Dancing, ocean blue eyes stare back at you - almost laughing and one of the first things people notice about the man before you. He stands at 6'0" with unkempt black hair with lightly tanned white skin. He is of average build, nor lanky and thin but not overly muscular either and he walks about with a certain grace and elegance not commonly seen in most parts.
He wears a clean, pressed white dress shirt underneath a shell jacket. The dark blue wool jacket has 8 evenly spaced gold buttons running down the center, as well as short shoulder tabs with red trimmings and around the edge and base of his collar. On the end of his sleeves are piped, pointed cuffs buttoned in with 3 gold buttons while the rectangular pointed cuff is a bright red. Fitted below his belt are a pair of matching trousers with a red piping running down the sides, while on his feet are a pair of black, wherhide leather boots with a large buckle clasp over the front, tough for climbing and the like and easily fasten-able as to not come loose during any incurions or while riding.


Born to Lindel and Maria of Fort Hold, Lionel is an only child from his family. Because his mother and father were both Harpers, Lionel grew up through his childhood with a passion for the arts and anything he could get his hands on that expanded his creativity. With such notions of granduer going through his head, and not to mention encouragement from his folks, Lionel spent many days having his own 'adventures' around the Hold area to his own amusement. During one of these little adventures, he stumbled upon a lone firelizard egg that was left abandoned and in the cold. Taking the egg with him home, it would later hatch to a brown firelizard named Lysander, and the two became inseperable friends - much to his parents' surprise.
At the age of nine, he met an inquistive and curious girl by the name of Miiriel who was a traveling trader. Their first encounter would be brought about by his firelizard flying off away from home and being found by Miiriel, and by the time Lionel made it out to the Hold to find him, he couldn't help but see a very spoiled brown eating from a plate that she provided for him. The two instantly became friends, and she became a sort of bigger sister to him and would frequently visit her whenever her caravan stopped by. During his younger youth, his mother also taught him to ride runners as she frequently rode from Fort to Harperhall, and would keep those skills and later refine them as he got older.
At the age of fourteen and with his parents approval, the inquistive and adventurous harper-raised boy went to Landing to join the Computercraft. There, he quickly excelled in his studies (a byproduct of the raising of his folks, who were both excellent Harpers) on computers and other hi-tech equipment, and the maintenance of said equipment. He also became well versed in data storage and manipulation, and was even asked by fellow journeymen to aide them in the more lower-level and routine things for them. As he continued to grow older, he took on many of his Harper parents habits, such as a love for things with his hands, music, the arts, as well as a certain taste for wine (from his father's side) and his formal clothing wear (a thing from his mom's side - as she always liked to see her men in some sort of fancy dress).
At the age of 21, and much to his parents' joy, Lionel was promoted to Journeyman, and was about to take an assignment back at Fort. But, before he was able to leave for Fort, a rider from Telgar Weyr stopped for search, and took an interest in the newly appointed Journeyman. Taking his leave of the Craft(And sending note ot his parents of being searched), he went to Telgar for their clutch.
Finally, the time came and the eggs began to hatch, putting Lionel on the sands… Where a brown hatchling, after much debate, settled on him and came known as Aureliuth. The pair entered into Weyrlinghood at Telgar, but L'nel still held hopes for continuing in his craft, so once he graduated, he put in for a transfer to Ierne Weyrhold, which was closer to his Crafthall in Landing, and subsequently, his friend in Xanadu.


Name Relation Location Position
Maria Mother Fort Hold Harper
Lindel Father Fort Hold Harper


Brown Aureliuth
Muddy brown, like the banks of a river, caresses over the form of this large brown, glimmers of auburn shimmering through the dark. A finely arched and long neck swirls with dark chocolate, almost black along the deep barrel of his chest and shoulders. Ripples of tan peek over predominant ridges that slope down the sleekness of his neck, thinning into oblivion amongst his shoulders. Further down, his waist, shoulders and hips intermingle with the color of crimson, lashing outwards in deadly array across wing membranes, splatters of arterial spray among ruddy brown wing fingers and spars. The intermingling of red and black clash down each well muscled limb, feet and toes giving way to darkness, though only the sharp talons on the ends of his feet are truly black. From hips to whip-thin tail, ridges of tan reappear, dappled in russet and raining down across the darkness of this brown dragon's tail, before red is once again washed away in darker brown rivers.


There are no RP logs for L'nel

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