Black hair spills over this child's shoulders, ending about halfway down her back and framing a round face. Eyes of a deep green settle over an upturned nose and pale, rosy lips set within a face sprinkled with freckles and a winter-pale tan. The rest of her body shows growing limbs that verge on the awkwardness of budding adolescence with slightly too long arms and legs with a penchant toward small feet.


Lily was born to J'ak, brown Cailanth's rider and his green riding mate. She lived only a few months with her birth parents before her mother fell ill and passed away quietly in the night. The brownrider, devastated over his loss, found he was unable to really care for the baby. Wanting to keep her close, he finally settled on placing her within her grandparent's care. Leaving the child upon Tylia and J'cob's weyrstep one night, he stole away to wait and see how his parents would react to the foundling. Tylia, gold Solarith's rider, took the baby in immediately and convinced J'cob that it was the right thing to do. Once they found out that she was their own granddaughter, that sealed the deal, allowing J'ak freedom to grieve for his lost mate but access to the child that they bore. Since having been taken in by her grandparents, Lily lived a good portion of her life in the High Reaches though moving at last to Xanadu.


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