Short and built squat and low to the ground, his height tops out at 5'9" at best when he holds himself upright and straight. Coarse black hair is kept in a roughly cut and curly mess and his beard is full but trimmed, which only lends contrast to the piercing and cunning look of his narrow blue eyes. Turns of work in the mines have left him with a powerful and muscular build despite his slight lack of height. He looks no different from any other man on a casual glance, but if one were to look closer, they'd notice that one of his hand lacks the proper number of fingers. And that's not the only thing that is unsettling about him. Something just from his demeanor and the way he holds himself and acts either appears innocent to some or suspicious to others. There is more to him than just an middle aged man with a crippled hand, but it's hard to pinpoint what.

The clothes he wears are simple and often worn or threadbare, obviously second hand. Usually they consist of heavy fabric tunics, undyed and a pair of sturdy pants with a thick belt looped around at the waist. A worn pair of boots on his feet complete the outfit. He has no knot pinned to his shoulder and the only badge he seems to have is a worn looking signia which could label him as a Trader.

History - Little of this is IC knowledge

Born to a family of miners, Laris' early life was simple and normal. It had it's ups and downs, like any normal child's life is wont to do. Raised in Fort Hold, his parents were often off at one of the various mines within the Fort region and it wasn't long before Laris followed in their footsteps once he was old enough and deemed capable to handle the physically trying work. His life continued on in a steady path, which suited him just fine. The death of his parents, one shortly after the other, dealt a staggering blow but Laris recovered and partially aided by finding the love of his life not long afterwards. They were married shortly into the relationship and had events not gone as they had, Laris may have been a far happier man.

His wife's health began to fail only a few Turns into their marriage. Laris began to take extra shifts in the mines for extra marks to support himself and his ailing wife, once her sickness made it so that she could no longer work. At the time, there was a strong need of metals and pressure was being put on the Minecraft from both Hold and Weyr, Fort among them. It was on one of his extra shifts that the accident happened and Laris, overworked and exhausted, lost most of his fingers on his hand. Once healed, it was obvious that he'd be unable to continue in his Craft.

Shortly afterwards, Laris begins again to try and find odd jobs in order to get his wife the care she needs, but it's hard to adjust to having a crippled hand. His actions were in vain in the end, as his wife's condition fails quick and sudden and her death breaks Laris. He turns to drink and enters a downwards spiral that has him kicked from his family Hold. Left with no family or friends to turn to, Laris joins the rest of the holdless that hunker not far in cramped caves in Fort Hold's boundaries. There he nursed his growing grudge and hatred against the Hold and the Weyr until by the time he becomes sober again, he's delusional in his beliefs.

And it's those beliefs that he began to preach as truth that had a few other holdless and their families coming to his side. Eventually he had his first band of followers and he led them from Fort just before winter fell with promises that he'd make all the wrongs right. But Fort's winters are harsh and his group were soon desperate and starving. By luck, Laris found Stonehaven cothold but he would find no aid from the holders there, who were so low on supplies but could offer shelter. It wasn't enough for Laris, who, in his twisted mind, assumed the cotholders were against them. He was able to rile most of his men into a frenzy and soon it was man against man. Later, the event was known as the Stonehaven massacre, as that is exactly what Laris had done and without regret. His actions soon caught up to him again though and his camp was surrounded months later by Fortian guards and riders after one of his men turned and sold him out. With most of his men killed or captured, a few managed to escape, including Laris himself. But not without seriously injuring Fort's Weyrleader before he fled into the forests. He lay low for a few months, adopting a new name and steering clear of any of the larger Holds.

What he has planned next is hard to tell, but so long as he's whole and breathing, Laris is planning and plotting his return and his delusional mind is still at work from wherever on Pern he's chosen to hide.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Fort Hold Deceased
Unknown Mother Fort Hold Deceased
Unknown Wife Fort Hold Deceased
Laurali 'Daughter' Xanadu Weyr Child




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