Tall and of an indeterminate height it's hard to tell where L'or begins and ends because of the tangled mass of blonde hair he has. He's a big fellow with wide shoulders but that wild hair is something else. It hangs over his forehead in the front and is collected on the sides into two loose braids that hang down under his collarbones. It drops just as far in the back in uncontrolled chaos but his beard is well trimmed by comparison. That isn't exactly super neat earlier and looks to be a couple of months of it at best and sits under a wide nose and beady green eyes.
Right now? He's got fairly simple clothes on. They fit him well and are kept alot neater than his hair but have no great material value. A brown, short sleeved shirt and matching pants held up with a black belt. Dragonrider's boots are on his feet but at the moment he isn't wearing a knot.


The sea has always been a vital part of Larol's life. If you asked him he would tell you that salt brine flows through his veins and not blood. His immediatly family and their family before that all belonged to the sea. Break Water Hold was the name of the place they lived; A seafaring hold on the west coast of Pern's main continent. R'ol, his father and Lira his mother owned and sailed the Ninth Wind which was at the time she was built the largest sloop on that cost of the continent. She had a reputation for being resolute in the worst of seas and consistently turned a profit time and time again. His father and the ship's master, R'ol had been a sixth generation seacrafter himself and had grown up at sea. He had impressed Brown Sorrilinith at Xanadu Weyr only to lose him less than five years later in a horrific accident trying to rescue the crew of a doomed ship on the high seas. People said that Larol's father was never the same again. A kind and gentle man he became prone to fits of megalomania, singlemindedness, obstinance and occasionally violence even after he returned to his full seacraft duties. He had held the rank of journeyman when he impressed but the sea craft had been kind enough in honor of his dedication and his loss to eventully allow him to advance to the rank of master.
Larol had come along a few years after the loss and still a few before R'ol's elevation to Master and he knew nothing about what his father had been like. As far as Larol knew he was a stubborn and obstinate man who did not tolerate disobedience from anyone. It had a profound effect on the young man who grew up in many ways with the near military ideal of the seacraft: One knew their role, their position and did not challenge authority. They did what they were supposed to do and what they were told and didn't ask questions. Larol was a shy boy by nature and not long after he could walk he knew that he should never rock the boat that he was standing in. That included at home as R'ol was a stern and harsh disciplinarian. Lira did her best to shield him from the worst of it; but inevitably R'ol always found something at fault with what he did.
When the Ninth Wind was laid down and launched, R'ol became her Master and Lira became her second. The two of them had put up most of the money for her construction and hadn't any political trouble to get themselves in command of her. Larol was old enough to go to see but still young to apprentice. He hadn't had much in the way of family life before that and now it was close to zero as everything revolved around the ship. Competing for R'ol's attention with Lira and the Ninth Wind, Larol's goal in life became to make his father notice him and make him proud; an increasingly uphill fight as the Ninth Wind became more successful. Most of the time he didn't manage to be anything other than noise in his father's ear. Sometimes he was told just to stay out of the way and learn.
R'ol's single minded determination and drive to fish inhospitable or dangerous areas always kept the Ninth Wind's nets full and her wells stocked but the seacraft whispered that he wad driven to madness; others said it was only a matter of time until something bad happened. R'ol just defied the odds with mutterings of it's always the jealous people who criticize your successes. By the time that Larol went off to become an apprentice he already had more time at sea than many of the girls and boys arriving at the hall and became profoundly disinterested in his classes. He already knew the ins and outs of running ship, how to tie knots and duck when the boom came around. One of his instructors saved him from failing out from apathy when he noticed the boy's skill at whittling. So he was sent down the shipbuilding track instead of the seafaring one. This was interesting to him with complex elements of design, materials and all of that to consider. A discipline that crossed between engineering and carpentry he had found his calling at last. By the time he walked the tables his quarters were filled with a hundred tiny models and he was well regarded as having novel ideas.
The first thing he did after walking the tables? He went home to visit his mother and father. The years that Larol had been away had not been kind to R'ol and their meeting was not a happy one. He'd been expecting Larol to come serve as a mate on board the Ninth Wind; by then showing it's age. That Larol had expected to just walk away and spend his life on the shore building things was dishonor to the family and he wouldn't hear of it. He told Larol he would work aboard the Ninth Wind and that was that and Larol didn't have the heart to fight it out with his father. He put away his ship design aspirations and like a good son did what his father told him; going to sea on board the family vessel.
All was not lost, though. His skills were useful in some much needed maintenance on the aging ship. R'ol was never truly interested in fixing anything properly. It always cost too much money but Larol found ways of doing things under his father's nose with his mother's approval. She always found the money that he needed and Larol cared for the Ninth Wind like a doctor for a paitent and brought her back into a clean bill of health with many, many hard hours of work. A season turned into four, and four seasons turned into two turns. He didn't get along with his father still and avoided him whenever he could; for like he was a child nothing he ever did was good enough. No matter how many hours he put in it was never to satisfaction or cost too much. His mother was his saving grace. Her and Lanna. He won the heart of a woman on board and ended up hand fasted in short order. At least he was able to get his father to marry them? It seemed to Larol that was the first time in a decade or more that he'd seen R'ol happy. Life was looking up and he and Lanna discussed starting a family while at sea his father's descent into something like madness only became worse.

The end of Larol's life as he knew it happened when the tides of fortune turned. Bigger and better ships than the Ninth Wind were appearing and more and more she was showing her age. She needed to go into dry dock for a full refit but R'ol wouldn't hear of it and to keep up with the newer designs took bigger and bigger risks. The Ninth Wind wasn't a bad ship and Larol had made her as sound as he could but the business was changing. More and more people to feed meant that more and more ships were at sea; market prices were down and the work was being done by smaller, faster ships that could chase schools of fish and navigate rocky coastlines easier. The Ninth Wind was still beautiful but she was big and clumsy by comparison. Her holds were massive but she sat so deep in the water that she was out fished by the smaller ships that could get closer to shore. Time and time again; Larol tried to talk R'ol into using the Ninth Wind as a supply ship instead of a fishing ship. All the little boats could bring their cargo to her and she would act as the middle party and take it to port. It wasn't glamorous but was a steady, if lower rate of pay as opposed to the higher and riskier one that R'ol was obsessed with chasing. R'ol wouldn't hear of it and called Larol a coward and as Larol always knew it would, R'ol's single minded stubbornness was the end of everyone. He'd stayed out in fertile grounds too long knowing a storm was coming and the old ship rode it out as long as she could but in the end the Ninth Wind went down and with the stubbornness of her master took everyone that Larol cared about. His Mother, Wife and Father. He was among a handful; seven out of over a hundred who were rescued by dragon riders from Ierne Weyrhold.
Larol had lived where others did not but fate left him numb. Survivor's guilt consumed him. He was broken; nothing interested him for a couple of months except alcohol. Larol had something of his father's stubbornness in him though and he wasn't willing to live the life of a drunk and got himself out of it; bit by bit. He didn't want anything to do with running ships or building them anymore but the sea was all he knew and he had to make money. So he told people that he was just an uneducated laborer he signed on board a caravan ship as a guard through renegade prone waters. It was a time to lose himself and nobody asked any questions for he did good work. Trouble did happen now and again; either at sea or in bars in ports. Sometimes it was other ship crews loaded for bear and causing it, sometimes it was men of the crew who were drunk and didn't want to come back to go to sea and sometimes it was just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Larol had grown his hair and beard long by then and the soft spoken and unshaven man wading into tables was a welcome sight to people who needed him. He wasn't proud of living by violence; technically his job was to keep the peace. He did as best he could but still viewed his job as hurting people for money. That he was stopping people from getting hurt and hurting the bad people that deserved it was just a convenient truth and he didn't like it.
The truth came out when much to his surprise he was asked to stand for a clutch at Telgar Weyr. He hadn't considered himself the dragonriding type; he feared commitments and everyone else he cared about was gone so didn't that disqualify him? It did not as much to his surprise he became joined with Bronze Vorlath. A soft spoken, giant of a dragon for a soft spoken giant of a man he started the long job of repairing L'or's broken heart and trust. After graduating as a full rider he returned to Ierne Weyrhold, still unsure of where to fit in. The sea was calling again but now he had Vorlath's needs to look after in addition to his own. Time will tell…


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