Leona is fairly tall for a woman, around six feet in height, and fairly fit as well, muscled but not overly so. Her hair is a very light brown, approaching blonde, and is slightly longer than shoulder-length, falling in gentle curls. Her eyes are somewhere between blue and green in colour. Her colouring suggests a rather pale complexion, but her time outdoors has given her quite the tan. Her face is rather squarish, with a slightly masculine jawline, perhaps one of the reasons she has grown her hair longer.

Leona wears a plain dress, light brown in colour, and made of a thin fabric. The dress reaches just below her knees, though it has a fairly high split - for riding. Her arms are bare, and frequently so, judging by their tan. Her shoes are a a slightly darker brown than her dress, and look more like slippers than shoes. Comfort all the way.

Leona appears to be somewhere between <age> and <age+2> turns old. She wears the knot of a wingleader at Ista Weyr, with a strand of chocolate brown for her lifemate, and a patch indicating her wing is the Bay Pearl wing, also known as Ista's transport wing.


Leona was born at Telgar Weyr, and raised by her mother, brown Chulath's rider Amare, and her father, blue Dioth's rider L'lon. At the time of her birth, Leona already had a nine turn old brother, Lamren, and a four turn old sister, Marelon. Five turns later, her parents had another girl, Lomare, and five turns after that they had one last child, another boy, Onamar. By the time Onamar had been born, Lamren had already been searched and impressed green Reonth at Telgar Weyr, becoming L'ren, and Marelon had become a Nanny. Leona herself was ten at the birth of her youngest brother, and was showing no sign of craftly aptitude, although she did her chores around the Weyr without complaint. Eventually, Leona's younger sister Lomare became a Vintner, and her younger brother Onamar joined a group of travelling traders.

When Leona was fifteen, she met Journeyman Harper Karell, who at eighteen was on his first posting since making journeyman, posted to Telgar Weyr. Leona quickly fell for the Harper, and he for her. When Karell's posting drew to an end, he and Leona discussed their options. Karell wanted to stay at Telgar Weyr, for Leona, but she wanted to see a bit of Pern before settling down, and realised that Karell could be her ticket out. She managed to talk him into accepting a new posting, and off they went. After this, Karell always accepted new postings when he could, as long as Leona was willing to move again. She never said no.

Eventually, Leona fell pregnant to Karell, giving birth to a girl, Karona, at the age of twenty-three. Leona sent the baby back to Telgar Weyr to be looked after by her parents, although the whole experience was a bit of a wakeup call for her. It was shortly after this that she joined the tanner craft, realising that she had to do something with her life. Leona managed to make journeyman shortly before her twenty-sixth turn day, and requested her first posting to be to Telgar Weyr, to see her family. This time, Karell was following her.

Leona had only been back at Telgar Weyr a short while when a clutch was laid on the sands. She didn't pay too much attention to all the searchings going on around her, preferring instead to focus on more productive matters. She did, however, bring her daughter Karona to see the eggs several times. One of those times, Leona got to talking with another woman who had brought her daughter, who was about the same age as Karona, to see the eggs as well.

That other mother turned out to be J'iel, rider of blue Grith, with her daughter, named Janiel — J'iel's pre-impression name. As the two women left the hatching caverns with their respective children, Grith came over and sniffed them both. J'iel then asked Leona to stand as a candidate. With great shock, Leona protested. She was too old, she had a family, she had a craft… But, Grith was persistant, and in the end Leona accepted…

As luck would have it, although Leona doubted that she would actually impress come hatching day, the EveryBody Lies! Brown Lakareth found her to be quite suitable for the role of his rider. And it was the happiest day of her life. Cheesy. Of course, Grith was quite smug about this, as he'd searched her. Leona's mate Karell was less 'impressed', but proud nonetheless.

Leona remained at Telgar Weyr for Lakareth's sake, although as the turns passed she began to get more and more restless. Finally, she requested to leave the Weyr and make it on her own, only five turns after her impression. Her request was granted, her old position filled, and her weyr soon occupied by a newly graduated weyrling pair. Pleased with the ease and finality of it all, Leona threw herself into travelling once more, for at least a turn, doing transport runs and assorted odd jobs for marks.

After that period though, Leona came to realise that she missed her mate Karell, who had grown weary of the nomadic lifestyle and remained at Telgar, and their daughter Karona, who was then nine turns of age. So, she began looking for a new place to settle, one with more flexibility than her old one. Finally, she stumbled across Ierne WeyrHold, and spotted an abandoned shop in the marketplace. She wasted no time in getting her family over there, although it took her some time longer to get her new shop, L and L's Leather, underway. Not long after, she won a contest for her home-brewed ale, 'Tanner's Friend', and has been working hard to meet contracts over Pern.

Turns passed, her ale became quite profitable, and Leona managed to develop a thriving little tanner business, but her wanderlust took hold of her once more. She sold the business to a fellow tanner, for a nice little profit, packed up her things, and her mate and children - for she'd had a son while living at Ierne, named Leonell, aged a turn at the move - and left Ierne. After another month of travel, she settled in Ista Weyr, accepting a position in their transport wing, rising quickly to the rank of wingleader. Meanwhile, her eleven turn old daughter Karona alternated between tantrums and giving her mother the silent treatment, as she hadn't wanted to move in the first place.

Time passed. Lakareth took an interest in search, for the first time, and quite an interest it was. One evening, after dinner in the feeding pens, he decided Leslyn should be the first candidate for Teloriith and Dhonzayth's eggs. The next day, Leona went to the Tanner craft hall to find someone to help her make a special pair of straps for her brother's recent turnday… And Lakareth decided that they had to come back to Ista with Artien. Then, Leona went to welcome the new barkeep at Sable Sands, and, finding Kalton already there, talked with him about Lakareth's bad leg, which he'd been treating. When they went out to examine the leg in question, Lakareth decided that Kalton would be a fine addition to the rapidly increasing candidate roster.

The next day, on a routine transport run - picking up strap buckles for the Weyr, from the Smiths - Lakareth found Jurio, bringing him back to Ista to become another candidate. Then, to Telgar to visit family, where Leona's sister Lomare was searched, still drunk… And, with Lomare barely knotted, Leona came back out to the Living Caverns, and met Vergil, who became another of Lakareth's candidates. Lakareth's 'lucky last' candidate was a quiet young dragonhealer girl by the name of Poline, having barely started her training at Ierne when Lakareth showed up, and whisked her away to Ista.

Lakareth stopped searching then, though Leona still has no idea why he started, and less idea about why he stopped. Still, she was proud of the candidates he had searched, and had bet on all of them to impress, although such an event was quite impossible. Lakareth had brought in seven candidates, lucky seven, and there were eleven eggs on the sands.

Leona was soon distracted from wondering about the outcome of the hatching, by her daughter's twelfth turnday. Karona was heading off to join a craft, and so Leona wanted to throw her a big party, a farewell party. And she did. Karona left for the craft a few days after her turnday, and Leona went out on a Pern-wide pub crawl to celebrate, not returning home to Ista for days. While 'celebrating', Leona let a few things slip, such as the fact that Karell was going back to the Harper Hall soon, to try for his Masters knot, and that they were looking for someone to foster their infant son, Leonell.

After the hatching, Lakareth was impossibly smug, for he'd searched four of the new weyrlings: Leslyn of gold Ankhepith, Artien - now A'tien of bronze Cereth, Jurio - now J'io of bronze Ytroth, who eventually went on to become possibly Igen's youngest Weyrleader, and Leona's own sister Lomare, who impressed green Hausisth. Three of 'Lakareth's candidates' were left on the sands that day — Kalton, Vergil, and Poline — though some time later Kalton - K'lton - impressed a brown at Fort, and last Leona heard of Poline she had retured to Ierne, and her dragonhealing studies.


The list of places Leona has lived is quite long. From the age of fifteen she travelled Pern with a journeyman harper, doing odd jobs in various holds to earn her keep. She impressed at Telgar at the age of twenty-six, and has since been rather more stationary.

At one point in her life, all Leona wanted was to be self-sufficient, to disappear off into the wilderness one day, and never look back. Impressing Lakareth threw a spanner in the works, however. One person could live off the land, easily. Doing the same with a dragon as well would be considerably more complicated.

Lakareth hatched with a bad leg, and Leona took him to Ierne Weyrhold after graduation, to see if the dragonhealers there could do anything for him. They spent nearly a decade there before realising that, despite the dragonhealers' encouraging words, there was nothing that could be done.

Leona brews a prize-winning ale, called Tanner's Friend, and it has had many homes. Telgar Weyr, Ierne Weyrhold, Ista Weyr, and Ierne Weyrhold again, though Leona remained at Ista — it was a move intended to avoid the Istan Temperance League. Now that she's at Xanadu, she's set up the brew equipment in a locked room in her weyr, and only she has the key.

Leona has three children: Karona, her estranged daughter, Leonell, who she refers to only as 'the boy', and Milo, her infant son, who currently lives with his father, K'ael. She fully acknowledges that she made many mistakes with the older two, and does try to be a better mother to Milo. She wishes Karona would come home.

IC Quotes

"Every animal has enough brains to preserve its own hide."

"I don't like to /watch/ really, I prefer to /do/. Direct and to the point, no fussing about."


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Amare Mother Telgar Weyr Rider Brown Chulath
L'lon Father Telgar Weyr Rider Blue Dioth
L'ren Older Brother Ierne Weyrhold Shopkeeper Green Reonth
Marelon Older Sister Telgar Weyr Nanny
Lomare Younger Sister Ista Weyr Rider Green Hausisth
N'mar Younger Brother Traders Trader Blue Poroth
Karell Weyrmate Harper Hall Harper Master
Karona Daughter Xanadu Weyr Smith Journeyman
L'nel Son Ista Weyr Greenrider Green Prisath
Milo Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Borren Nephew Ierne Weyrhold Harper Journeyman
Elani Niece Telgar Weyr Rider Green Asihath
Elony Niece Telgar Weyr Crafter Journeyman
Arlon Nephew Telgar Weyr Guard
Marron Nephew Telgar Weyr Crafter Journeyman
Areya Niece Telgar Weyr Hunter
Jarel Nephew Telgar Weyr Candidate
Yeribal Nephew Telgar Weyr Crafter Apprentice
Lailare Niece Telgar Weyr Weyrbrat
Taron Nephew Ista Weyr Healer Apprentice
J'bol Foster-Nephew Telgar Weyr Rider Bronze Belnoth
Slenia Foster-Niece Telgar Weyr Nanny
Polamin Foster-Nephew Telgar Weyr Weyrbrat



I Use Gold Ancient
Darkest gold, like antiqued metal, has been caste into this firelizard's form, near copper tinging each ridge as they march down her back, and the same red-tinted gold brushing along her stomach, downwards from her chin. Each wing lightens only slightly, showing the contrast between the darker spars and each sail. Her coloring is otherwise rather consistent over the entire length of her form, from each delicate forearm, to her thin haunches


Burnished Blushing Bronze Tanfri
Burnished, polished light bronze meets the eye. Faint traces of pale green and very pale blue sweeps across the hide of his back, flowing along his ridges only to fade away just before the tip of his tail is reached. That is not all that flows across his form, faint drops of very pale gold decorates his haunches and underbelly, but the most startling color of all is a fine copper color that is so light it is more like the rose tint of a blush. It sweeps across his lean, aerodynamic wings, tracing along the veins and wingbones as if to highlight them. Even his perfectly defined eyeridges and delineated muzzle are decorated with that blush of fine rose. Nor is that only his coloring for this fellow is as shy as they come. He drops his head as he see's the stares that focus on him, sort of shrinking back for a moment before his tummy rumbles. Make no mistake though, that shyness will disappear when his chosen pet is in trouble, then all the fiestiness he possesses will come into play.


Whispering Winds Blue Breath
Pale tones cover the hide of this firelizard. Baby and sky blues mingle over hide stretched so tightly over his slim form and the rare cluster of rolling muscles which make up his chest and haunches. Wings of royal blue are wide and sweeping bringing out the traces of blue over the rest of his form and collecting them in dark shadows which are only revealed when the wings are extended and remain hidden otherwise in the billowing cloud of royal blue wings when hes at rest.


Rocky Sugar Candy Green Sugar
From the sandpaper-like egg this green once came, so too does the same texture appear to apply to this fully grown firelizard. Ticks of forest green, emerald, and mint intermingle in such fine detail as to give the lizard's skin a sandy grain. She is in truth smooth of skin, the texture no more than the points of individual color. The sails of her wings appear as the only smooth part; a thin, translucent membrane of shimmering citrine, frosted with sugar-white along the trailing edges.

Firelizard base-art and Tanfri colour by Rhasmir, others coloured by Leona.


EveryBody Lies! Brown Lakareth
Chocolate brown melts all along the athletic build of this lean dragon, softening his long bones and angles with delicious earthen hues. Warm mocha flows smoothly across his stubby snout before lightening as it glides up and over his eye ridges before it falls down the curve of his neck. He's all business, built for flight and favor, with a dedicated flash of responsibility bright in his faceted gaze. His wings are all autumn hues and flavors: smoke and amber, red leaves, brown mud, tawny fields of reeds and grass. Rear legs so strong that each move ripples his muscles make up for one foreleg - his right - that's thinner then the other. Softer loamy hues run over those lengthy limbs, almost, but not quite, entirely disguising his one slight flaw. The rest of him is that dreamy mocha brown that that lightens only along the whip like length of his tail.
Lakareth has a length of 36.24 meters, and a wingspan of 60.40 meters.


Title OOC Date Cast
Balmaith Rises March 25, 2009 Eiriana, Leona, L'ton, D'had
An Unusual Series of Events Septemner 29, 2009 Cenlia, F'yr, Leona, M'nol, R'soe

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