A picture of grace: from head to long neck easing into slender shoulders and the toned musculature of long limbs, the slight of hips and B sized bust are set against a lithe waist to create a slight hourglass figure. Svelte hands, feet and undistinguished height slip together to form the young lady. A mass of chestnut curls fall from the crown of her head to neatly hit her shoulders. In an attempt to tame her short hair, its been parted at the side and tucked behind her elfin-like ears. Slightly darker brows arch impishly over hazel eyes in a round face, a somewhat crooked nose imbuing her self-styled features with a hint of character. A slightly uneven scar tilts across her face, from under her left eye to her jaw line, slinky and pale compared to the rest of her skin. The pale shimmer of pale caramel in otherwise dark hair and an even tan lend credence to long days spent in the sun.

The young lady wears a mist colorored grey-blue tunic, darker grey swirls of stitching dance around the cuffs of the long sleeves and around the low scoop-neck collar of the tunic. Her tight, but serviceable, wherhide breeches are also dyed a misty grey-blue, with more darker grey stitching runs down in straight lines on either side of the seams on the outside of the pant leg. Black wherhide boots lace up to just below her knees, their laces in the same dark grey as the off-colored stitching. Finishing her ensamble is a tight wherhide vest in grey purple, outlining her curves and making the sleeves of her tunic look billowy. Her vest is laced up in black lacings and tied in a neat bow at the top. Her tunic is tucked into her wherhide pants and in turn, her pants are tucked under her boots.


Lexalea was born at Igen Weyr, to a greenrider mother and a dad she's never known. She was the third child in a litter of three girls and along with the others was fostered off to one of the women in the lower caverns. None of the sisters really knew who their father's were, though there was speculation based on looks. Though her sisters didn't seem to mind, Lexalea always seemed to resent her mother fostering her off, but always seemed determined to emulate her. Especially in the sense that higher rank meant better men, thus the higher the authority, the better the person was. This didn't always tend to work out in daily living as she ended up with a serious attitude problem with those she considered having little or no rank.

By the time she was twelve, she was constantly getting into arguments and trying to pull rank and soon got a bad name for herself. Though she was often punished and put on work details, these didn't always go as planned unless the Headwoman got heavy handed. Just when it was starting to be threatened that she'll have to remove herself from the Weyr, should she not straighten up a small fiasco brought her to the attention of a Harper Master who was there for a hatching. Sullen and not minding where she was going, she was taking a fresh klah pot to a table along with her food when she ran right into the poor man.

Suffering a few minor burns and a ruined shirt from the food stains, he nonetheless kept his composure and stared the girl down. Here was a man of rank, and one none to pleased with her it seemed. Seeming to have dismissed her when he left, she thought she was free from reprimands. Outside the dressing down that she got, which she blatantly tuned out. It wasn't until the next morning that she found she was not forgotten.

She was summoned to the Masters guest quarters and was told in no uncertain terms to sit down and write out a letter for him. He didn't even question about whether or not she knew her letters, just assumed she did and assumed that she would follow orders. Or so it seemed, for he starting dictating what she would write. Shocked into silence by not only rank but the sheer audacity, she started writing, not really paying attention, but just doing it, a talent she had picked up over the years of ignoring people. It wasn't until she was near the end that she realized that she was writing a letter, basically stating that she would serve a Turn under the Master. Sputtering she started to argue her case and was told in no uncertain terms to be quiet and write or there would be worse places for her to go. He told her that she had worn out her welcome and that he had basically purchased her services. What he didn't tell her was that he say a spark of possibility in her, a belief that was only added too when he saw how neatly she wrote.

The turn went by and under the strict guidance of the Master, she learned to hone the natural talents of penmanship and remembering if the smallest details. Soon another Turn went by and yet another, she was turning into a regular little paper pusher. Just as she was getting into the stride of things, Search dragons came and she found herself at Igen once more. She didn't receive a very warm welcome from those that remembered her, and even some made life difficult for her. However, she did manage to cultivate a few friendships among the other candidates, and to some peoples surprise, she didn't retaliate to the pranks done against her and had to take to locking her goods up.

Hatching day came and went and she was left on the Sands as her friends Impressed, including the one boy she had had a crush on. She was crushed and sank into a depression. Not even the Harper Master could snap her out of it at first. She hung around the galleries like a ghost, and then sometimes disappearing for days. Then one day, both Lexalea and the Master were gone. They didn't return to the Hall immediately and no one knows for sure what went on during that time period. Then one day, the both of them returned back to the Hall. He was dying and she was once more devastated. He was the father she never had and when he died, a hole was left in her heart. Packing up her stuff, she left the Hall and traveled across the continent and then across the sea. From Weyr to Weyr and Hold to Hold, she worked as an itinerant records keeper for a couple of turns until she settles down in Xanadu as assistant to Sr. Werywoman Niva. Though there can still be a bit of a wild streak in her, she has matured greatly and carries herself with the confidence of someone who knows her work.


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