Lani & Rosalyth


Former Name Kelani
Gender Female
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Harper Craft
Occupation Healer / Dragonrider
Hair Red
Eyes Hazel
Dragon Green Rosalyth

Kel is a young woman of average height and a sturdy build. Her long curly red hair is oft in a thick braid down her back. Dark brown-green hazel eyes peek out from beneath dark arched brows. Across her cheeks and nose are a smattering of freckles overlayed on a moderately darker, dusky skin. What she is wearing will depend on the occasion. Ivories, coral, greens and reds are among the palette she does choose for her garments. Colors that accentuate her skin, hair, and eyes, bringing those attributes out to their brightest. Though most often will find in her colours of a Healer apprentice with the rank knot of Senior Apprentice upon her shoulder


Who am I but a sum of experiences? Daughter of a harper man, Geordi, and a lady rider, T'ana. She ended up growing up at Harper hall under the care of her father and with some visits with her mother. While she has been raised amoung the artistry of Harper hall she found her true interests next door at the healer hall after she took ill when she was around eight. She spent several sevendays recovering during which time she watched the healers and what they did around her and to her. Any chance she got she offered to help out with things, even if message running between the halls until she was old enough to submit herself to apprentice. Once she obtained her senior apprentice rank she took a posting at Half Moon Bay Weyr. It was here life took many turns. She met her extended family, a cousin named Riohra, and also got the chance to have a deeper relationship with her mother.


Name Relation Location Position PC/NPC
Geordi Father Harper Craft Master of Poetry NPC
T'ana Mother Moving Rider PC
Niki StepMother Moving Rider PC
R'hra Cousin Fort Weyr Rider PC



A Rose Among the Thorns Green Rosalyth

At first glance this dragon appears almost unremarkable, a creature of lean and lithe build, but with too-big wings and a too-long tail and a much-too-plain hide of standard emerald green. Though she carries herself well, all things considered, there's simply nothing to set her apart when viewed from a distance. Up close, however, now that is a different story - when one draws near, her finer features are more readily recognized, her face a bit on the long side, but well defined and almost regal in appearance. Subtly raised eyeridges and slanting headknobs lend an air of aristocratic beauty where otherwise she might have appeared plain. Her neck is long, thin, and deceptively graceful in its movements, if not in the standard, bookish bend one tends to develop from time spent gazing downwards. Though somehow dainty, her neckridges push from her spine in sharp arches, veritable thorns rising from the greenery of her hide - and make no mistake, such greenery abounds. It is subtle, nuanced as the rest of her, a shimmery golden-green pattern of leaves, and vines, and thorns, and roses much like those that originated upon her egg's shell, twisting in complicated turns, disrupting the crystalline emerald depths of her hide. They whorl over shoulders, curve about her forearms, embroider the edges of her wings and the long column of her spine before finally fading to mystic stardust along each marking's ornate edges. Streaks of a bolder aureolin hue rest about strong clavicles like a necklace, or perhaps more accurately, the sweeping debris of a shooting star that fixes itself perfectly in the hollow just above her hearts, a glimmering promise of a soul whose inner beauty outshines anything her hide could ever hope to portray.




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