Laeraana stands about 5'7" at the moment and her curves are finally starting to catch up with growth spurt. She has a slender build and rather delicate features like those of her mother giving hint of the beautiful woman she may one day become. Her curly blonde hair is generally worn loose about her shoulders held back by a headband of one colour or another. One striking feature is her bright emerald green eyes that generally sparkly with some mischeif or another under slender eyebrows. She is just starting to develop those features that will carry her into womanhood, the filling out of her chest and more of a curve to her hips.
If not on duty she is most likely to be wearing some slender skirt, a top that never quite meets the waistline of her skirt. She wears either sandles or boots on her feet depending on the time of year and often in summer just barefooted.
She wears a knot on her shoulder bearing the colours of Xanadu and a blue chord for her lifemate Kereth.


Laeraana was born at Western to the bluerider Lyn and was named for a close friend of the rider, Auberaan. This naming sparked rumours but it soon became apparent that it was not his when her baby blues turned green. Some may have called Lyn an unfit mother in her casual attitude towards raising the child, (letting her play in the dirt, strapping her in to fly at overly young ages, etc) but those that knew her knew she loved her daughter dearly. A few turns later her mother met another dolphincrafter, Laureate, and it was after one casual affair after another that it seems this was to be 'THE ONE' and she became Mommy-too or two depending how one took Lae's wording. That she had 'no father' became unimportant.

Not long after this time her mother once again got itchy feet and they moved to Xanadu as a family during which time her mother graced her with a baby sister. They settled into life at Xanadu until there was a falling out with Lyn and the Weyrwoman and they moved yet again to Dolphincraft hall where Lae has spent about half of her youth. A child much like her mother, charming, carefree and just a wee bit manipulative but in a harmless way. As she started to hit adolescence she spent much of her time at the Weyr with her mom as she flew with the wings of Xanadu. Even as she turned 14 she still had not decided on a craft or profession.

One day on the beach J'io and O'ren ,then Weyrleader and Weyrlingmaster of Igen Weyr, came to visit Xanadu and O'ren's Blue Nivaath decided that Laeraana would make good riding material for their clutch. During this candidacy material she finally found a profession that appealed to her, dragonhealing. Considering other crafts never held her attention for long she took up reading their texts and training manuals in private, getting a feel for it. Before she could talk to the resident dragonhealer it was hatching day and she impressed to Blue Kereth! A more loving and devoted dragon she could not ask for.

A few months into weyrlinghood her mother met with a terrible accident at Xanadu weyr during a search and rescue operation. One which the healers at the time were not sure she would live through. The strain of being so far away from her mother during this time was thought too much and so preparations were made to move Laera and her lifemate to Xanadu. Eventually and slowly her mother did recover but not before Laera had settled back into Xanadu with her lifemate and it was thought too unsettling to move them back.

Weyrlinghood was interesting for this lone weyrling, so far behind the current Xanadu class, but was made easier with Kereth's clutchsib transferred as well. Perhaps an odd weyrlinghood for the pair but it worked out. Much time was spent with various members of the candidate class, especially her friend Delenn from before she was searched. No doubt springing rumours there was something between the pair. The most exciting time of Weyrlinghood was when the younger weyrlings were allowed to join the candidate class on the campout in the woods. A learning experience even more so for the clingy Kereth who got over his inability to hunt when felines attacked the candidate group and HIS chosen. Laera ended up with bite wounds, but nothing she would not recover from.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Ers'lan Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider/Sailor PC
Zaala Daughter (L'ton) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat PC
Ladella Daughter (D'len) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat NPC
Lyn Mother Dolphincraft/Xanadu S&R rider for Xanadu/Jman Dolphineer with Blue Liraeth PC
Laureate Mother Dolphincraft Jman Dolphineer PC
Larisa Sister Dolphincraft/Xanadu Craft and Weyrbrat NPC
Kristhalis Uncle Healercraft MasterHealer PC - Deceased
Lisle Aunt Ierne Weyrhold Retired WW with Gold Umniyath PC
Ly'am (Lythanam) Cousin-Kris's son Western Weyr Rider to Bronze Odryth PC
Alixander Cousin-Lisle's son Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC
Liva Cousin-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC
Analis Cousin-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC

All NPC's are open for playing, just page player can forward interest to the appropriate person.


Forest Green Lya
Long for a green, this solidly built firelizard also stands tall, stretching out to her full height more often than not. A rich leafy green covers her wings and upper torso, with some patches of a darker green showing through the leafy shade, and continuing on its own, right down to the tip of her tail. All along her left side there are little speckles of mossy green, their number and size only appearing to increase with age. In movement, this firelizard is sluggish, downright stationary at times, giving every impression that perhaps that mossy green pattern might actually be moss.

Stuck in the Mud Brown Kele
Lumpy would be the best word for this brown. His roly-poly body presents a short thick neck and fat little tail to match the very rotund shapes of his chest, belly and haunches. His coloration is only the more emphasized by a plain unremarkable brown with faint ochre and warm greys speckling, like dapples, over his rounded torso. Over his rather broad squat face, which resembles having been smack into a wall one too many times, oozes blotchy umbar. This reaches back, down his neck ridges, along to his tail tip and out over his wing spars, bleeding like watercolor into more muted ochres at the very edges of his sails. His wings too aren't very big, arguably proportional if they weren't so body. Here and there the freckling of dusty pale rests like a thin film over the back of each translucent membrane.


Storms of Wendwinter Blue Kereth
An illusion of silver is implied at the tips of this hatchling's headknobs, tail and snout. However; soon the color is melting into fanning fingers of periwinkle begun elsewhere at his toes and wingtips until broken noticeably by a thick ring of prussian. Seemingly iridescent flecks of thistle and heliotrope playfully float on a sea of royal blue up his slender limbs, kissed with the barest hint of lavender. Flowing from there the color effortless drifts towards his back and belly, only to be once more interrupted, but this time by thin veins of shimmering amethyst. His wondrous wingsails come into focus with muted strands of sky-blue that streak across them towards his body, like stars falling across the night sky. These barest suggestions quickly intensify becoming more densely packed as they approach his shoulders until severed completely there by wisps of cerulean at the joints. A dream of indigo desperately gasps a single breath if only to be snuffed out quickly by whispers of darkness where limbs join the body. From nose to tailfork the hues that adorn him trick the eyes by eluding to be coated in a thin, powdery film. As if by running your hand down the length of him, you'd come away with a dusting of it. His movements are quick and precise, wiry muscles rippling beneath the surface of his flesh, implying that his true power remains yet to be seen. Overall, he gives the impression of delicateness, as if he had sacrificed strength for beauty.


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