DragonHealer Lavashni
Sex Female
Position Dragonhealer Grade 2
Speciality Gestation
Age 17
Birthplace Monaco Bay Hold
Home Xanadu Weyr
Casting Call Emily Kinney
Evanna Lynch


Small and petite, Lava is prone to light colors. Considering how blonde she is, in the right light she kind of… shimmers? It's really more awkward than anything else. A native of Monaco Bay Hold, she dresses in light, airy clothing which will amost certainly destroy her come winter, but right now she doesn't really seem to be thinking that far ahead. She manages to keep her hair in the artfully styled mess (or is it a real mess?) and she almost always carries a leather bag and matching big clunky boots.



Lava has never had a truly toubled day in her life. She was born to a dragonhealer in Monaco Bay Weyr and really never considered any other course for her life. And, sure, she's seen some dragons in real pain, but all she sees is an opportunity to heal, not something to fear. And, sure, she's young for a grade 2 (and looks younger than she is), but she's been doing it her whole life and despite her naive appearance, when the time comes, she approaches emergencies with the calm assurance of experience. Of coures, she has no experience with boys or darkness. Really, she has a lot to learn, and no idea what she's missed.


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