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Age 17 turns
Birthplace Xanadu
Position Dragon Healer
Rank 2
Specialty Wound care, ER

I just need a space here.

Petite and delicate boned, this young woman has a slender frame and the curves of budding youth. Crowning her head is hair of fiery amber, falling over her shoulder to mid-back in loose ringlets. Her face is angular, graced with high, well defined cheekbones speckled with light freckles, and a hawkish, hooked nose. Slender, arching brows shadow eyes of piercing pale blue, silvery, nearly white specks spreading from her pupils. Lining her ghostly eyes are dark, curling lashes, exemplifying the almond tilt of her heavy lids. Marring her smooth face is a dark line of scar tissue, beginning just over her chin and slicing through full lips of light pink. The scar continues, fading just over her right cheek. Taut, pale skin is stretched over her slim body, freckles visible here and there where clothing does not cover.

Wrapping her form is a plain, pale blue shirt. The breezy fabric covers her torso loosely, tucked into the brown leather of her pants, while the sleeves have been rolled up to rest just above her elbows. A small black vest hugs the fabric of her shirt tighter, draping over her shoulders in thin straps, and buttoning just under her bosom. Her legs are clothed in plain leather trousers that hug her hips and rest low on her waist. Covering her calves are folded boots of black, functional in style, yet accentuating the curves of her muscle. In her hair she wear a dainty blue headband, matching the color of her shirt. Over her shoulder she wears a knot of blue and orange, double corded with a single loop.

Liya was the only child of very typical upbringing in Xanadu. Her mother was a seamstress, while her father was a healer. Liya stuck mainly by her father's side, taking quickly to his craft. As Liya grew, she decided more and more that her calling was elsewhere. She often watched the skies, yearning to be riding, but was content in her position. As a way to get closer to the dragons, she decided she would seek out apprenticeship with the Dragon Healers, hoping to one day find her place among them, or in the skies.

When Liya was 15 she began working in the Dragon Healer's Annex. On her very first day, where most of the work she was not allowed to do, a weyrling had lost control in the sky and plummeted downwards into the trees below. The weyrling had broken a wing and gashed open its tail, in the least. Liya couldn't help but to help. The Annex was shorthanded and one thing led to another, and then Liya was preparing the wound to suture. The suturing went fine, and they ran into no problems. The next step, though, was the difficult one. They had to splint the wing, but first they had to set it into place. Unfortunately, there wasn't a gold in the Annex, and the only thing to hold the poor weyrling in place was his frantic rider and other healers. Liya had the task of pulling, while another healer attempted to set the bones back into place. As Liya pulled, the weyrling lost control and began flailing and was sent into a frenzy. Everyone managed to duck in time, except for Liya. Liya stood her ground, talking to him as if he were her own to control. In the meantime, the dragon managed to give Liya a laceration of her own, cutting her face open from cheek to cheek. Even gushing blood, Liya was able to calm the dragon, and was then sent to the infirmary for treatment. If asked, Liya will never go into details, rather that it was her initiation to the Annex.

From there on, Liya did nothing but excel. Because she already had basic knowledge of first aid from her father, she knew a great deal already. Liya studied diligently, practiced whenever possible, and when she turned 17, she was promoted to the 2nd rank in the Dragon Healers. From there on, she continues her craft, most often found in the Annex or walking along the beach.

Source of Life Green Nephrite
Name Meaning: A green to blue variety of jade
Description: Persian green tickles her stomach, the first signs of spring growth touching their leaves to her underside, winding around her limbs, as her talons are the color of rich soil. Persian turns to jade along her sides, before darkening to jungle green over her back and ridges. Her muzzle is dipped in emerald, the same hue that gathers on the sails of her wings, while touches of sea green twine around her tail, a mingling of earth and ocean.
I'll Be In My Bunk Brown Koroit
Name Meaning: Koroit Opals - a very interesting brownish stone.
Description: This not-so-little brown stomps around and glowers, as if hatched with a perpetual chip on his shoulder. A large, stubby head tops a thick neck and muscular body. His hide seems almost grizzled, a medium brown shot throughout with lighter yellow-brown, and even reddish streaks, particularly around his muzzle. He's got a definite attitude, and while not the brightest glow in the basket, seems loyal enough, provided you keep him fed…


Title OOC Date Cast
A Busy Morning April 20, 2009 D'son, Enkavir, Jessamin, Kire, Liya, Nenowyn, Niva, Riyontali, T'maz, Thea
Liya is Searched May 18, 2009 F'yr, K'ael, Liya, Thea
Avaeth's Clutch: Egg Touching #1 May 2009 Keziah, Liya, Morlanol, Niva, Riyontali, Rogawani, Vivian, Zevida
Lastfall Bonfire May 24, 2009 B'ky, Keziah, Liya, Riyontali, R'miel, Rogawani, Thea
So You Think You Can Dance June 05, 2009 B'ky, Cenlia, F'yr, Jessamin, Keziah, Liya, Morlanol, Rogawani, Satoris, Senkyou, Thea
Returning from the Wilderness June 07, 2009 Cenlia, Jessamin, Keziah, Liya, Rogawani
Inner Glow June 09, 2009 Liya, Sigam
Xanadu Weyr Hatching, June 7, 2009 June 7, 2009 Ameera, Avaeth, Cenlia, Dhonzayth, Donakan, D'son, Eledri, Enkavir, Ethne, Fortinos, Gimeki, Jessamin, Jorrel, Keziah, Lissi, Lerta, Liya, L'ton, M'ori, Moria, Morlanol, Niva, Rei, Rogawani, Ruzel, Satoris, Riyontali, Sigam, Taira, Thea, Vivian, Yontal, Zevida
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