Sleek black hair, with the merest hint of wave, falls to her shoulders, while one lock seems to fall along side her cheek. Her face is narrow and angular with a strong chin and high cheekbones. She has a large receding hairline and narrow and long nose. Gray eyes seem almost small in comparison, and are overshadowed by bushy black brows. Her neck is thin and long and her chest and shoulders are narrow, more bony than fleshy. She stands roughly 6 feet, and arms and legs both are lengthy, though firmly muscled.

She wears a loose teal shirt, that billows around her and does much to hide the boniness of her body. Even her dark grey linen pants are loose and billowy, Her feet are covered by simple set of boots, loose fitting around the angles, they do fit nicely on her rather large feet and don't seem to slip at all.


Loeashia is the descended down from a family of weavers, her mother and father are weavers, her grandmothers both and so on. So it was expected of her to become a weaver as well. It was what she was raised to do and was taught that it was her duty. No thought was ever given to actually giving her a choice. One did what one was expected.

So into the WeaverCraft she went. She wasn't bad at it, much of it was skill and that can easily be taught and she had a drop spindle in her hand from the time she was little. But she wasn't enveloped by it like some where and so, though her work was not shoddy, it was not exemplary either. It just was.

Time goes on, turns go by and still she's in the same as she sees it dead end job. It never brought her the thrill that it did her family and so she started to daydream more about something else. Anything else. Her work started to decline as she paid less attention to it and picked up a reputation for being careless. She'd get lumps in the thread, or holes in the weaving.

After one last rebuttal and disiplinary action, she decided to leave the crafthall and left with a passing trader train. That was worse. There are no free rides after all and she was expected to help. She did, but she soon realized that maybe she shouldn't have left the Hall like she did and so took her leave with the train came to Telgar Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Galadria Mother Weaver Hall Journeyman
Tintatrell Father Weaver Hall Master


Serpentine Runner Green Arisha
This green firelizard's headknobs are stubby, standing out in ragged rusted copper green. A mottled khaki and olivine neck has smatterings of dust covered periodot over its muscular surface. The rust continues to crust this hatchling's neckridges, the rigid and frilled quality of her neckridges bring to mind the Trojan Horse of legend. Long gawky emerald and lime front legs resemble those of a runnerbeast, and are almost brittle looking. But there is no mistaking the strength and precision in the jewel covered limbs. Grass and dust speckle her athletic underbelly. The muscle in her cracked jade and celadon shoulders scatter copper green dust across ragged frill like sails. Her boney savannah green hips move her powerfully over the ground, ready to hammer foes with powerful strokes of talon and wing. Her stubby tail seems ill matched for her body, but still twitches like that of a leathery aquamarine runnerbeast snorting to get out of the gate.

Arisha is 42 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 68 cm.


Shipwrecked Princess Green Marisalath
The rich, dark green of dried seaweed coats this young dragon, giving her colouring a murky base that only makes highlights more noticeable. Her head is delicate, perhaps even a little on the small side for her body, but held with grace and precision. Her headknobs are perfectly formed and flecked with light sea foam, which also ripples down her neck to pool brightly between her wings before washing up over her great, arching wingspars. Her legs are long, almost as if she needed time to yet grow into them, and her right foreleg has a ring of rough hide around the ankle that looks rather like barnacles. Her talons are a bright, sandy brown, a colour mirrored on the very tip of her elegant tail and speckled over her wings. The wingsails themselves are her oddest feature — even from hatching they appear damaged, tattered along the edges. Unlike the rest of her, they are a startlingly bright, algae green.

Marisalath is 21.30 meters long, and has a wingspan of 35.50 meters.


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