendary creatures of old.



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