Lindear is a teenaged girl, aged 16 Turns, 4 months, and 4 days, with waist-long black hair, sapphire blue eyes, and pearl-white teeth (for she is often smiling). She stands at a height relatively equal to that of other girls her age, although she seems slimmer than average as well. Her arms, hands, legs, and feet could all be described as "delicate" even though there is an additional strength behind them. Her proportions are beginning to bloom, however, hinting at the gem she may yet become.


Lindear was born the first of three children at Black Rock Hold to Osbrig and Elleen, shephards of that Hold. She and her two younger brothers were raised under the expectation of inheriting her parents' trade as shephards when they grew up—a notion that nobody in the family ever truly questioned. During a visit to the local harbor, however, she encountered her first dolphin and almost immediately fell in love with them. After a brief yet lively discussion with her family she was given their blessing to learn the Dolphin Craft and was subsequently sent out to adopt that trade. Since then she has worked diligently to become a dolphineer, pursuing music on the side and, like many Pernese, dreaming of dragons above.


Name Relation Location Position
Osbrig Father Black Rock Hold Sheep Farmer
Elleen Mother Black Rock Hold Sheep Farmer
Matthew Brother Black Rock Hold Sheep Farmer
Nichol Brother Black Rock Hold Sheep Farmer




Title OOC Date Cast
Meeting Mickal and Lindear February 18, 2010 Lindear, Mickal, Thea
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