Petite is the word to describe this woman. Her stature barely exceeds five feet, and at the same time is rather delicate, instead of stout. Curves shape this woman into a somewhat pleasing proportions, her waist having a definite dip to it before expanding into her hips, then receding down into well muscled thighs and calves, with an attachment of medium-sized feet. Her limbs are delicately boned, without too much extra flesh attached to them. Her face is slightly rounded, full lips readily pulling into a friendly smile, or even a frown. Set in her face above a somewhat-blunted nose is a pair of grey blue-green eyes, with their pupils mostly dilated, giving her a dreamy look. Framing her face is a mass of light brown hair that obtains a slight wave towards the tips. Her bangs just brush her collarbone, while the very back of her hair dips down to the middle of her back.
Her outfit seems to be just normal clothing. A sea green top brings out the color of her grey-blue-green eyes, and also seeming to pleasingly intensify her lightly tanned skin. The shirt itself has a deep V shaped neck, hanging on near the edge of her shoulders, while promising a small glimpse of cleavage. The semi-snug sleeves only go down to her elbows before they end while the bottom of the shirt ends at her mid-thigh. Burnt orange pants – sienna even – snug against her thighs, then flare out slightly below her knee, covering the tops of black wherhide boots. A matching sienna belt is found about her waist, and a little tool pouch sometimes found on the belt. Located on the upper arm of her left sleeve seems to be a badge of the Monsoon Wing. A orange ring is located on the outside, connected to an orange lightning bolt, while the background seems to be a royal blue.




Born in Keroon hold, second child, yet first daughter to Malik and Zuleikha Kehinde, Lahela grew up in a caring – if protective family – as well as constant sibling-abuse from her three turn older brother, Leulikk. She grew up on the shier side of the spectrum, mostly quiet and observant until with friends. But after eighteen turns of living, she tired of Keroon hold, even though it had her precious felines. She then left Keroon, with many protests from her protective father, and a farewell care package from her caring mother, and headed to Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position Age (+/-)
Zuleikha Mother Keroon Resident +26T 12M
Malik Father Keroon Master Herder +26T 8M
Leulikk Brother Keroon Assistant Steward +3T 2M
Lahela Xanadu Weyr Nebula Rider: Green Shimonith
T'ea Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider: Brown Hotohorith ?
Rohelte Daughter, Twin Xanadu Weyr Potter/Resident -26T 5M
Rohael Son, Twin Xanadu Weyr ?? -26T 5M
Larohe Son Xanadu Weyr ?? -29T 10M
Telael Daughter Xanadu Weyr ?? -31T 6M


Not Recorded


Green Shimonith
The deep darker color of healthy grass swathes the back of the petite green dragon. The dark grassy green - hunter green - is seen stretching over the top part of her triangular head, like a mask. Framing her eyes, but missing her firm cheeks, it swathes her headknobs and eyeridges, ending half way down her muzzle where it gives to a dulled mossy-green. The hunter green encloses around her long neck, flowing down towards her slim body where it then splits, dripping slightly down her upper arm, while it dips down her chest, under her belly, along her back, and onto her wing sails, then back down her long - happily swaying - tail, echoing the coloring of her neck and encasing it. The mossy green closes around her muzzle, covering her cheeks before dipping to the underside, and trailing partially down her under-neck before resuming on her elongated limbs, that lead to dark talons that even hold a green tint to them. The grayed moss also flows around her lower hindquarters before covering the lower half of her tail, and eventually fading out to the hunter green. Her delicate - yet powerful - wings are made up of the hunter green wingsails, while the membrane itself is a true, brighter, mossy green, the grayed moss mixing carefully in, in cloudy patterns.
Mahogany is the color of Shimonith's riding straps, the deep brown-red color complementing her green hide. The straps are made of thick, pliable, yet extremely durable wherhide, and are also faintly imprinted with a leaf-flower pattern, giving the straps a sense of class. The straps fit comfortable and are always well oiled and maintained, leaving no option for chaffing on the green's neck.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Weyr's Hatching: July 23, 2005 July 23, 2005 Alhenaeth, C'ian, Casiella, Danewt, Dareh, Dashiell, Donvellen, Echendris, Eydie, Fyenai, Jeymian, Keriana, Kieryn, Kilaueth, Kysli, Lahela, Medani, M'iri, Mysarra, Mylla, Niva, Pejaolo, Rivala, Skaar, Trilanna, Ziven
Random Log: Shimonith's Flight July 14, 2005 Asiree, J'vry, K'rlen(NPC?), Lahela, and M'iri

*Art by Lahela

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